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  1. The double roads on each side of these aqueducts which rested on open arches spanning massive pillars, afforded fine points for attack and defence.

  2. Various other useful municipal works, such as aqueducts and sewers, engaged the notice of the viceroy until, in 1607; and after the proclamation of the Prince of Asturias (Philip IV.

  3. Footnote 64: For the aqueducts and cloacae, see Strabo, (l.

  4. In one short valley that we crossed there were six jeldeh or short aqueducts to water-mills.

  5. Grazing camps were established in the neighborhood of the Bolan Pass for the bullocks, and aqueducts built for the conveyance of a water supply; one of these was of masonry, more than a mile in length, from Dozan down to the Bolan.

  6. The aqueducts are stated to be superior to those of Bokhara, Samarcand, and Ispahan.

  7. Even now, though only three of the aqueducts remain, such are their dimensions that no city in Europe has a greater abundance of wholesome water than Rome.

  8. The aqueducts for supplying the city with water, were still more worthy of admiration; they were supported by arches, many of them a hundred feet high, and carried over mountains and morasses that might have appeared insuperable.

  9. The aqueducts bring it from beyond the Alban hills, and any one wishing to poison it would have to poison every fountain in Rome.

  10. People encamping outside the city, or standing on the aqueducts knew from the color of the flame what was burning.

  11. But it was noised about also that water in the aqueducts had been poisoned; that Nero intended to annihilate the city, destroy the inhabitants to the last person, then move to Greece or to Egypt, and rule the world from a new place.

  12. Domo, 28, 74, especially the law as to the city aqueducts in Festus, v.

  13. They hunted for springs in the mountains, and in the course of a few centuries so many aqueducts were built that Rome had theoretically a better supply of water than any modern city enjoys.

  14. I had gone back to the foot of Chapultepec, the point from which the two aqueducts begin to diverge, some hours earlier, in order to be near that new depot, and in easy communication with Quitman and Twiggs, as well as with Worth.

  15. The sideways of both aqueducts are, moreover, defended by many strong breastworks at the gates, and before reaching them.

  16. Although at the present day aqueducts and bridges would be classed under the head of engineering works, those built by the Romans are so fine in their conception and design that they take their place as monuments.

  17. The aqueducts run along the walls from this gate to the Porta Maggiore.

  18. The aqueducts were nearly all destroyed by the Gothic army at the siege of Rome under Vitiges in A.

  19. At this point the two aqueducts cross each other, and present a most magnificent series of arcades running along the side of the old Latin road for more than a mile.

  20. No magnificent remains of Latin porches and aqueducts are to be found in Britain.

  21. To supply these baths new aqueducts were built, and the treasures of the empire expended.

  22. Let him drive or walk about the suburbs, there were villas, tombs, aqueducts looking like railroads on arches, sculptured monuments, and gardens of surpassing beauty and luxury.

  23. The water from the baths was carried to the grove of Poseidon, and by aqueducts over the bridges to the outer circles.

  24. With the aqueducts about, it invites the birds of the air to drink of them; and being besmeared with the dust of its flowers, it appears to stand as a rock of red earth or granite to sight.

  25. I could not help walking several times round the obelisk, and admiring the noble open space in which the palace is erected, and the extensive scene of towers and aqueducts discovered from the platform in front.

  26. I was thus in a manner forced to view the dreary scene, the long line of aqueducts and lonesome towers.

  27. Between the aqueducts to the left, nothing but wastes of fern, or tracts of ploughed lands, dark and desolate, are visible, the corn not being yet sprung up.

  28. A staff of officers and a body of laborers were specially provided to keep the aqueducts in repair.

  29. Foremost among these stand the sewers and aqueducts of Rome.

  30. This was the main trunk, into which was discharged the drainage flowing through a multitude of subterranean channels, together with the vast surplus quantity of water from the aqueducts used to cleanse the net-work of drains.

  31. After the aqueducts the baths follow in a natural order.

  32. At Rome there were 247 subordinate basins, in which the water from the terminal reservoirs of the various aqueducts was collected, previously to passing to the baths and houses.

  33. The most remarkable of the nine aqueducts were the Anio Vetus, the Aqua Marcia, the Aqua Claudia, and the Anio Novus.

  34. I mention this system of aqueducts because I have never seen any account of Jericho in the records of travellers or in guide-books which does justice to them.

  35. At a comparatively small expense the ancient system of aqueducts could be repaired and the abundant water supply utilized, which is now left to stagnate in marshes and breed fever and pestilence.

  36. Everywhere the remains of stone watercourses and aqueducts were visible, one bridge in particular having no fewer than three tiers of arches one above another.

  37. Many of the bridges by which these aqueducts span the ravines are very handsome.

  38. The remains of the old aqueducts testify to the skilful manner in which the ancients used their abundant water supply for the irrigation of this extensive plain.

  39. The roads leading to garitas (the gates) San Cosme and Belen, by which these aqueducts enter the city, were strongly intrenched.

  40. It is impossible to conceive how the Peruvians were able to cut and work stone in such a masterly way, or to construct their great roads and aqueducts without the use of iron tools.

  41. In the largest palace are the remains of a great reservoir for water, which was brought to it by subterranean aqueducts from the River Moche, two miles distant.

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