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Example sentences for "giggles"

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gigantically; gigantick; gigas; giggle; giggled; giggling; gigli; gigni; gigot; gigs
  1. Well, in the same way, Giggles doesn't really look like a ranchman; but he's every bit as good a ranchman as you are a Christian and a Methodist!

  2. Well, he's got them, and still they call him Giggles as if he was a silly girl!

  3. In a kind of vague way people had come to realize that his giggles belonged to a nature without guile and recklessly frank.

  4. Jinny exploded into giggles at her own wit; "I say, Luke, did you hear?

  5. And giggles from a rapidly brightening Violet Baker: "Well, I never!

  6. Her skirts were longer than the Atom's, her giggles more helpless.

  7. A little way farther up the street she could see Molly, and the knowledge that she too was trying to overcome her giggles made matters much worse.

  8. She stopped again, breathless with giggles and frantic little squeals at each candle.

  9. Chris started off, but in the dusk of the passage he looked back in time to see Becky Boozer lost in tittering giggles and wild blushes as Master Cilley, reaching up as high as his arm would go, chucked her under the chin.

  10. Her roguish glances and coy giggles flew out like a flock of doves at the sight of swaggering Ned Cilley, who came down the gangplank carrying a macaw in a cage for "Mistress Boozer," and hustled her behind some bales to kiss her warmly.

  11. Their attendance was occasionally manifested through the medium of giggles and guffaws.

  12. He thought giggles were audible in his wake; and ere he could escape found his way barred by Authority and Dignity in one wonderfully frock-coated person.

  13. Tilly went off into a spasm of hysterical giggles and denials, and the shoulders of the two old men beside the stove began to heave with suppressed laughter.

  14. Tilly and a few of her companions were in convulsions of giggles by this time, but when Gavin's rich voice burst into the first notes, every one was hushed and attentive.

  15. The giggles had her in their clutches and she could not speak.

  16. When the giggles struck us, giggle we must.

  17. A little wave of suppressed giggles rippled over the assemblage as Jane walked toward the Chief Guardian with easy assurance.

  18. Miss Giggles (deficient in sentiment) did indeed profess that she, for her part, acknowledged such homage by making faces at the golden youth; but this young lady was outvoted by an immense majority.

  19. Lena's giggles and Ida's “Lee-na, stop your talk and go to work!

  20. Bright girls they were, full of giggles and “gee's.

  21. Then the door was slammed, and the giggles redoubled.

  22. They seemed to be waiting for something--something both amusing and exciting, to judge by the explosions of giggles that continually burst through the dusk.

  23. Her auditors hunched themselves nearer, a double row of attentive white and black faces, as Rickey with a preliminary bass cough, began in a drawling tone whose mimicry called forth giggles of ecstasy.

  24. She said no more, and the carriage rolled on, to the accompaniment of giggles over the judge's peroration.

  25. Bertram laughed as he remembered Matty's blushes and affected giggles and simpers.

  26. At this moment the door was opened, some childish giggles and mirth were heard in the passage, and Matty rushed in, followed by the redoubtable Gusty.

  27. But the high-pitched giggles and deeper shouts of mirth from the rest of the party drowned out the words.

  28. Both the giggles and whispers had died a sudden death, and the lads at the window pressed nearer and looked scared.

  29. Sarah felt the giggles and the impertinent voice striking like arrows through the misty ring in which she sat.

  30. Eliza sailed down the aisle again amid giggles and loud asides, but Simon and Sarah crept quietly out of the church by the door through which the singing-bird had flown.

  31. Oh, no telling what might happen in your swell clientele, some day," giggles Ferdie.

  32. Then she giggles with the simplicity peculiar to the maidens of Deseret: "Ain't you already married to that fair-haired blonde you are dancing with so much?

  33. He has been getting his hair cut, gratis," giggles Ferdie; "likewise his beard trimmed and his hair shampooed.

  34. You know the fellows like a girl that giggles a lot and don't know as much as he does and that's a peachy dancer and that'll let him hold her hand and kiss her.

  35. And beneath the giggles was a steady undercurrent of whispers, of girlish confidences exchanged, of girlish hopes that would now be fulfilled.

  36. The whispers were punctuated by giggles which made the entire childish conversation seem quite normal.

  37. In this atmosphere of giggles and whispers, Manto and Palit could exchange confidences without being noticed.

  38. The afternoon we rehearsed for the wedding I looked at her, before we pranced down the aisle and endured the endless silly giggles of the bridesmaids, and the usher louts who would fall out of step, and grew more peevish by the minute.

  39. The lady bookkeeper, glancing down from her glass eyrie on the inside balcony, took one look and buried her giggles in the day book.

  40. At Princeton, which has the second purest water supply in the world, Kitty Giggles and the Effendi in some mysterious way were struck down with typhoid, and four months of anxiety taught us that war is nothing compared to a sick baby.

  41. Kitty Giggles and the Effendi had ordered a new sister, who was to be called Mignonne, and if she was not to be born in Constantinople the sooner I got to Paris the better.

  42. Their giggles were quite encouraging to intercourse.

  43. Meantime she teaches us Japanese and we teach her English which she already knows, and she giggles every time we speak.

  44. The Englishman shook like a boy having a spasm of giggles at a funeral, and blurted out the explanation: "That story about the bridegroom--I just saw the point!

  45. Remarks passed between store clerks, and the giggles and smirks of girls behind counters, did not relieve the embarrassment Nelson felt at being sub-associated with Perry, and worse still, the compulsory recipient of loudly bawled pointers.

  46. In a week's time he knew every merchant in town well enough to speak to him, and had overcome the giggles and whisperings of counter girls.

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