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Example sentences for "flares"

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flappers; flapping; flaps; flare; flared; flaring; flash; flashed; flasher; flashes
  1. Floodlights in the under-skin of the ship were blazing white, and whiter yet were the star-flares that he dropped one after another.

  2. Chet found himself looking back at the familiar flares with regret.

  3. In the old Pantheon itself, roofed with an awning of white silk which bore the royal arms, flares were burning up to the topmost cornice of the round walls.

  4. Presently he became aware of flares burning in the Piazza of St. Peter, and of the shadows of giant heads cast up on the walls of the vast Basilica.

  5. She noticed that one of the space flares they'd planted there had gone out, or else it had been plucked away by a passing twister's touch.

  6. They also gave no noticeable attention to the eight space flares the Commissioner had set in a rough cube about the station.

  7. At each end of the barricade he had placed an askari with flares and matches.

  8. The flares having now gone out, he took advantage of the darkness to sound the signal for withdrawal, and his men, obedient to their training, rushed back into the trench and reloaded.

  9. Instantly Tom gave a signal; two blazing flares soared over the barricade and fell on the ground beyond, lighting up a wide space around them.

  10. Two of the askaris were selected to light the captured flares and throw them over the barricade if the enemy made a move.

  11. At the height of summer all burns and flares on this limitless prairie, then of a ruddy gold; but in September a green tinge begins to suffuse the ocean of herbage, which dies away in the pink and mauve and vivid blue of the fine sunsets.

  12. The blade whirled in the stout wooden side of the Vulture, but it seemed no time before the flicker and wavering red of the nearest torches sent their flares over him from a distance.

  13. What he was totally unprepared for was that the entire city of Peking, aroused by the watchfires on the palace walls, was awake and in alarm, and the light of flares and lanterns glowed from every house.

  14. When the engines are hot I will place two blue flares with a red one in the middle for a target.

  15. The gunners were shooting at the flares and by the dirt they were lifting they seemed to be getting the range.

  16. If we do not set signal flares for landing, the plane will retire and keep watch until forced to fly home.

  17. They drew the machine guns and grenades they needed along with flares and other equipment.

  18. Arno called to the others and the flares blossomed out.

  19. Flares were blossoming along the mainland, dropped by Yank fliers.

  20. We hurried along as night was falling and the German flares were commencing to fly.

  21. Indeed, their appearance was so ghastly under the weird light of the flares and the fading day, that I involuntarily shivered, hardened though I was by that time to grim sights.

  22. I got a pal to go with me and endeavored to make it, but the flares were steadily burning and the snipers were so busy we had to lie low.

  23. He welcomed enemy flares and star-shells and excursions and alarms.

  24. Silver bursts cut Artillery flares at night show red, but in the early dawn they appear against the dark hillsides like bursts of silver.

  25. They scanned his face when hostile flares Set No Man's Land alight-- They watched him when the Hun barrage Tore craters left and right.

  26. They searched all that night; they burned flares and shouted; their torches dotted the cliffs.

  27. The flares on the cliff were growing in number.

  28. As his face came into sight, visible in the moonlight and the up-reaching flares of their torches, a shout arose.

  29. We made the relief under German flares and the light from a burning town.

  30. In the evening the sky was ablaze with red, green, blue and yellow flares all along the line.

  31. And ever, peering eagerly ahead, he sought a twinkle of the fishermen's oil-flares wimpling across the sunken sea.

  32. It is the writer's opinion that these flares were used for the purpose of guiding and directing the movements of the troops that on the following day annihilated the platoon in Nijni Gora.

  33. Out in front the night was made lurid by flares and shell fire and gun fire where the two devoted platoons of "K" and "E" Companies with two machine guns of the first platoon of "M.

  34. By the use of field glasses we could see considerable activity in the villages in front of us and on our flanks, and during the night the inky blackness was constantly being illuminated by flares and rockets from many different points.

  35. E" and "K" Companies were on the east bank of the Emtsa moving toward the right flank of the Bolos and firing red flares at intervals with Very pistol to inform Donoghue of their progress.

  36. It came within a couple of minutes; again the lights streamed upward, and flares burst and floated down in dazzling balls of fierce white light, while the rifle-fire from the German parapet grew heavier and heavier.

  37. Magnesium flares and pistol lights were kept going almost without ceasing, while the artillery made a regular practice of loosing off a stated number of rounds per night.

  38. Some one whispered that the Marne was just beyond the wheat-field, and that the red flares they saw must be over Chateau-Thierry.

  39. Far off the red flares still flecked the darkness, but they did not frighten him.

  40. Besides, every minute or two, all along the front, one could see the German or British magnesium flares illuminating the trench-line.

  41. These flares are used as one uses a bull's-eye on a dark walk.

  42. The flares prepared by our Government for the war consist of a sheet iron cylinder, four feet long and six inches thick, containing a stick of magnesium attached to a tightly rolled silk parachute twenty feet in diameter when expanded.

  43. It was a awful black night, and of course, just as we got out to the trench to go 'overland' to the cemetery, them flares started up something awful.

  44. Our ambulances were in a little side street at right angles to the great road; their lamps flares beat fiercely on a little section of the great highway.

  45. Heaven knows but what that Nazi rat has tossed half a dozen water flares over the side by now.

  46. You heard that Jap in San Diego tell the Nazi that the flares will burst into light some three to four hours after they have been in the water.

  47. That Nazi isn't going to get those water flares until he makes contact with some men in Honolulu.

  48. Not one, but a half dozen flares were burning at once; they had been thrown upon the deck both to port and starboard.

  49. As he stood there, the flares commenced to go out.

  50. In addition to red flares for notifying the position of the advanced troops to our 'contact aeroplanes,' a number of tin discs were issued, which were to be waved by the men carrying them so as to catch the eye of the Observers.

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