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Example sentences for "diviner"

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divinatory; divine; divined; divinely; divineness; diviners; divines; divinest; diving; divini
  1. And no man ever casts the wealth of his life and the crown of his devotion at the feet of Jesus without "quickening the earth with a diviner life, and uplifting it with a new courage.

  2. Waking dreams of a new and diviner order of society.

  3. As a prisoner looks up and sees stars beckoning, so she, from the turmoil and horror of those days, caught glimpses of the diviner wheels.

  4. As the lost umbrella had spoilt the concert at Queen's Hall, so the lost situation was obscuring the diviner harmonies now.

  5. In that case we would deny that "the Diviner godhead of the Gospels," as revealed in Jesus Christ, had that ├Žsthetic quality either.

  6. To these ideal qualities, present in the Diviner godhead of the Gospels, the evolution of Greek mythology brought much that satisfies our hearts.

  7. As the organ peals forth its solemn notes we feel inspired by the spirit of devotion, and are sensible of that diviner principle within us which carries the thoughts of man beyond the bounds of time and space.

  8. Hence the corpse is cut open, and a diviner determines, from an inspection of the inwards, whether the popular surmise is correct or not.

  9. Bores were sunk at both places that the diviner indicated, but no water was got.

  10. A diviner came to the neighbourhood and located water in two places.

  11. In my account of the water-diviner I suggested that his dissociated stream was especially trained to pick up indications that are not observed by his ordinary self.

  12. All of life at its best and fairest stretched sunnily before those two, the fairer for the cloud that had for a time darkened it, the dearer and diviner for the loss that had been so imminent.

  13. The usual transition and natural issue of popular anarchy, when it has lasted long enough to exhaust its own fearful violence, is a perpetual dictatorship or despotism in some shape or other, but devoid of a higher and diviner sanction.

  14. All is attention while the diviner utters a string of short sentences in different tones, which are repeated after him by the audience.

  15. So excited were the audience that they forgot that they had been 'giving themselves away,' and when the diviner asked the spirit, 'Was it a leopard?

  16. Plutarch says: "The better and diviner nature consists of three; the Intelligible (i.

  17. Plutarch says "the better and diviner nature consists of three", 549-m.

  18. And although from his carnality and corporal existence, the conjunction seemeth no nearer than of causality and effect; yet in his immortal and diviner part he seemed to hold a nearer coherence, and an umbilicality even with God himself.

  19. That great soul, which meditated and made Italy, has gone to the diviner country.

  20. It requires no diviner to discover from whose image he drew the line, "My perfect wife, my Leonor.

  21. He does not even suspend His Laws, perhaps, so much as fulfil them after a Diviner fashion;--somewhat as He was fulfilling the Mosaic Economy even while He seemed to be violating one or other of its sanctions.

  22. It is all framed and fashioned after a Diviner model than men are able to imagine.

  23. The first touch of illness will carry them off as rotten leaves fall in November; but ere this be the case, can you not reveal to them one glimpse of a truer and diviner life?

  24. In a note on this passage Byron says: "As it is necessary in these times to avoid ambiguity, I say that I mean by 'Diviner still' Christ.

  25. And Thou Diviner still, Whose lot it is by men to be mistaken, And Thy pure creed made sanction of all ill?

  26. Nor is it possible to separate suffering, even in conception, from a scene in which great virtues are to be born, and the diviner forms of character to be trained.

  27. It is not that the historic Christ is less divine; but that all humanity is diviner because He lived and died.

  28. The prowess of the well diviner is acclaimed even today by some people, although scientific investigation has proved that his services are worth just about as much as those of a witch doctor.

  29. The spot would be reverently marked; the diviner would depart and the well diggers who had followed his performance with proper awe would begin work.

  30. There is no diviner movement at work in the modern world.

  31. It means Socialism plus a deeper, diviner brotherhood than even Socialism seeks.

  32. Alone as we were upon the little island, we felt the diviner world of which that tiny bit of earth was part; we knew the higher beauty of which all that visible loveliness was but a sign and symbol.

  33. Hast thou not asked thy kinswoman, the diviner of dreams?

  34. She grew to him like a second conscience, diviner than his own.

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