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Example sentences for "hussies"

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huskiness; husking; husks; husky; hussar; hussy; husting; hustings; hustle; hustled
  1. The three giggling young hussies shrink together as if they would all hide behind one another, after a vain uprearing and a demand why?

  2. Suddenly I see her pouncing on three giggling young hussies just in front--the inevitable black velveteen tam, the inevitable white curly muffler, the inevitable lower-class flappers.

  3. Those hussies are mistresses, you will say to me!

  4. Then when the sun set, the great delight of these young hussies was to stop and look at the mountebanks.

  5. She was allowed twenty minutes to go from the Rue de la Goutte-d'Or to the Rue du Caire, and it was enough, for these young hussies have the legs of racehorses.

  6. Then came lectures on love, allusions to dirty blackguards of men, and all sorts of stories about hussies who had repented of flirtations, which left Nana in a state of pouting, with eyes gleaming brightly in her pale face.

  7. Doubtless she learned more about the mastery of people from them, however, than from the sighing, country-bred hotel women of whom she was more fond; for the cheerful hussies had learned to make the most of their shoddy lives.

  8. One o' they half-dressed hussies from the hotel?

  9. I wouldna' say but he might like Miss Sarmiento as weel as yin o' they hussies at the Florida hotel," Macallister remarked encouragingly.

  10. It's a pity; I felt just in the mood to kidnap the bride before the noses of the Athenians and of all those hussies who hid their faces with their handkerchiefs.

  11. They're pretty hussies both; the blonde has a rather stupid look, but the dark one has wit in her eye.

  12. Here I be, lass; and it will go hard if the hussies can see the black man and old Giles in one place.

  13. I will go, if only for the sake of showing these silly little hussies that there is no call for a gospel woman with prayer in her heart to be afraid of anything but the wrath of God.

  14. Why should I have risked my own safety for two hussies I did not even know?

  15. I am too worried already to think that I took the money these hussies offered me.

  16. What with roystering fellows and smooth-tongued gallants, and with silly, empty-headed hussies like that Giulietta, one has much ado to keep the best of them straight.

  17. Antonio is a trifle slow, and the high-flying hussies call him stupid; but his mother says a better son never breathed, and he is as obedient to all her orders now as when he was three years old.

  18. No sooner were they capable of wielding a goose quill, than the impudent hussies presumed to have a will of their own, and in their opinions mounted a step nearer to the altitude of their mistresses.

  19. My first experience with them on a small bush journey aged me very much; and ever since I have shirked chaperoning Kruboys about the West African bush among ticklish-tempered native gentlemen and their forward hussies of wives.

  20. I give you my word for it, there was hussies there on that stage, before respectable people's eyes, trying all they knew to make men be bad.

  21. If that had been a woman harmed by her husband going away with some barmaid, or other of them hussies men are so fond of, there wouldn't have been nothing done to avenge her.

  22. There were supple-backed courtiers, and strutting nobles, and hussies with their shoulders bare, who should for all their high birth have been sent to Bridewell as readily as any poor girl who ever walked at the cart's tail.

  23. No sooner were they capable of wielding a goose quill, than the impudent hussies presumed to have a will of their own, and their opinions mounted a step nearer to the attitude of their mistresses.

  24. This perpetual spying on my actions became at last intolerable and I was on the point of sending the two hussies about their business when an accident put an end to the state of affairs.

  25. For it was certain that as soon as I was out of the house one of these hussies would run off to make inquiries about her friends; and when it was found that the burglars were missing, there might be trouble.

  26. You sinful hussies are as full of airs as a music box," said a missionary to the bevy of frolicksome vahines who had replied with a rollicking himine to his invitation to come inside of the church and listen to his Sunday sermon.

  27. It has a good story clearly and rapidly developed, and the persons of the drama are ladies and gentlemen, and not the dully-vivacious ruffians and the unclean hussies of the Aphra Behn, the Etherege, and Sedley period.

  28. He wouldn't notice anything wrong with a dozen hussies on board.

  29. Sam'l was always a little soft about women, and there are too many bad hussies in the city.

  30. It was impossible to be alone; all the young women followed us; the inquisitive little hussies would not let us out of their sight.

  31. I don't propose ever to be caught by one of those little hussies again; you spend an enormous amount of money, and sometimes you don't make your expenses.

  32. At this the three big hussies felt alarmed, stepped back, and subsided into sedateness.

  33. He had already tried to silence La Teuse; for he was beginning to feel uneasy amidst the big shameless hussies who filled the church with their armfuls of foliage.

  34. And it is little the hussies would care if I did, for they wad ken find I'd just forgive them when the day of reckoning came, an' forgiveness just beats all for spoiling folk.

  35. It just beats me to roust the hussies from their beds before six.

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