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Example sentences for "flashes"

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flares; flaring; flash; flashed; flasher; flasheth; flashily; flashing; flashings; flashlight
  1. The enfilading fire from batteries right and left still continued; the fierce fitful flashes of the bursting shells becoming more visible with the approach of night.

  2. In the increased darkness, the flashes of musketry alone were visible ahead, while to the right and left the gloom was lit up by the lurid flashing of their batteries.

  3. The skirmishers were well deployed upon both sides; and the parallel flashes and continuous rattle of their rifles gave an interest to the scene, ineffaceable in the minds of spectators.

  4. Down the valley sudden flashes of light and puffs of smoke that gracefully volumed upwards, followed by the sullen roar of artillery, revealed a contest between the advancing and retreating forces.

  5. It is mere summer lightning that flashes harmlessly and without striking any one of the conspirators, terrifies all.

  6. There was silence for a time: the far-off flashes grew more rare.

  7. But no flashes came to him with the question, Why, then, did he keep on running after Violet Usher?

  8. Then as suddenly came utter darkness, except for the flashes from cannon and muskets, which threw a momentary glare around.

  9. The lightning became very vivid; some of the flashes ran whizzing along the men's arms in an extraordinary manner and really checked the march for some time most strangely.

  10. One day it falls on your heart in some word of some hymn or prayer, or in some thought or feeling which flashes through you, or some pricking of conscience for no other knows what sin or fault, or in some new resolve.

  11. The thunder was roaring in noisy outbursts and the flashes threw their blue light almost uninterruptedly upon the pavement and the houses.

  12. The day was so dark that it would have been impossible to find one's way if the flashes of lightning had not shot their snakes of fire through the coloured panes.

  13. As Helen had foretold, the night was stormy; with morning a terrible tempest broke out; rain fell in torrents, accompanied by such flashes of lightning as are only seen in storms that announce or cause great misfortunes.

  14. From time to time silent flashes of lightning lifted the horizon like an immense eyelid: a ray of wan light leapt out and lighted up the landscape for a second with bluish light.

  15. It was hot sunshine all the time we were at Bellaggio, diversified by two grand thunderstorms, accompanied by vivid flashes of lightning, sheet and forked, one of which flashes set fire to a tree or a church on the opposite shore.

  16. There are moments in which the bruised, shaken, sorrowful human creature sees as by lightning-flashes the wild devious ways by which the spirit is lured away from the only possession that is everlasting!

  17. Flashes of thought come like cloven tongues of fire, in whose light the soul waxes faint and timorous and cries in anguish.

  18. The lightning flashes followed one another so closely that the palms and gum-trees were lighted up in the middle of the night as in the day.

  19. The sky was covered with dense black clouds, lighted from within by flashes of lightning, while thunder rolled around us and rain streamed down in a perfect deluge.

  20. It flashes out suddenly, quivers for a moment in the sky, and then grows pale and vanishes.

  21. There is a rush upwards as of a subaqueous spring; an inspiration flashes into the mind for which our conscious effort has not prepared us.

  22. This may indeed happen for brief flashes during waking moments also.

  23. Far-off flashes of lightning cast ghastly reminders athwart the windows, fighting the yellow candle glow with a sickly, livid glare.

  24. Presently the flashes began sparkling into view; and then the ships themselves loomed up, dimly made out through mist and smoke.

  25. The gunners could often see every feature of their opponents' faces and were sometimes scorched by the flashes from opposing guns.

  26. Presently it burst forth, with rifle flashes for lightning, and a deadly leaden hail.

  27. Only the yellow glare of an incandescent lamp here and there now relieved the terrestrial gloom, but across the distant heavens intermittent flashes of light, followed by the low, sullen roll of thunder, told of the approaching storm.

  28. Not a sound came from within the house; but overhead the tempest now was breaking, with frequent crashing peals of thunder, and flashes of lightning that illumined all the landscape.

  29. By the frequent flashes of lightning they had, after the fight at Venner's, succeeded in following Kilgore across the meadows, and they well knew that he was headed to get even with Nick.

  30. They were too quick for him, more like elusive flashes in the moonlight than things of life.

  31. But she could smell the presence of it in the thick air, and could feel the forked flashes of lightning that rolled up with the dense pall from the south and west.

  32. The lightning flashes of the last part of the psalm need little commenting.

  33. Great are the sea and the heaven; Yet greater is my heart, And fairer than pearls and stars Flashes and beams my love.

  34. Columns of shining smoke uprose, and flashes of flame were Thrust through their folds and withdrawn, like the quivering hands of a martyr.

  35. The light thou beholdest Stream through the heavens, In flashes of crimson, Is but my red beard Blown by the night-wind, Affrighting the nations!

  36. Was Eginhard, a youth of Frankish race, Whose face was bright with flashes that forerun The splendors of a yet unrisen sun.

  37. Through clouds like ashes The red sun flashes On village windows That glimmer red.

  38. Then as the wind seized the gleeds and the burning thatch, and, uplifting, Whirled them aloft through the air, at once from a hundred house-tops Started the sheeted smoke with flashes of flame intermingled.

  39. The guests come thronging in once more, Quick footsteps sound along the floor, The trooping children crowd the stair, And in and out and everywhere Flashes along the corridor The sunshine of their golden hair.

  40. Flashes downward without warning, As Lucifer, son of the morning, Fell from the battlements of heaven!

  41. We saw flashes of heat-lightning to the south; and the electrometer of Volta constantly displayed, at sunset, positive electricity.

  42. It appears to us, that in Europe the electric flashes without thunder, vaguely called heat-lightning, are seen generally nearer the horizon.

  43. On Sinai they had beheld flashes of lightning with flames of fire, and from the midst of a burning cloud they had heard the Ten Commandments.

  44. Thursday evening, dark and threatening clouds were suddenly seen to approach from this point, accompanied by vivid flashes of lightning and loud peals of thunder.

  45. During all this magnificent sight the electric storm raged in the south with unabated fury, flashes of lightning and peals of thunder adding solemnity to a scene of wonderful brilliance.

  46. The next instant his eyes, strangely distended, saw curious vivid, whirling flashes of crimson and orange and violet.

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