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  1. In days of old, penetrating into the very sea, he vanquished in battle Varuna himself in those watery depths, surrounded by all kinds of aquatic animals.

  2. In the aquatic crayfish there are, besides the long antennæ, smaller antennules, each of which has two filaments, an inner and an outer.

  3. It has already been remarked that, in the case of aquatic animals, there is probably little distinction between taste and smell.

  4. In this case, however, the point to be specially noticed is that taste in aquatic animals becomes a telæsthetic sense, informing the organism of the presence of more or less distant food.

  5. In aquatic creatures an organ for the appreciation of changes of motion might be of more service than an auditory organ.

  6. The aquatic adventure of Hasisadra, therefore, is not inappropriately placed.

  7. The aquatic sports were concluded, the fireworks over, and the fete in the park came to an end.

  8. As May and her friends passed along the lake, they saw a number of boats which had been brought there from Morbury, that races and other aquatic sports might be indulged in.

  9. Aquatic plants, with the leaves or the whole plant floating on or near the surface --20.

  10. Aquatic plants, with all or most of the leaves submerged, or leafless --2.

  11. Lower branches of the panicle spreading, bearing staminate flowers, the upper branches erect, with pistillate flowers; aquatic or marsh grass 2-4 m.

  12. A South American aquatic bird; the horned screamer or kamichi (Palamedea cornuta).

  13. An artificial pond, or a globe or tank (usually with glass sides), in which living specimens of aquatic animals or plants are kept.

  14. A Linn‘an order of aquatic birds swimming by means of webbed feet, as the duck, or of lobed feet, as the grebe.

  15. An aquatic bird of the southern United States (Platus anhinga); the darter, or snakebird.

  16. Pertaining to water growing in water; living in, swimming in, or frequenting the margins of waters; as, aquatic plants and fowls.

  17. An aquatic plant of the genus Sagittaria, esp.

  18. The aquatic birds, also, had now become numerous again.

  19. All sail was set, and the little craft slipped away from the land with the ease of an aquatic bird, that is plying its web-feet.

  20. Though the roots of the Sigillaria bear more resemblance to the rhizomes of certain aquatic plants; yet, structurally, they are absolutely identical with the roots of Cycads, which the stems also resemble.

  21. Again, with the exception perhaps of some Pinnulariae and Asterophyllites, there is a remarkable absence from the coal measures of any form of properly aquatic vegetation.

  22. The exterior is composed of aquatic mosses, and the interior beautifully lined with dry leaves.

  23. Its nest is composed of all kinds of dead aquatic vegetation, such as reeds and flags, and is situated in or on the water of lakes, broads, large tarns, and meres.

  24. An immense mass of aquatic weeds floating on the surface of a quiet pond, and thoroughly saturated with water, forms the nest of this bird.

  25. It places its nest, which is made of reeds and aquatic weeds, lined with grass, on the shingle of mountain-loch shores and small islands.

  26. Your Florentine of the humbler sort loves to dawdle along the bank on a bright afternoon, watching the play of the river and drawing a kind of philosophic contentment out of its cool aquatic humours.

  27. What would not this pig (I now thought) have given to be transported into the lizard's cool aquatic paradise; and the lizard, into that scorching sunlight!

  28. The toxotes jaculator, which lives in the rivers of India, and feeds upon insects, cannot afford to wait until the insects which thrive upon the leaves of aquatic plants fall into the water.

  29. This odd little aquatic engineer digs long tunnels of great intricacy in the bands of lazy rivers, and because of its paradoxical nature and appearance has caused many strange stories to originate about its habits and methods of propagation.

  30. It seemed to take the form of a corpse, entangled beneath a clump of aquatic plants.

  31. The rich waters of the Amazon were also frequented by many other aquatic animals, which escorted the jangada through its waves for whole hours together.

  32. Near him was a tangled mass of reeds and twigs and aquatic plants, all laced together, which assuredly during the researches of the previous day no pole could have penetrated.

  33. There was there what would tempt any sportsman, for a whole world of aquatic birds fluttered between the higher clusters, which shook with the stream.

  34. From the bank of the river, bordered with reeds and aquatic plants, the tree-encircled house was alone visible.

  35. Where these native aquatic plants grow they complete the little landscape.

  36. For how long have water-lilies been on sale in our streets and at our railway stations, auguring well for the love of aquatic plants?

  37. Recently in a spring pool, where the flow of water was almost stopped by aquatic mosses, Hypnum and Fontinalis, I found nearly a hundred of these fish gathered in a little space.

  38. They are not, as has been said, failures; but if the labor of their care can not be undertaken, let him who would know more of common aquatic life not fail to occasionally ramble round about the springs in winter.

  39. All forms of aquatic life seemed as active as in spring.

  40. It was but an extravagant method of expressing his opinion of the merits of that region; but I am not so sure that the Victoria is the most beautiful of all aquatic plants.

  41. Their long heads, short necks, supports for gills, feeble limbs and long flat tail, show that they were aquatic creatures presenting many points of resemblance to the Ganoid fishes which must have been their companions.

  42. No animal structures can well be more dissimilar than those of the two great groups of aquatic animals which popular speech confounds under the name of aEurooeshell-fishes.

  43. But the Crustaceans, like the Cuttle-fishes, though the highest aquatic type, never become air-breathers.

  44. In the sub-aquatic species the gills are contained in a chamber, where they are protected and kept supplied with water.

  45. In the Devonian period even these utilities fail, for coal does not seem to have been accumulated to any great extent, and the petroleum of the Devonian appears to have been produced from aquatic vegetation.

  46. We should naturally expect that since the vertebrates succeed the inferior animals in time, their lower types should appear first, and that these should be aquatic rather than terrestrial.

  47. The skeleton of these animals has a general fish-like form, in correlation with their purely aquatic habits.

  48. I thought there was no end of these tiresome transits; and, when I reached my journey's end, was so completely jaded that I almost believed Charon would be the next aquatic I should have to deal with.

  49. A smoke, rising from one of these aquatic habitations, partially obscured the mountains beyond, and added not a little, to their effect.

  50. There is also a certain season of the year when a variety of ducks, plover, snipe, and other aquatic birds may be taken.

  51. A miniature fountain in the centre of the area is very busy in sustaining at the apex of its tiny stream a hollow glass ball of vivid hue, an innocent act of aquatic legerdemain.

  52. The variety and redundancy of aquatic life in this latitude is something marvelous.

  53. He also discovered, in caves on the south side of the larger island, vestiges of aquatic birds of a species now extinct, and which in life must have been larger than the swan of our day.

  54. But the faculty of becoming torpid at such periods is not confined in Ceylon to the crocodile sand fishes;--it is also possessed by some of the fresh-water mollusca and aquatic coleoptera.

  55. The Hydrophilidæ have a more northern aspect, as is generally the case with aquatic species.

  56. And the aquatic larva of the dragon-fly extracts air for its respiration from the water in which it is submerged.

  57. Its motive for climbing is not apparent, since water being close at hand it could not have gone for sake of the moisture contained in the fissures of the palm; nor could it be in search of food, as it lives not on fruit but on aquatic insects.

  58. Of the aquatic species, the gigantic Belostoma Indicum cannot escape notice, attaining a size of nearly three inches.

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