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Example sentences for "clutched"

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cluster; clustered; clustering; clusters; clutch; clutches; clutching; clutter; cluttered; cluttering
  1. She clutched the stick as he approached her again.

  2. Her brown fingers clutched at the barrel of her rifle.

  3. She put her other hand behind her, and clutched at the banister- rail of the stairs.

  4. Know, then, that this crimson hand, superficial as it seems, has clutched its grasp into your being with a strength of which I had no previous conception.

  5. With two Matildas simultaneously upon the stage-- Mrs. De Peyster reached out and clutched the banister of the stairway with drowning hands.

  6. Her desire to annihilate that clerk with the suave ambassadorial look, and the Dauphin, and all therein and all appertaining thereunto, was mounting toward explosion, when Matilda clutched her arm.

  7. Mrs. De Peyster clutched it and thrust it beneath her pillow.

  8. They clutched each other, but did not answer.

  9. Mrs. De Peyster rose up and clutched Matilda's arm, and stood in rigid terror.

  10. I clutched the boat-hook in desperation, and felt myself suddenly swing towards the side of the cliff.

  11. Then it was that the Jew, in desperation, clutched at the spear which held my rope.

  12. The boy clutched him with a sort of desperation of relief.

  13. His right hand still clutched the breach of a rifle.

  14. The two deck hands clutched the halliards.

  15. His thews were tense, his knees clutched the saddle.

  16. The sudden thrill of surprise with which she clutched the child to her tightened the reins.

  17. She caught her breath and clutched the rope; she flung herself down and wedged her limbs behind a boulder.

  18. In his panic he had clutched and drawn back from the brink of safety the Senora--alas!

  19. He clutched the bars and discovered to his pleased surprise that they would rattle.

  20. Sovrani suddenly clutched him by the arm, and drew him close to the couch where he had just laid the body of his daughter down.

  21. Toward the rear fewer were found, and those were evidently not from the gallery, as fragments of kid gloves could be seen on the fingers of the blackened hands, some of which still clutched opera-glasses.

  22. The hands that clutched me dropped, and with a yell the busy throng turned their faces in the direction whence had come the arrow.

  23. He drew back quickly, clutched the shell with his arms, and shut his eyes.

  24. Instantly he retreated to the shell and clutched it in a sudden frenzy of fear.

  25. Then right above the stern of the Kate a grenade exploded and one of the sailors dropped his rifle, clutched his face, toppled over the railing, and disappeared beneath the water.

  26. She would think it dizzily; and dread clutched at her heart, dread of she knew not what, except the fate that had made the writing inevitable.

  27. I clutched hands in a little terror as our small boat seemed likely to run under the great steamer, but our oarsmen knew their duty and we were safely put on board of the 'Woodruff.

  28. The little boat whirled round and round, and the men were plainly frightened, for they dropped their oars and clutched the sides of the boat.

  29. He threw himself down and clutched at the eunuch's knees, while the boy sobbed piteously and cast horror-stricken eyes at the black slaves who were tearing the wooden slab from the ancient parapet beneath.

  30. With one hand he clutched Mary's gown, with the other he held a dagger.

  31. A few angry exclamations passed between them; and then, rushing upon each other, they clutched in earnest conflict!

  32. Still the old woman clutched and screamed, tearing wildly at his throat, his epaulettes, or whatever she could lay hold of.

  33. He bent hastily forward, and clutched it.

  34. The red tomahawk was clutched firmly in the hands of the chief, and the cleft skull of the second Pane showed where it had last fallen.

  35. Ruth clutched Helen and drew her back against the wall as the chimney-bricks of the drifting cottage fell through the broken roof of the veranda.

  36. It seemed suddenly as if icy fingers reached up and clutched her heart.

  37. Taking a deep breath, he clutched the line, and easily pulled himself to the boat, where the girl assisted him over the side.

  38. Hers was tender, sweet, even subdued; the girl clutched hopefully at this sign and began to build upon it.

  39. Cable clutched the stair rail and glared down at him in amazement.

  40. Stromboli, as he caught me coming out of the gate of Lincoln's Inn, clutched me by the arm, and drew me into the Chancery Lane Bodega.

  41. On the winding stair one of them clutched at the skirt of my cape; I threw my arms back, so that it came off in his hands.

  42. He clutched Yates in his strong grasp, snapped him off his feet, swung him into the air.

  43. Griswold staggered and clutched at his heart.

  44. To his amazement the man clutched him by the hand and then grinned widely.

  45. Then they brought him--" Melnikov again began to cough dully, and clutched at his throat.

  46. The poor devils on each side, in their fear of being pushed over the edge, clutched the parapet madly, and shouted with terror; I believe there were several accidents.

  47. When they had ended the lad set his teeth, tore in bits the paper clutched between his fingers, and, lighting a candle, flung out of the room, stamping his feet like an Italian actor representing an angry king.

  48. He clutched at his forehead, and all at once the curtain that had clouded his memory parted.

  49. She clutched so hard at the knife-handle that her nails were driven into her flesh, and she bit her lips until they bled to keep herself from shrieking with frenzy.

  50. His revolver rattled to the ground, his left hand clutched at his breast.

  51. Then, with a brutal laugh, he clutched the strap and reached forward.

  52. With a spring and a cry he caught her just as she was rushing out-of-doors, and flinging her down he fell on her, and tore and clutched at the burning rags with his bare hands.

  53. Suddenly Ivan began trembling all over, and clutched Alyosha’s shoulder.

  54. Mitya flew at him at once, clutched him in both hands, lifted him in the air, and in one instant had carried him into the room on the right, from which they had just come.

  55. He clutched at that hand, that very hand, in his little hands and kissed it.

  56. He stood alone in a dark corner, and suddenly clutched his head in both hands.

  57. This wild question clutched at his heart.

  58. Grigory cried out, beside himself, pounced on him, and clutched his leg in his two hands.

  59. But Dmitri threw up both hands and suddenly clutched the old man by the two tufts of hair that remained on his temples, tugged at them, and flung him with a crash on the floor.

  60. The ladies clutched their lorgnettes and opera-glasses.

  61. He suddenly clutched his head in both hands.

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