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Example sentences for "flashily"

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flash; flashed; flasher; flashes; flasheth; flashing; flashings; flashlight; flashlights; flashy
  1. A flashily dressed Hebrew, with a cigar in his mouth and his hands in his trousers pockets, stood in the stairway leading to the loft and looked closely at the young socialist and Sam.

  2. Her companion, a little flashily dressed man with a beard, had run off at the sight of Sam standing in the living-room under the lamp.

  3. The flashily dressed Hebrew with the cigar still in his mouth was again by the stairway entrance.

  4. It is a fine white marble edifice, with a portico of iron, painted flashily in black and gold.

  5. Dismounting, he walked up the stone flags toward the presidio entrance--a huge, grated door guarded by two flashily dressed but barefooted soldiers.

  6. He was a big fellow, flashily dressed, and with a countenance at once coarse and dissipated; and as he made a second forward movement I could distinctly see his hand drop, with a significant gesture, toward his right hip.

  7. The judge mechanically scrawled his name at the bottom of the papers, glanced at the words of the arraignments, and then scowled over the edge of his desk at the flashily dressed girls before him.

  8. It was Jimmie the Monk, flashily dressed, debonnaire as one to the manor born, talking with Craig, the companion of Baxter.

  9. Mac is on the side of the opposition, and so is Sam, and Turkeyfoot, and the flashily dressed juniper.

  10. The shady side of the house was not over twenty feet from him, and there comfortably seated, was a florid, flashily dressed, red-mustached person.

  11. As he made his way over to him he noted that Ernie was flashily dressed, almost to the point of grotesqueness.

  12. He was flashily dressed in the mode of the day, typical of his calling.

  13. He was rather flashily dressed, but he had the ease of manner that enabled him to carry his clothed with peculiar unobtrusiveness.

  14. One was a flashily dressed, middle-aged man, with fair mustache, puffy cheeks, and a superfluity of jewelry.

  15. At the corner of a five story apartment building a dozen or more of flashily dressed youths stood staring upward.

  16. My dear madam," he said, "the young men connected with our best families don't dress as flashily as your late companion.

  17. Next to her sat a flashily dressed young man, on whose bosom glittered what might be a valuable diamond stud, conspicuous for its size.

  18. Rapson watched the sergeant saunter up to the table at which the card-sharper now sat with a couple of companions as flashily dressed as himself.

  19. The great rascal was flashily dressed, with a stupendous show of shirt-front, over which fell, down by the side of the diamond studs, a heavy gold chain.

  20. He was flashily dressed in a heavy coat, buff waistcoat, and drab trousers.

  21. Mrs. Bethune was rather flashily dressed, and evidently intended to make a show.

  22. The flashily dressed salesman is remembered by his clothes rather than by his personality.

  23. It is the flashily dressed salesman we can describe later on, for his clothes are so out of the ordinary that they are remarkable in this respect.

  24. He should be neatly but not flashily dressed.

  25. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flashily" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.