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Example sentences for "giggling"

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gigantick; gigas; giggle; giggled; giggles; gigli; gigni; gigot; gigs; gij
  1. Only imagine the giggling and chattering of several hundred negroes!

  2. Becky rushed from the room and Shosshi heard her giggling madly on the staircase.

  3. Maude and Gladys were giggling something to Alice O'Connor, and they all looked at me and simply screamed.

  4. Juniors of all sorts and conditions were there, from the tall girls of the Upper Fourth to giggling members of the Third, and small fry of the First and Second, who felt themselves vastly important at being included in the proceedings.

  5. We'll be back directly," and they had wandered off in the direction of the river, giggling as they went.

  6. He asked Amy and Nina, whose irrepressible gossip and giggling met with only silence and scowls from his superior altitude, if they knew why Miss Harriet had decided to walk.

  7. She kept giggling all the way home, and the Vicomte looked so squashed and uncomfortable.

  8. But with this awful man gobbling at my side, and those foolish girls giggling beyond, even the forty minutes seemed ages.

  9. But Miss Amory was savage at her mishap; Miss Roundle placed on her seant, and looking pitifully round, presented an object which very few people could see without laughing; and Pen was furious when he heard the people giggling about him.

  10. The faint sound of giggling on the staircase penetrated to the room.

  11. She disappeared, suppressed the giggling on the stairs, and returned, herself in jubilee let loose.

  12. At the same moment another pair in the back of the room began giggling about something.

  13. With a great deal of chattering and giggling the three arrivals were mounting the ladder.

  14. Marie Munroe showed her a marked friendliness at first, but Alex could not forget that giggling revelation of Barbara's, and shrank from her advances unmistakably.

  15. Conversation flagged, sputtered, and Mr. Fourmy in desperation kept Elsie giggling with familiar jokes.

  16. Nancy, gasping, and not giggling now, "I wish that I could know all that you know, Kathy.

  17. How it bobs up, now-a-days, if you watch a young lad and a happy, giggling lass holding hands or laughing uproariously at youthful witticisms.

  18. An actual spasm of giggling in that back parlor had Gadsby looking around, inquiringly.

  19. Gadsby was "on" in an instant, noticing Marian and Nancy rolling and tumbling around on that big divan, and doubling up in a giggling fit, way out of control.

  20. At this point our giggling girl said:-- "Ooooo!

  21. A giggling girl was curious to know if that was why a man's photo is on it.

  22. His days were spent in "giggling and making giggle" with his cousins, Theodora and Harriet, the daughters of Ashley Cowper, in the neighbouring Southampton Row.

  23. Julia stopped giggling and stared upward, her eyes fixed on whatever it was that she knew she had to be imagining.

  24. D'Angelo Denny walked into the interrogation room to find Neoldner and Kurt giggling inside a cloud of smoke.

  25. Neoldner nodded in agreement and stepped into the hallway, giggling all the way out.

  26. When they heard Denny in the doorway, they stopped moving, slowly turned toward him, and starting giggling again.

  27. Once he had left, Denny gave Kurt a quick stare, and suddenly, Kurt's giggling stopped.

  28. That night Dryfoos was wakened from his after-dinner nap by the sound of gay talk and nervous giggling in the drawing-room.

  29. The man fed on without noticing them, except now and then to utter a growl that silenced the whispering and giggling for a moment.

  30. They went round him so fast that poor Jan was quite bewildered, and whichever way he looked there were these Little Men and Little Women giggling up into his bearded face.

  31. So all went merry as a marriage bell until Rasâlu had to order the giggling crew out of the swing.

  32. Then he out with his sword and laughed anew, 'Ye have had a fine ride, ye giggling crew; enough and to spare, so out with you there!

  33. Giggling and breathless they climbed on the trailer, squeezing themselves on the back platform where everyone was pushing and exclaiming.

  34. At this juncture, also, Cicely and Rufus happened in, but beat a hasty and giggling retreat, as they rapidly took in the situation.

  35. Then followed a fusillade of broken crockery and promiscuous dodging of giggling maids and explosive men-servants.

  36. Such is the dual character of the mind, that he uttered the responses earnestly in his sonorous tones, and at the same moment noted the two wenches giggling with the plough-boy behind the pillar.

  37. But the lissom young men and the giggling girls trooped across the rick-yard to the level meadow, which the sheep had cropped close, and which had been also carefully mown for the purpose.

  38. Sally was not aware that she was being followed, but many of the mill-girls were, and the giggling and the laughter grew, until Sally turned to see the cause.

  39. Finally the hippopotamus caught the chicken, and devoured it with fearful gnashing of teeth, the chicken meanwhile giggling with delight at the fun.

  40. Miss Lawrence looked up from her writing, and saw her class all giggling and shaking behind their geographies.

  41. To see his shrinking, giggling joy gave me an exquisite sexual thrill.

  42. The boy rabbits were giggling at me, too, which I did not mind so much.

  43. He looked that way and they fled giggling into the court; but in a moment they were back again, and the sound of their tittering drew his eyes anew to the door.

  44. But I was giggling and trying to put my hat straight; and with a sigh he tossed up his hand and rose.

  45. Sharp, quick, keen suspicion flashed out of his eyes, but I was giggling so fatuously that it died away.

  46. Had I been in reality the giggling idiot I pretended, I might well have fainted at the expression which crossed his stern, sombre face.

  47. But I recalled my impersonation of the giggling miss, and was not willing that the Count should know of that.

  48. The Princess was giggling and chatting in her clear high voice, which could be heard outside of the dining-hall; she wore a white dress, and a diamond ring sparkled upon her hand.

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