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Example sentences for "flappers"

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  1. The two flappers retire abashed, and as the sexton finishes his sweeping, there enters the organist.

  2. It is now a quarter past eleven, and two flappers of the neighborhood, giggling and arm-in-arm, approach the sexton and inquire of him if they may enter.

  3. As a matter of fact many Flappers grew up into excellent and patriotic women.

  4. If the Flappers excite our disgust, their subsequent treatment moves our commiseration, since the Sumptuary and Disciplinary Laws passed by the House of Ladies dealt in drastic fashion with the offences which I have described.

  5. She trotted obediently beside him, a fragile dainty figure; carried limply, however, and little more distinguished than flappers of inferior origin.

  6. Of course those ridiculous little flappers don't care whether they are talked about or not, but their families do.

  7. In the Fens formerly, until put a stop to by Act of Parliament, not only were Flappers shot as they are now, but an annual driving of the young birds before they could fly took place.

  8. Flappers are easily killed as they reach full growth before their wings are fledged; so that it is not really fair sport, which should give a free field.

  9. Flappers are only called Wild Ducks when they take wing.

  10. Gone for a brief time were the itinerant musicians, the innumerable perambulators, the ogling flappers with their cheap silk stockings and misshapen legs, the retired colonels eking out a grumbling living on infinitesimal pensions.

  11. Flappers with very short skirts and every known specimen of leg added to the tragic-comedy of a thoroughfare in which provincialism and sophistication were like oil and water.

  12. But these flappers are really paddles or oars in the water, and I know of few birds that can swim so fast or turn so quickly in the sea.

  13. Wings they have none, a pair of broad flappers doing duty for these, which seems to aid considerably their progress in running.

  14. We stood at the window watching the flappers opposite play hockey.

  15. We were watching the flappers play hockey, Mrs. Beesley.

  16. There is a large, expensive school for flappers, on a hill; and a drugstore or pharmacy where the flappers come to blow off steam.

  17. Over the marble-topped tables were bent the excited faces of flappers whose fathers owned individual villages.

  18. Being “on the staff” caused the two young men to be very popular with themselves, and to treat the flappers rather patronizingly.

  19. It was still too shallow for the turtle to swim, but it used its four flappers with so much effect against its two assailants, as to give them a thorough shower-bath.

  20. The movements of the flappers were those of a turtle, and the animal resembled a huge seal, the resemblance being strongest about the back of the head.

  21. The wings or flappers with which they are provided enable them to pass rapidly through the water, reminding us strongly of the movements of a butterfly, or other winged insect, and like them, their motions are long continued.

  22. Their globular body is formed of two parts, the one including the head, bearing two very strong tentacles, and two large fins or flappers in the form of wings, springing from each side of the mouth.

  23. The great flappers of Hyalea tridentata are yellow, marked at their base with a fine violet spot.

  24. But now we shall cease our fire, and leave the few flappers that are left alive to their own meditations.

  25. Why, the reeds are as full of flappers as of frogs.

  26. A moment more and Boas's second lance has pierced through one of its fore-flappers into its lungs; the seal collapses, and the fight is over.

  27. These flappers add greatly to the beauty of these animals, for a variety of brilliant hues is produced along each row by the decomposition of the rays of light upon them when in motion.

  28. The rows of locomotive flappers on the Bolina differ in length from each other (Fig.

  29. The great size of their locomotive flappers in proportion to the rest of the body, is characteristic of the young Ctenophorae.

  30. Footnote 3: The flappers of one side are sometimes in full activity, while those of the other side are perfectly quiet or nearly so, thus producing rotatory movements in every direction.

  31. At the consecration of Rama the golden throne is set up, the yellow parasol and the two flappers of buffalo-tails, the tiger-skin, bow and sword are brought forward.

  32. Tynsdale and I got the last two seats in a compartment occupied by a well-dressed and well-groomed man, four flappers with school-maps, and a very pretty woman.

  33. It was, therefore, with considerable composure that I sat listening to the chatter of the flappers and the occasional snores of the man, and watching the landscape through the window.

  34. When once found, flappers are easily killed, as they attain their full growth before their wings are fledged.

  35. When the flappers take wing, they assume the name of wild ducks, and about the month of August repair to the corn-fields, where they remain until they are disturbed by the harvest-people.

  36. Do any of the flappers at the club ever find it too hot to play?

  37. And then get that crowd of flappers upstairs.

  38. The young flappers were no doubt better engaged.

  39. Sledges were constructed out of empty ration-boxes, whilst the old flappers used for dispersing poison-gas from dug-outs did duty as snow-shoes.

  40. And this is what I found: Because of the flappers and the way they run shop, the whole technique of the man game has changed.

  41. And that is just what the flappers refuse to respect.

  42. The preachers are wasting their time when they rail that the flappers are painting their faces like "fallen women.

  43. Because the flappers had been gossiped about en masse, the whole reason for not being gossiped about had ceased.

  44. This they do in holes which they dig out with their flappers in the sand.

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