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  1. It is supposed further that these organic participants were originally localized during sedimentation in so-called estuarine channels and shore-line embayments.

  2. Meanwhile, in the rest of Europe alternations of marine and estuarine deposits were being laid down; but over the Alpine region lay the open sea, where there flourished coral reefs and great banks of clam-like molluscs.

  3. The sea gradually encroached upon the estuarine Wealden area, and at the time of the Aptian deposits uniform marine conditions prevailed from western Europe through Russia into Asia.

  4. England, Belgium and Hanover were covered by a great series of estuarine sands and clays, termed the Wealden formation (q.

  5. When, however, the inlet is very large compared with the river, and there is no bar at the opening, the estuarine character is only shown at the upper end.

  6. The chief interest in estuarine conditions is the mingling of sea and fresh water.

  7. In the Old Red Sandstone are numerous fish remains; it appears to have been an estuarine or lacustrine deposit; the Devonian, on the other hand, was marine, like the Silurian and Cambrian.

  8. Of the Gasteropod genera Cerithium with its estuarine and lagoonal forms Potamides, Potamidopsis, &c.

  9. Peat as at Southampton Docks, is found under the estuarine mud off Netley.

  10. Tay and its tributaries to plough their way down through the marine and estuarine deposits of the "third" glacial epoch.

  11. The freshwater and estuarine beds which contain this extensive fauna rest immediately upon marine deposits (Weybourn Crag), the organic remains of which have a decidedly arctic facies.

  12. The organic remains and the geological position of the estuarine beds of the Tweed and the Cheviots--resting as they do upon the Upper Old Red Sandstone--prove them to belong to the Lower series of the great Carboniferous system.

  13. They both alike pass below high-water mark, and have been noticed beneath estuarine deposits.

  14. First these pioneer reeds, then this soft, silky carpet of vaucheria, and then the sea-pinks and other estuarine marsh flowers gradually creep forward and extend over the bare muddy sand, so winning it from the sea for the use of cattle.

  15. Thus in these lowland or estuarine peat-mosses the moss eventually occupies the water, and goes on growing.

  16. This region's marine and estuarine waters are some of the most productive in the world and support a diverse wealth of bird life throughout the year.

  17. Chronic degradation of estuarine and marine coastal waters by logging wastes, pulp mill and sewage effluents, and bilge oils is an insidious process, the impacts of which will be difficult, at best, to quantify.

  18. Methods for recovering gold, regardless of the type, would disrupt marine and estuarine environments used by marine birds (Bartonek et al.

  19. Appendices to the plan should include maps of the major coastal oil terminals, bays, and estuarine areas with heavy oil transport traffic.

  20. We did not include estuarine habitats or sheltered bays in the analysis.

  21. Most Fish and Wildlife Branch reserves have been established to protect estuarine habitat for fishes, waterfowl, and shorebirds rather than for true seabirds.

  22. Marine bird" was defined as being any bird using marine or estuarine waters.

  23. Lake-deposited clays are for this reason more uniform than estuarine beds, whilst beds deposited at considerable depths in the sea and at a great distance from land are still more uniform.

  24. They are known locally as clunches and underclays and were at one time supposed to represent the soil that produced the vegetation from which the coal was formed, but are now considered by many authorities to be of estuarine origin.

  25. The Estuarine clays of Great Britain--with the possible exception of the Jurassic deposits in Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire--are of minor importance, but in some countries they form a valuable source of clay.

  26. Estuarine deposits partake of the nature of both fluviatile and marine beds, according to their position relative to the river from which they originate.

  27. Slowly this sea shallowed, giving rise to the alternating estuarine marine and freshwater deposits of the Coal Measures.

  28. The lower or estuarine courses of some of the English rivers as the Thames, Tyne, Humber, Mersey and Bristol Avon, are among the most important waterways in the world, as giving access for seaborne traffic to great ports.

  29. It is the remains of an old land and estuarine deposit, containing the submerged stumps of trees standing erect with their roots in the ancient soil.

  30. Beneath the Barton Clay we find in the north of the Isle of Wight, both in Alum and Whitecliff Bays, a great series of various coloured sands and clays for the most part unfossiliferous, and probably of estuarine origin.

  31. Some members, however, of the series have an estuarine character, and must have been formed within the influence of rivers.

  32. Almost all remains of the terrestrial fauna of the Continent which preceded the period of submergence have been lost; but a few patches of estuarine and fresh- water formations escaped denudation by submergence.

  33. Six miles to the northward of Flamborough, at Speeton, a bed of estuarine silt containing the remains of mollusca in the position of life occurs at an altitude of ninety feet above high-water mark.

  34. At any time the discovery of an estuarine or lacustrine deposit of Silurian age might wonderfully extend our knowledge of this ancient flora.

  35. One group may show by its fossils that it was deposited in the sea, others may be estuarine or lacustrine.

  36. Oceanic deposits, like the Upper Chalk, are succeeded by beds of littoral and estuarine characters.

  37. Most of the rocks represent the deposits of shallow seas, but estuarine conditions and land deposits occur as in the Purbeck beds of Dorset and the coals of Yorkshire.

  38. In England the estuarine Portlandian resulted partly from elevation, but in the Alps marine conditions steadily persisted (in the Tithonian stage).

  39. They vary much in size, and have evidently been produced by many different animals walking over long stretches of estuarine mud and sand exposed at low water.

  40. Limestone and marine beds in the south are replaced by sandy and estuarine beds in the north.

  41. It is an estuarine deposit like that mentioned above as occurring in the Wash off Heacham, for instance.

  42. The equivalent of the Wash is not seen behind the barrier in the estuary of the Humber, but the tidal water runs far up the river and produces the fertile estuarine silt known as the Warp.

  43. On these cockles and other estuarine molluscs thrive.

  44. Progress report of the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Center for Estuarine and Menhaden Research, Pesticide Field Station, Gulf Breeze, Fla.

  45. Distribution Belugas have been reported from the Arctic Circle south as far as eastern Connecticut, typically in estuarine habitats, though they do range into oceanic regions.

  46. Cooperative Gulf of Mexico estuarine inventory and study, Florida: Phase I, area description.

  47. In the western North Atlantic they have been found to grow to greatest lengths in oceanic environments near the southern extremities of their ranges, though they are found in far greater abundance in estuarine areas of the Arctic.

  48. It is often difficult to draw a line between the fauna of brackish ponds and marshes and that of pure fresh water or that of the sea, and this is particularly the case as regards the estuarine tracts of India and Burma.

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