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Example sentences for "flannels"

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  1. Colored flannels should never be washed in the same water after white clothes, or they will be covered, when dry, with lint; better be washed in a water for themselves.

  2. Practically all the school was there, and quite a quarter of it in flannels and jerseys red or white, trimmed or starred with the colour of some fifteen.

  3. And the now really great Charles Cave stalked back to the pavilion with the nonchalant dignity of a Greek statue put into flannels and animated with the best old English blood.

  4. Their flannels were powdered with the drab dust of the wayside, and they limped a little in the fives-shoes for which they had changed their spikes before coming down from the Upper.

  5. He had some flannels specially done up at the last moment, and his hair cut the day before the match.

  6. The young American man, in white flannels with a red guide-book protruding from his pocket, was comfortably stretched in a lounging chair engaged with a cigarette and a copy of the Paris Herald.

  7. The war created a demand; prices appreciated; the machinery was kept running night and day; the flannels found ready sale as fast as they could be produced; and the success of the Sugar River mills was henceforth assured.

  8. Of the gray twilled flannels produced by the Sugar River mills, a large stock had accumulated at this time.

  9. I should think your trunk would be here a little after supper," she said as she showed him in, "and I'd advise you to change your flannels when it comes.

  10. I think there's nothing so wholesome as warm flannels--warm flannels and deep breathing.

  11. The second water from the flannels may be used for the first rinsing of the cotton clothes.

  12. Do the flannels early and follow them with the fine clothes.

  13. If there is the least appearance of inflammation, no time should be lost in applying a large bread-and-water poultice, or hot flannels repeatedly applied, or even leeches in good numbers may be put on at some distance from each other.

  14. The bath is not absolutely necessary; constantly rubbing the body with flannels in a warm room having been found sufficient for resuscitation.

  15. Parson is out of his bed and into his flannels in the twinkling of an eye, and scuttling down the passage to his senior's room as if the avenger of blood was at his heels.

  16. The early birds were singing gladly wore my flannels for running along with the boat.

  17. A vast mass on the towpath I being in flannels waited twenty-three minutes for the start.

  18. These were chiefly the more athletic heroes of the school, whose flannels and running-shoes bespoke their intention of following the race on foot.

  19. Every afternoon you would be sure to find him in his flannels running along the bank beside some boat, or standing to be bowled at by aspiring young cricketers in the meadow, or superintending a swimming party up at the Willows.

  20. The captain grunted, and began to throw his flannels into his bag.

  21. Whereupon Corder dashed into his ulster, flung his flannels into his bag, and tore out of his house just in time to secure for himself the long-coveted honour, and find himself in the glorious position of "playing for the School.

  22. Another time, having gone to his room after morning school to change into his flannels for cricket, he had gone to bed by mistake, and slept soundly till call-bell next morning.

  23. He was dressed in flannels and a tennis-coat.

  24. Their place was near the river, so I slipped a suit of flannels in my bag, and on the Sunday morning I came down in them.

  25. Maybe by to-night it will be so warm we can put all our winter things in storage and blossom out in silk georgette and white flannels like veritable butterflies from a crystal--I mean chrysalis.

  26. The fact that he finally decided against the photograph and in favor of the white flannels has nothing to do with the relative importance of the two matters thus engrossing him.

  27. Come,' said Landsmath, 'your wound is nothing; you had plenty of waistcoats and flannels on.

  28. Does she still devour her--er--washing flannels and treacle for breakfast?

  29. She was there standing before the counter, and an elderly man was displaying cloths--white flannels and serges they appeared to be.

  30. I don't know what your taste in tennis flannels may be, but I hope it is good.

  31. Mr. Campbell I've put a suit of Hosy's and some flannels on your bed.

  32. Having tubbed and exchanged his rough tweeds for grey flannels and a straw hat, he descended to see if he could find the Parson, who, by the list in the hall, he saw was among the guests.

  33. He undressed and got into his flannels before Measom came, and went down to the lake for a bath.

  34. The Duffer, who had got his Flannels at the last moment, came up and joined John and the Caterpillar.

  35. A little indigo in the boiling water makes the flannels look nicer.

  36. If you wish to have your white flannels shrink, so as to have them thick, wash them in soft soap-suds, and rinse them in cold water.

  37. I was, in white flannels and brown Holland, with roses against the mirror of the bureau, another man; not only my mentality but my physical bearing was changed.

  38. On the little trim newly-made roads I met people in flannels coming back from tennis and the beach, and a coastguard from the wireless station, and donkeys and pierrots padding homewards.

  39. He was a huge man in untidy old flannels and a wide-brimmed hat, with a canvas bag slung on his shoulder.

  40. It's far too hot to think of town, or of wearing anything but flannels all day,' said Alfred in the morning.

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