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Example sentences for "ceaseless"

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cead; ceann; ceanothus; cease; ceased; ceaselessly; ceases; ceaseth; ceasing; ceasse
  1. As a whole, the poem is no doubt tedious, if only on account of the very blaze of wit, which at length almost wearies us by its ceaseless demands on our attention.

  2. It was that everlasting questioning, the ceaseless who knows!

  3. Charley's monocle was the token of what was behind his blue eye- one ceaseless interrogation.

  4. Stately and cold and polite, she had fairly met his ceaseless foppery and preciseness of manner.

  5. Man has been a long time upon the earth, and he has spent his time for the most part in one ceaseless experiment, viz.

  6. The clean, aromatic air passed like a ceaseless lustration through every room of the house.

  7. In man's existence it is the ceaseless grind of the commonplace events of every day life that shapes the character.

  8. There is in each something different from the rest of mankind, and this something has been developed within him by the ceaseless recurrence of certain duties required of him by his profession.

  9. Under the ceaseless rain a cloud of steam rose from the backs of the two horses.

  10. With ceaseless care, eager alike to reign, Both anxious watch some favouring sign to gain, Remus with prescient gaze observes the sky Apart, and marks where birds propitious fly.

  11. The ceaseless flow of ages does not wear off their indestructible front; the hour-glass of Time refuses to measure the period of their duration.

  12. It is that divine and ceaseless energy which saves and helps mankind.

  13. The ceaseless patter made dull music on deck and skylight above, and the slower drip, drip, through the leaky beams, drearily beat time within.

  14. In the meanwhile the Confederates, with that energy and ceaseless determination which characterized all their activities, had been daily and hourly rendering the capture of their ports more and more difficult.

  15. This effort was met and baffled, as the former one had been, by Confederate obstructions in the streams, and by ceaseless annoyance from the woodlands on the banks.

  16. Instead of planning a campaign McClellan devoted himself to the making of multitudinous requisitions and ceaseless complaints.

  17. Joined to this was a ceaseless longing for the lost one, which cast drear shadows upon the bright hues of life.

  18. They rather enabled her to support the other calamity under which she was suffering, and from the thoughts of which she was kept by the ceaseless calls of the invalid.

  19. It is true that the opposition ladies at the other end of the room kept up a loud and ceaseless buzzing and talking, but the Lady Steyne did not hear those rumours.

  20. India would become the bait for ceaseless activity on the part of every Afghan border chief who thought he had following sufficient to make a raid effective.

  21. From the sun-swept Arabian Sea a long line of white shore, with a ceaseless surf breaking on it, appears to edge it on the north.

  22. Two thousand miles of ceaseless rush and rattle and clatter, by night and by day, and never a weary moment, never a lapse of interest!

  23. We were failing under the accumulated fatigue of days and days of ceaseless marching.

  24. He had now touched on his favourite theme, and with brightened eyes he talked on; his monotonous voice had the ceaseless trickle of water, wearing away a stone.

  25. All our belongings assume a weight by the ceaseless gravitation of our selfish desires; we cannot easily cast them away from us.

  26. This prayer is not merely one born individually of him; it is in depth of all things, it is the ceaseless urging in him of the Āvih, of the spirit of eternal manifestation.

  27. Hence the surprise of endless variations, the advent of the unaccountable, the ceaseless procession of individuals, each of whom is without a parallel in creation.

  28. Two centuries of ceaseless scientific activity have taught us something of the rules of the game which we are all playing with nature whether we will or no.

  29. He would have to deal with swift and secret avarice, with vain golden dreams born of years of bitter poverty, privation, ceaseless and incredible toil.

  30. His house, between Mrs. Caley's glum silence and Lettice's ceaseless complaining, was becoming uninhabitable.

  31. The forest swept down in an unbroken tide to the porch of the isolated roadside tavern; a swift stream filled the wooden structure with the ceaseless murmur of water.

  32. There was a pause in the conversation, filled in by the whistling wind and the ceaseless rush of the dashing waves.

  33. A ceaseless swinging with the swinging earth, A never-tiring ebbing to and fro, Trenching eternal fastnesses; a girth Round mountains in their everlasting snow.

  34. This I could tell and tell Till life turned drowsy with the ceaseless note; Dearest, once more!

  35. Behind the mighty forces and the ceaseless activities around us stands the Sovereign of them all.

  36. The genius of the Church of Christ stands for the common good; hence the ceaseless missionary activity which is the great cementing principle of the Church.

  37. I am here still, not altogether because the town is fascinating, but because the rain is so ceaseless as to be truly "a plague of immoderate rain and waters.

  38. After this I exchanged the silence or low musical speech of Aino guides for the harsh and ceaseless clatter of Japanese.

  39. In front of the screen is the treasury, a wooden chest 14 feet by 10, with a deep slit, into which all the worshippers cast copper coins with a ceaseless clinking sound.

  40. No Japanese ever intermitted his ceaseless chatter at any hour of the night for a similar reason.

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