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Example sentences for "husks"

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  1. When God had a mind to make the prodigal go home to his father, he sent a famine upon him, and denied him a bellyful of the husks which the swine did eat.

  2. The nuts ripen and are shed from the husks in late September and early October while the tree is in full foliage.

  3. A few of the trees examined had husks which were not quite deciduous to the base and were retained on the tree until after the nut had been released.

  4. The thickness of the husk effectively concealed the true shape of the nut beneath; the thinnest husks most nearly conforming to the true nut shape.

  5. The usual husk is 4-parted but one tree bore 5-parted husks consistently.

  6. Two trees had husks so thin as to be more typical of red hickory while only 6 trees had husks 1/2 inch thick or more.

  7. There were no thoughts of husks now, but only a sorrowful joy that one so long dead to him was at length alive, that a new heart, full of human instincts, had found birth within his bosom.

  8. Let him go forth--my oldest and youngest born, and eat husks with the swine; he shall have no portion, and there shall be no fatted calf killed when he returns!

  9. In that' Logic-mill of thine' hast thou 'an earthly mechanism for the Godlike itself, and for grinding out Virtue from the husks of Pleasure?

  10. Have ready a pile of the soft inner husks of green corn and on each husk spread a lump of dough, the size of a walnut, into a flat cake covering the husk.

  11. Roll this together and lay on them other husks until the tamale is of the size desired.

  12. When this had come about, Tom brought out the ears, stripped the green husks from them, and then, brushing off a smooth stone that had been near the fire so long that it was good and hot, he placed on it the ears of corn.

  13. He had only corn husks for shoes and his coat and trousers were so full of holes that he didn't know in which ones to put his legs and arms.

  14. When the husks turn brown and dry, the nuts are ripe, and ready to be gathered and planted.

  15. Hazilberts growing next to limestone walls on the south side showed no signs of frost damage whereas the Winkler, on higher ground, showed severe damage to the leaves and the husks of the nuts which immediately started to turn brown.

  16. Wild hazelnuts at this time had dry husks and were falling off the bushes or being cut down by mice.

  17. Note size of nuts in husks as compared to woman's hand.

  18. The husks should be removed from filberts before they are dried.

  19. Heat them gradually till the husks come off without any difficulty.

  20. They "fain would fill their belly with the husks that the swine do eat, but no man gives unto them.

  21. Among the husks you will find two or three quilts.

  22. We will give you quilts, and you may sleep among the husks in the barn, where you will be warm and dry.

  23. We found the husks dry and fragrant, and soon forgot our weariness.

  24. The bolls are placed on racks, and are sun-dried, after which the husks are removed by hand.

  25. When ripe, the ears are broken from the stalk, the husks are turned back, and several are tied together.

  26. Often they drag between them a rope to which many corn husks are attached.

  27. The circle of men and corn husks causes the fish to go toward the blanket, and finally to take refuge under the stones piled upon it.

  28. In each of these is a piston or plunger (doeydoyog) at the lower end of which is a wooden ring packed with corn husks and chicken feathers.

  29. The fatted calf is dressed for me, But the husks have greater zest for me, I think my pigs will be best for me, So I'm off to the Yards afresh.

  30. Will they gape for the husks that ye proffer Or yearn to your song?

  31. With him it would either be the sewer or the sycamore-tree of Zaccheus; either the little upper chamber among the saints or eating husks with the swine.

  32. Are you truly not anxious to return to--" "'To the husks that the swine did eat?

  33. And he would fain have filled his belly with the husks that the swine did eat: and no man gave unto him.

  34. Under that blighting shadow, although the stalks may grow tall and the husks develop themselves in their own exquisite natural forms, no solid seed is formed or ripened.

  35. The husks or shells are taken off and the beans then ground between hot rollers.

  36. Sometimes the husks are not removed, but ground with the bean.

  37. Then the outer husks are removed, and the corn is ground by a process that produces grains like granulated sugar.

  38. Many people could not eat oat meal in former years, owing to the husks irritating the lining of the stomach.

  39. All the husks are removed, and the oats are then cut.

  40. Nuts large, an inch in length; husks much longer than the nut, and slightly hairy.

  41. The husks of nearly all the varieties of the Persian and Oriental walnuts part from their shells freely when fully ripened and dried, but in a few varieties the husks are rather persistent, requiring force and friction for their removal.

  42. Ordinary threshing machines may be used for cleaning the husks from black walnuts, by removing about one-half the teeth, or enough to allow the nuts to pass through without breaking their shells.

  43. All the varieties with husks extending beyond the nut, and with fringed edges, are filberts (Fig.

  44. These measurements are of the cleaned shell, after the husks have been removed.

  45. These husks being often used for swine are called swine's bread, and are probably referred to in the parable of the Prodigal Son.

  46. The enlarged spiny scales scattered over the back look as if it were sprinkled with the dried husks of seeds.

  47. In preparing rice for market, the outer husks of the grain are removed and the rice is cleaned.

  48. The husks loosened by roasting are then removed from the beans.

  49. But it is very quiet and only a few of the husks remain.

  50. The great white town of the white-faced hornets is conspicuous on the blueberry bush down in the far corner and within it are the husks of a few of its once roaringly busy inhabitants.

  51. If corn husks are not available, it is very good without them.

  52. If one is in a hurry, a dish can be lined with corn husks, the mixture piled in, and corn husks placed over the top of the dish.

  53. After an hour, take out the coals, clear the hole of ashes, lay green corn husks on the hot bottom of the hole.

  54. The water prevents the corn from burning and the firmly tied husks enable the corn to be steamed and the real corn flavor is retained.

  55. But we shall do better without these bodies that suffer and grow old--which may indeed, as some think, be but the outer cases, the husks of our real bodies.

  56. From fresh corn husks select a wide leaf of husk for each tamale, or use dry husks steamed until pliable.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "husks" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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