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Example sentences for "aquatics"

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  1. A great deal of variety may be added to the margins, and here and there to the surface, of ornamental water, by the use of a good collection of hardy aquatics arranged with taste; but this has not yet been fairly attempted.

  2. More prominent than such small aquatics are the tall-growing kinds which lift their heads two or three feet above the waters.

  3. The Amberley Wild Brooks possess this great merit, that in addition to most of the aquatics and dike-land plants above-mentioned, they present a fine display of the tall riverside flowers.

  4. The essential consideration in the growing of aquatics is the making of the pond.

  5. In cold climates, protect the pond of hardy Aquatics by throwing boards over the pond and covering with hay, straw or evergreen boughs.

  6. Native Aquatics may be colonized in streams or ponds.

  7. That planting Aquatics upon Banks in the Fenns, will preserve and strengthen them, so as to render them more able to resist the Force of a Flood.

  8. If Aquatics are planted any where, they ought to be at some Distance before the Bank, in order to keep the Lash of Water from wearing it away.

  9. Now, I affirm that planting Aquatics upon Banks in the Fenn will not strengthen them, but destroy them.

  10. Watermanship, like skating, cannot be acquired in a day, and the younger a man takes to aquatics the more likely is he to acquire it.

  11. In the following decade there seem to have been plenty of aquatics current.

  12. Aquatics may be said to have reached full swing with the completion of these institutions at the Universities.

  13. Molesey Regatta, of less than ten years' growth, now holds much the same station in aquatics that Walton-on-Thames once claimed.

  14. The sons of each of these old athletes have similarly made their mark in aquatics of the present generation.

  15. Cambridge followed suit and established similar races, and hence arose the constant study of aquatics which produced the first match.

  16. Aquatics are propagated by seed sown under water: many will allow of root-division.

  17. Tender Aquatics are removed in winter to warm-water tanks.

  18. All aquatics grow best in wicker-baskets filled with earth.

  19. Every camp should build up around its Master of Aquatics a Life Saving Corps from among the campers.

  20. The Life Saving Corps should be in charge of Mates under the command of the Master of Aquatics who is the Captain.

  21. It is settled, the match to-morrow shall be between Aquatics and Drybobs,' said a senior boy; who was arranging a future match at cricket.

  22. I declare he shall not play among the Aquatics if he does not pay his boating money.

  23. He has not paid his boating money, and I say he has no right to play among the Aquatics before he has paid his money.

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