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Example sentences for "diving"

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  1. So, regretfully, he had given up skin diving and set out handlines on the leeward side of the island.

  2. They were diving at his eyes, and he was forced back.

  3. Samoa, a native of the Navigator Islands, had long followed the sea, and was well versed in the business of oyster diving and its submarine mysteries.

  4. These diverged from a bandeau or fillet of the most precious pearls; brought up from the sea by the deepest diving mermen of Mardi.

  5. Ranged on the beach, the bathers, by hundreds dash in; and diving under the swells, make straight for the outer sea, pausing not till the comparatively smooth expanse beyond has been gained.

  6. These turtles were only to be obtained by diving far down under the surface; and then swimming along horizontally, and peering into the coral honeycomb; snatching at a flipper when seen, as at a pinion in a range of billing dove-cotes.

  7. Throwing off his coat and cap, Matt lost not a moment in diving into the machinery.

  8. We did it by the skin of our teeth, diving to cover through the closing gap not a second too soon.

  9. Tis good enough," I agreed; and here the talk was broken off by the major's diving out to berate some of his Tory militiamen who were preparing to make a night of it with a jug of their vile country liquor.

  10. Coyotes howled far away in the night, and diving beaver boomed out in the black stream.

  11. Now and then the boom of a diving beaver's tail accented the clinging quiet; and by fits the drowsy muttering of waterfowl awoke in the adjacent swamps, and droned back into the universal hush.

  12. When we landed, and I was diving for my purse to pay the mail, he held up his hand deprecatingly.

  13. The middy went on deck, but came diving below again immediately, taking two steps at a time.

  14. Her voice is in the sweetest key, Her laugh is full of gladsome glee; Her eyes are blue as violets-- A Diving Belle!

  15. She's vanished in the sea-- A Diving Belle!

  16. You'll know his babies too, Toto and Lolalou, All the long morning through Diving and floating.

  17. Speaking of diving boards, maybe you wonder how I could swim while towing a trailer.

  18. Going off a diving board was a little bit different.

  19. It is common in Australian seas, where it can be seen diving for fish or flying swiftly round looking for prey.

  20. It was interesting, on a Nature-study excursion, to watch the Crested Terns diving frequently into the sea above a shoal of small fish at Sandringham.

  21. The three southern Diving Petrels, forming the next family, are much smaller than the common Petrels.

  22. He had discovered the fascination of diving upward into the unknown and alien element of the air.

  23. Within a half-hour of the Sarawak's anchoring he had the launch outside the reef with all his diving apparatus aboard, with Captain Jerry to manage the air-pump, and the Scotch engineer to run the motor.

  24. For the preliminary soundings, and for the diving operations, of course, Jan planned to use the launch.

  25. Two of the Solomon Islanders distinguished themselves by jumping off the fore-yard, and diving under the ship.

  26. I like Jackson and Hooker, and some of the moderns, of whom I read a good many; and I lose a good deal of time in diving into things too deep by half for me, while I forget or don't learn simple things.

  27. And David, diving into the tin, brought out a hunch of bread and a knob of cheese.

  28. Snarling, snapping, shaking his tormented head, he turned and plunged into the narrow river; gaining the farther bank and diving into the waterside bushes before Mildred could think to reload.

  29. Wherefore, merely giving the forefoot an agonising bite as he went, he continued his diving rush.

  30. The nymphs took her gently in their arms; they dived with her below, they came up again; they kept diving up and down.

  31. Under the Waves+; or, Diving in Deep Waters.

  32. UNDER THE WAVES; or, Diving in Deep Waters.

  33. The way we gets turtle is by the men diving for them and catching them in the water.

  34. Excuse my clumsiness," he said, diving after it.

  35. But when I was about to abandon search once more, a small inside pocket attracted my attention, and, diving within it, I brought out a square of paper, three or four inches wide.

  36. A possible depth of 204 feet is recognized by the British Admiralty regulations under the conditions that obtain with the common form of diving suit.

  37. Various methods have been proposed and engines contrived to render diving more safe and easy.

  38. The diving case is not absolutely water-tight, nor is it desired that it should be so, as the slight leakage acts as a lubricant to the joints, and aids in their movements.

  39. Diving bells have been made of various forms, more especially in that of a bell or hollow truncated cone, with the smaller end closed, and the larger one, which is placed lowermost, open.

  40. The new diving apparatus is constructed entirely of metal, is rigid and is made of such materials that it is strong enough to resist the great pressures found in the depths to which it can penetrate.

  41. A considerable enlargement of the field of deep-sea diving is the result of the invention recently of a form of diving apparatus which is unaffected by the limitations hitherto imposed on work of this kind.

  42. The material used is an alloy of aluminum, and the diving case weighs complete about 500 pounds.

  43. Nor is a delay necessary in hoisting the diver clad in the new diving apparatus to the surface.

  44. Ned started for him, and the boy, diving through an open gate and dodging around a small barn, was last seen going over two or three back fences, with Ned all the while just one fence behind him.

  45. Upon my soul I believe that boy is diving for them now.

  46. Do you think Pow Chow means to set the boy diving for this treasure to-night?

  47. The boy has evidently been diving for the treasure.

  48. By diving and swimming, he at length succeeded in reaching the shore, where he concealed himself amongst some low brushwood, only to find that he had been tracked, and that it was his fate to be shot by Aperahama.

  49. Of the swimming and diving water-beetles there are three families, viz.

  50. They are an inch and a half long and are readily distinguishable from all other water insects except the predaceous diving beetles (Dyticus).

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