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Example sentences for "hushed"

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husbands; husbond; husbonde; huse; hush; hushes; hushing; husht; husk; husked
  1. As soon as she saw the man, she let loose her tongue upon him for all the villainy in the world, but something which passed from his hand to hers hushed her in an instant; and observing the merchant, she courtesied to him civilly.

  2. Our daily bread," lingered a moment on the air, as the mother's voice was hushed into silence.

  3. The other children followed, whispering and peeping, but the mother sent them away, and sitting down by the fire with Toinette in her lap, she rocked and hushed and comforted, as though Toinette had been again a little baby.

  4. As they approached the Roney place, looking dim and indistinct in the darkness, their voices hushed apprehensively, and the noise of the sled-runners slipping through the snow seemed to them to increase from a purr to a roar.

  5. It was at once hushed up, and not a word of it has been allowed to get into the papers.

  6. And she was the intimate friend of this unknown girl who has been found dead in the empty house and whose tragic end has been officially hushed up!

  7. Well, probably it is a fact of which you are unaware, for only the police know it, and they have hushed it up," I said.

  8. Yes, she came, and made it so nice, and hushed me.

  9. It filled him more with angry compassion than with the tender reverence and hushed awe with which Ursula watched her darling slipping as it were from her hold.

  10. She would have hushed him to her as she spoke, but the young gentleman stoutly repudiated it.

  11. He sat up, crowed at the lights, stretched out his hands for them, and set his mother at defiance, absolutely refusing to be hushed up.

  12. All anger, at least external anger, was hushed at her sight.

  13. Hushed as the unbreathing air, when not a leaf stirs in the mighty forest, was the scene at those graves where the noble and true were buried in peace.

  14. Descartes and many another thinker, though throbbing with the eagerness of the new dawning light, hushed their voices, hid their views.

  15. Hushed and fearful they waited behind the arras at the door, hearkening to the boy how he wept and cursed and rent his garments.

  16. In the midst of this battle Calote knelt at the parson's head, as she had been in a hushed chamber, and presently she was 'ware that the peddler came to kneel at the other side.

  17. Every little disturbance was hushed at once; and all the family felt the power of my wife in our household arrangements; and our reciprocal love was apparent to every one.

  18. You should have seen," says this man, "how every rustling sound was hushed and each curious glance was chained upon him in a very few minutes.

  19. The king started to his feet, and the crowd were hushed in a shuddering silence.

  20. Cold are the hosts the tromps of Ireton thrilled, And hushed the senates Vane's large presence filled.

  21. Thy mortal poets are dumb, and Fancy, which was thy priestess, sleeps hushed in her last repose.

  22. Hushed is the Lycian lute, Still grows the seed Of the Moenale reed, But the pipe of Pan is mute!

  23. A hushed and solemn night is that in which the dark gates of time open to receive the ghost of the Dead Year, and the young and radiant Stranger rushes forth from the clouded chasms of Eternity.

  24. And to such talk succeeded silence still more sweet,--the silence of the hushed and overflowing heart.

  25. His wife's action had been patent and public; it was not a thing that could be hushed up, or minimized, or explained away.

  26. Here The spell of thee breathes and passes And bids the heart in me pause, Hushed soft as the leaves and the grasses Are hushed if the storm's foot draws Near.

  27. Within St. Isaac's all was hushed and reverent, though gorgeous and magnificent in its adornments.

  28. No service was going on, and the hushed silence was unbroken save for the occasional footsteps of coming or retreating worshippers.

  29. Morning and evening, for fifteen years, the "Silent Bell" rang, and the college houses were hushed in literal silence.

  30. By great strides the blaze advanced, until innumerable curling, writhing flames were rioting all through a spot always hushed 'in the quiet and still air of delightful studies.

  31. Thus, on a survey, all conscience hushed itself--his mind rushed buoyantly on to anticipations of the future.

  32. Fetyukovitch pricked up his ears as he listened: the hall was hushed in expectation.

  33. Every sound was hushed and Fetyukovitch began in a voice full of feeling quite unlike the tone he had used hitherto.

  34. An Argument That Cuts Both Ways All was hushed as the first words of the famous orator rang out.

  35. Everything that I can find of his is as pure and cold and lonely as a wild cedar of the mountain rocks, standing far above its smokeless valley and hushed white river.

  36. The best that Benny would give, in addition to the bottle, for the blanket and candles, was an old gander, whose stentorian and tell-tale voice he obligingly hushed by chopping off its head.

  37. They were conversing in a low but hurried voice, which was quickly hushed as they came nearer.

  38. Fed, and hushed up, in somebody's arms, like a baby.

  39. The house hushed up again after that terrible noise, and stood just the same as ever.

  40. Desire was hushed all through; something living and real had thrilled into her thought; her restlessness quieted suddenly under it, as Mary stood quiet before the message of the angel.

  41. Before the ceaseless shade That round the world doth sail Its towers and temples bow the head, The pyramids look pale, The festal halls grow hushed and cold, The everlasting hills wax old!

  42. Gone are the heads of the silvery hair, And the young that were, have a brow of care, And the place is hushed where the children played!

  43. Surely she could not render this grand strain if her soul was in fierce rebellion; and, with strained ears and hushed breath, Dr.

  44. The hushed expectancy of the fair young countenance had given place to a dreamy languor, and the dark lashes drooped heavily, when a long shadow fell upon the grass, and simultaneously the peacock sounded its shrill alarm.

  45. There was another brief pause; and then, in the hushed stillness of the house, Henry Dunbar heard a light shower of torn paper flutter down upon the polished marble floor.

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