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Example sentences for "brightening"

Lexicographically close words:
brigge; bright; brighte; brighten; brightened; brightens; brighter; brightest; brightly; brightnes
  1. First a greenish glow on the southern horizon, brightening into lemon and then into clear primrose, invades the deep purple of the starry heavens.

  2. Then a beautiful circle of blush pink above a circle of pure amethyst gradually stretches all around the edge of the sky, slowly brightening while the stars fade out and the heavens change to blue.

  3. For a single instant Hampton toyed with the temptation confronting him, this opportunity of brightening his own miserable future by means of her degradation.

  4. Nor did he, even then, utterly despair of winning, for he recalled afresh the intimacy of their few past meetings, his face brightening in memory of this and that brief word or shy glance.

  5. There was a little brightening as Miss Florence paused on her way to the dining-room, where her own class of younger ones were preparing their lessons.

  6. Why, hello, Billy Louise," he mumbled, his eyes brightening a bit.

  7. And then she heard a man's voice lifted up in riotous song, and she turned her head toward the opening of the gorge and listened, her eyes brightening while she waited.

  8. Brightening our busy months with golden glints of romp and mischief and caress, he kept his run of birthdays like festivals which brought no warning with them.

  9. He had been with us only a few weeks when a college colleague, then brightening our table with her presence, started to play stick with him before dinner.

  10. And even now, amid the gray, The East is brightening fast, And kindling to that perfect day Which never shall be past.

  11. Stella looked at the two men, their faces now clearly revealed in the brightening dawn, but the survey brought little comfort.

  12. Breathless the two sank to their knees in the darkness behind, their eyes on the brightening daylight of the room beyond.

  13. Then it is true," he said, drawing her hand into his, his face brightening for a second.

  14. Houses were wide open and the sunlight was gilding and brightening everything.

  15. They would gladly have slept now, but the sky was brightening in the east with the rising moon, and there was no time for rest.

  16. And see here," he added, with a suddenly brightening face, "this gives us a chance.

  17. After a while I had the good fortune to see a momentary brightening through the clouds.

  18. Brightening at the suggestion, she looked up through her tears, and struck a familiar strain, with which she used to quiet her babe.

  19. I will try," promised the officer, his fine, frank, manly face brightening with pleasure.

  20. And Clara could not help brightening up in cheeks and eyes with fine tints and flashes.

  21. Most of the lower lakes vanished thousands of years before those now brightening the alpine landscapes were born.

  22. Louise, her face brightening as she spoke, "I believe in Woman's Rights with all my heart and soul.

  23. Day after day her tall, thin form was seen moving to and fro the great mansion, washing windows, polishing grates, and brightening the silver knobs and plates of the mahogany doors.

  24. At that moment, the mist was slowly brightening again.

  25. The atmosphere was still brightening slowly over the tossing, distant waves: I determined to wait until it had lost all its obscurity, before I ventured to retrace my steps.

  26. The brightening atmosphere showed him that he had risked himself, in the mist, too near to a dangerous place.

  27. And what a ride it was, when I fairly got out of London; and the afternoon brightening of the foggy atmosphere, showed the smooth, empty high road before me!

  28. Godfrey Needham had left, and it was suggested to him by Mr. Charles that Eunice and a young serving-maid would do wonders in brightening up the vicarage, where an elderly housekeeper had only fostered frowsiness.

  29. The dawn was coming up the sky now, a steady soft brightening that appeared in spite of its sovereignty to be as nothing compared with the brilliant light of the streets.

  30. It was now brightening slowly towards dawn, and beyond the river through the faint wintry haze a crimson streak or two began to burn.

  31. Ah, prophet, who spoke but now so sadly, what is this new message that we see brightening on your lips?

  32. Cleek looked up sharply, and there was a curious break in his voice, a yet more curious brightening of his eyes.

  33. Yes," he replied, brightening as he grasped the import of the matter.

  34. I went to the door again, in time to see the rays of the morning brightening the blue ridge which lay clear and cool over against me.

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