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  1. Wilkinson and the first observers of the marvel merely represented that the appearance of a face was shown on so diminutive a scale, upon the husk or sheath of a single grain, as scarcely to be visible unless specifically pointed out.

  2. This toxicity is due to the action of juglone, the oxidized form of hydrojuglone, a non-toxic substance occurring in the inner bark and green husk of walnuts.

  3. One of the old cannon type corn shellers, once quite common in Pennsylvania, is used to husk the nuts.

  4. When the fresh husk is cut, the interior is white but immediately turns yellow as the colorless hydrojuglone is transformed into the yellow juglone.

  5. Upon standing or drying the husk becomes black as further chemical changes occur.

  6. A husk blight appears to affect Persian walnuts in some places, and nut production is very seriously affected among black walnuts by defoliation prematurely, either because of drought or leaf-spot.

  7. This sequence of events may be noted in a fresh green husk of a black walnut.

  8. As far as my examination extended no fault could be found with the mode in which the bread was baked; the difficulty lay in the failure to separate the husk from the corn-meal.

  9. This husk acted as an irritant to the alimentary canal, without adding any nutriment to the bread.

  10. I carefully examined the bakery and the bread furnished the prisoners, and found that they were supplied almost entirely with corn-bread from which the husk had not been separated.

  11. My friend assures me that as soon as he had heard of the trick, there was no difficulty in his imitating it, and immediately the number of ears which he was able to husk in a given time was increased by 30 per cent.

  12. In one hundred parts of the husk and seed separated: Seed.

  13. These analyses, the one of the ash, and the other of the seed and husk in their natural state, are sufficiently full for the purpose in view, and serve admirably to show the principal elements required in the growth of the Peanut plant.

  14. The ash of the husk differs, in consisting chiefly of common salt, phosphate of lime and magnesia.

  15. By this time the husk has become so softened that it can be beaten until the fibres separate and can be removed.

  16. The unripened husk is allowed to steep and ferment in water for a long time, six months or a year being required.

  17. Cocoanut fibre, a somewhat similar material is obtained from the husk of the cocoanut by the same means.

  18. The tamales thus prepared are covered with a banana-leaf or corn-husk and placed in a pot or pan over which large leaves are laid.

  19. Oh, how many nights I've stood Barefoot on the earthly husk Of my hero great and true, On the hide of Atta Troll!

  20. So I look, first, at the husk of apparent harshness and severity.

  21. The husk is gone now, I think, and the kernel is left.

  22. The mind of man is like a mill, which will grind whatever you put into it, whether it be husk or wheat.

  23. The devil is very eager to have his turn at this mill, and to employ it for grinding the husk of vain thoughts.

  24. When boiled it opens, and out of it comes a spiral fibre, which appears like a small worm, but whiter than the husk of the grain.

  25. The husk is of a yellowish green colour, with long rose coloured stripes.

  26. Its outside husk is green and thicker than two fingers.

  27. Under that husk there is a hard shell, much thicker than the shell of the walnut, which they burn and make therefrom a powder that is useful to them.

  28. If any one says that I lay there with my face in a corn-husk pillow and cried as if I were a girl, I'm not going to dispute him.

  29. The husk must rustle the more when the kernel and the ear are gone.

  30. Mrs. Weld frequently allowed him to hire out for four or five hours a day to husk corn, etc.

  31. I went out in the corn field to see Robert husk corn.

  32. Dear papa, I learned to husk corn to-day, and yesterday I helped uncle churn to make butter.

  33. Then they smoked the peasant's maize-husk cigarettes and watched the purple lizards crawl about the fire-blackened ruins of the house.

  34. A negro, who removed a kettle from it, carefully put it out, and served them with a meal, though Harper sighed disgustedly as he lighted a maize-husk cigarette when he had consumed his portion.

  35. The men appeared quite willing, and one of them brought out a handful of coarse maize-husk cigarettes when the host laid down the bottle with the white Savoy cross upon it and a few little glasses.

  36. It is in this seed and its husk that the resemblance and relationship of the burning bush and the bitter-sweet vine is revealed.

  37. The big, four-parted husk is as thick as a shagbark's, but it does not split all the way down.

  38. The nuts are about as large as our little hazel nuts, and each is alone in a spiny husk that parts into halves when mature.

  39. Out of this spreading husk the brown nuts fall.

  40. Nuts in a husk that does not open when ripe.

  41. In the autumn they turn brown, and the husk splits into three equal parts.

  42. Oat husk is very inferior to the bran of wheat.

  43. According to Payen, the proportion of gluten diminishes towards the centre of the seed, from which it follows that the part of the grain nearest the husk is the most nutritious--so far at least as muscle-making is concerned.

  44. The body is the shell of the soul, apparel is the husk of that shell; the husk often tells you what the kernel is.

  45. The thread is then carefully combed downward with a coconut husk which is dipped in a size of rice water (Plate LXIII).

  46. Bani-it or Bunot: Consists of a coconut husk suspended from a pole.

  47. For Cle├Žnetus Never threw away the husk of a single vegetable, So exceedingly economical is that man.

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