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Example sentences for "flapjack"

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  1. Christy gave his father the narrative of the brief voyage, and astounded him with the information that his brother was on board.

  2. I am very glad I was able to do you a good turn," replied Christy, who considered it his duty to take advantage of the circumstances.

  3. The flapjack hit Sleuth fairly in the left eye, and he fell over upon his back with a howl of dismay.

  4. Sleuth, gazing ruefully at the lost flapjack as it lay on the ground.

  5. As soon as the cake was full of bubbles and the edges had begun to stiffen, he lifted the pan and shook it with a rotary movement, which set the big flapjack free.

  6. Hoecake is made exactly the same as a flapjack by substituting corn meal for flour.

  7. Indeed, Uncle Fritz after eating two sent up word that he had never tasted any so nice, and every boy at the table below envied Demi at the flapjack party above.

  8. The trapper was cooking his simple meal,--a blue grouse frying in his skillet, coffee boiling, and flapjack batter ready for the moment the grouse was done.

  9. At noon he would stop to lunch, eating a few pieces of jerkey and frying a single flapjack in his skillet.

  10. Tom dropped the flapjack on the fire, and, in great excitement, ran to the spot where Toney Belton had just dismounted from a mule.

  11. And now he lifts the pan from the fire and gives it a peculiar toss, and up flies a flapjack in the air about three feet above the pan, and, turning over as it descends, is caught and ready to be baked on the other side.

  12. The penalty of dropping a flapjack in the fire is to be made to eat it without wiping off the ashes.

  13. Do not put too much batter in the pan, either; I tried it once and when I flapped the flapjack the hot batter splattered all over my face, and that batter was even hotter than my remarks.

  14. A heavy, greasy flapjack is an abomination, but the real article is a joy to make and a joy to eat.

  15. Sidenote: Flapjohn] Flapjack flour is mixed with water simply; but you will find that a tablespoonful of sugar not only adds to the flavor, but causes it to brown crisper.

  16. Boston Brown Bread Flour is self-rising, on the principle of the flapjack flour.

  17. He raised the smoking skillet, and gave a deft toss, which sent the flapjack spinning into the air, turned it over, and settled it back with the baked side uppermost.

  18. Ross, turning a flapjack awkwardly, looked inquiringly over his shoulder.

  19. Langdon bit rabidly at a flapjack and beat the earth with his heels.

  20. That ain't hardly fair to them, and you the best flapjack artist in Graham County.

  21. Nary flour, nary anything for trade, stranger, but I'll give you a sack o' the best flapjack flour that ever came out a store.

  22. When we get settled I'm going to practice till I can toss a flapjack up the cabin chimney and catch it coming down on the outside.

  23. Honest, I've been living on old ox so long I've nearly forgotten what flapjack tastes like.

  24. By that I take it you've not been up into the flapjack country yon," and he jerked his head in the direction of the foothills and mountains.

  25. I could do a flapjack and a slice o' bacon, I think, with a bit o' a struggle and some resolution like.

  26. They set off eagerly into the hills after lunch and met Flapjack and his daughter as had been appointed.

  27. Flapjack Peters was well enough to ride; and he was woefully sorry for what he had done.

  28. Flapjack that he did not see Ruth at all.

  29. It remained a mystery why Edith had come to Yucca; why she had kept Ann and her friends apart; and why at Handy Gulch she had abandoned both Ann and Flapjack Peters.

  30. Maybe he knows something about this Flapjack Peters person," grumbled Tom.

  31. Min did very well, indeed, and even Flapjack made his extra three dollars a day on several occasions when he appeared with the teamsters in the "rough house" scenes in the night life of the old-time mining camp.

  32. I reckon they'll find out that Flapjack is wuth something as a prospector after all.

  33. The idea of gold hunting had got into the girls, however, as well as into Flapjack Peters and his daughter.

  34. The gold seemed to be right at the grass-roots, as Flapjack had said.

  35. Therefore, Ruth easily got away from the sanctum sanctorum the next forenoon and went up to the ridge again with Flapjack and Min.

  36. The hotelkeeper returned with his horse-load of beef, and he was able to give Ruth and Miss Cullam certain information regarding the two girls who had departed with Flapjack Peters on the trail to Freezeout.

  37. Flapjack actually turned pale when he saw it.

  38. For some distance along the length of the ledge and toward what was believed to be the richer end, Flapjack and Min had staked out the claims.

  39. When the time came to turn them, Flapjack Peters performed this delicate operation by tossing them into the air, and with such a sleight of hand that the flapjacks exchanged griddles in their "turnover".

  40. She would not speak further of this subject before Flapjack and Min.

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