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Example sentences for "hushes"

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husbond; husbonde; huse; hush; hushed; hushing; husht; husk; husked; huskers
  1. Man after man mounts; the buzz hushes itself till he have spoken: Death; Banishment: Imprisonment till the Peace.

  2. ON A LAKE Sweet in the rushes The reed-singers make A music that hushes The life of the lake; The leaves are dumb, And the tides are still, And no calls come From the flocks on the hill.

  3. She rises from the earth, caught up in the clouds, the drapery streaming in soft folds, and on the upturned face is a look of love and tenderness and trust, combined with womanly strength, that hushes us into tears.

  4. The gray of life hushes the Fading Flower into the kindly aunt, the patient nurse, the gentle friend of the poor.

  5. Or if it rage too madly in its bed, The tempest hushes at my 'Peace!

  6. But now a joy too deep for sound, A peace no other season knows, Hushes the heavens and wraps the ground, The blessing of supreme repose.

  7. In sorrow by thy bier we stand, Amid the awe that hushes all, And speak the anguish of a land That shook with horror at thy fall.

  8. In one of the hushes there came a blow on the outside of the door that made Beaton jump, and swear with a modified profanity that merged itself in apostrophic prayer.

  9. On the other hand, a dull morning not only hushes the vocalist of the grove, but fills the mind with unpleasant reflections.

  10. On a kindred principle, the mere boy rides his willow pony, and the infant Miss hushes her doll to sleep.

  11. He has found what he sought; and so he hushes his song, and gazes in silence on the all-sufficient answer which memory has brought to all his questions and doubts.

  12. The psalmist hears a hymn of glad praise rising from all these happy and sunny things; and for its melody he hushes his own, that he and we may listen to "The fair music that all creatures make To their great Lord.

  13. And their memories throb through life; The music that hushes or stirs to-day, Is toned by their calm or strife.

  14. One bright memory; when I am sad I lift up my eyes to its shining, And the clouds pass away, and my spirit grows glad, And my heart hushes all its repining.

  15. There is something in boldness and determination that for a time hushes even the rudest nature.

  16. The dark outline of the wood slowly came nearer, then nearer yet, and then they entered it, pressing silently among the hushes and the black shadows of the lofty trees.

  17. There are only stumps in the clearing, and trees and hushes in the forest.

  18. One last cruel blow hushes the suppressed cries of pain and terror, the low moans for mercy, and lays the bruised and quivering form senseless at her feet.

  19. Something of that strange solemnity that fills minds of a maturer growth when gazing on the starry heavens, hushes that baby's soul into reverence as he looks upon it.

  20. It was almost unconsciously that men learned to cling to Washington with a trust and faith such as few other men have won, and to regard him with a reverence which still hushes us in presence of his memory.

  21. Between the surge's hushes When on the sand the water rushes There is no voice of ours upon the shore.

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