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Example sentences for "daybreak"

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  1. Enemy planes were over all day; we counted twenty-two between daybreak and four p.

  2. But, though the future seemed black as a night without stars, the hope of a coming daybreak remained strong in the hearts of a few.

  3. As for Jack and Milsom, they were both thinking hard, and it was well on toward daybreak ere either of them slept.

  4. We commenced our advance on the Dilkoosha park and palace by daybreak next morning, the 14th.

  5. This put a stop to their game for the night, and we lay down and rested on the sands till daybreak next morning, the 29th of November.

  6. At daybreak the next morning an opportunity offered to cross the sound, and by eight o'clock the brig was anchored under Seal Island; upon which we commenced the repair of the rigging, and in the course of the day shifted the main topmast.

  7. At daybreak we steered in for the land but ran twenty-two miles before it was seen.

  8. The heat of the weather was so great as not to allow of any communication with the shore, excepting between daybreak and eight o'clock.

  9. At daybreak Caffarelli Island bore South-South-East; and shortly afterwards we had the satisfaction of seeing Brue Reef; it appeared to be partly dry but of small extent.

  10. At daybreak they discovered that they commanded a very fine view of the German first-line trench, and of its supporting or reserve dug-outs, which were occupied by the Prussian Guard.

  11. By daybreak five or six hundred yards of the first two lines of the enemy's trenches were in our hands.

  12. When Cassim's wife saw night come on, and her husband not returned, she became greatly terrified; she watched at her window till daybreak and then went to tell Ali Baba of her fears.

  13. A little before daybreak he perceived that Skrymir was again fast asleep, and again grasping his mallet, he dashed it with such violence that it forced its way into the giant's skull up to the handle.

  14. When all was ready they set off together one night, without taking leave of their families, and rode steadily on, so that by daybreak they were beyond the reach of pursuit.

  15. By daybreak the King was already there, and when he saw the gold he was astonished and delighted, but his heart became only more greedy.

  16. At length one morning at daybreak they reached the city of Seville, where the owl, who hated the glare and bustle of crowded streets, halted without the gate, and took up his quarters in a hollow tree.

  17. She scarcely closed her eyes that night; but when she awoke at daybreak out of a troubled slumber, the whole appeared to her like a distempered dream.

  18. Just before daybreak the priest put a piece of gold into his hand, and having again blindfolded him, conducted him back to his dwelling.

  19. But, Charlie, you're already a rich man, and why on earth should we get out of bed at daybreak just because your mother and father did so before us?

  20. No servant on the face of the globe is going to get up at daybreak and go to work in earnest when she knows her mistress is sound asleep in bed.

  21. Sometimes at daybreak he is a long way from home.

  22. From such a lair as headquarters the skunks forage at night, each making off alone to a favorite haunt, and returning before daybreak for safety and sleep.

  23. At daybreak they begin migrating to the high mountain sides and peaks where they spend the time feeding.

  24. At Ponape, Coultas (field notes) observed the birds to fly to sea at daybreak and to begin to return to their roosts by 4:00 pm.

  25. At daybreak the fleet sailed up the lake, the ruined fort smoking behind them.

  26. It was the daybreak of the ninth day, and the fishermen and hunters were preparing their nets and guns to start for the sea and for the woods.

  27. They kept a strict watch, and at daybreak lifted anchor and set sail, bearing down straight upon the Spaniards, who, seeing them move, advanced to meet them.

  28. At daybreak they hid themselves under the cliffs for fear of being seen, and at night began again to row.

  29. At daybreak of the tenth day of their march the Spaniards beat the Diane, and Morgan, replying heartily, began with great eagerness to push forward to the city, the Spaniards wheeling cautiously around his wings.

  30. At daybreak they were roused from their shivering sleep by the Spanish drums beating the Diane, or reveille.

  31. At daybreak they fell upon the city, and found the inhabitants, some still asleep and others scared and alarmed; many had thought of nothing but hiding their treasure, and only the professional soldier prepared for resistance.

  32. Could a Greek tragedy be more gray and cruel than that daybreak and awakening?

  33. Both men were perhaps surprised to see that the gray and white of early daybreak had already come.

  34. For they resolved to save the children and women alive, and at daybreak to send the priests and priestesses with garlands to Philip, to entreat his mercy and surrender the city to him.

  35. As soon as he heard of their being in force at Mantinea, he duly harangued his Lacedaemonians at Tegea, and the very next morning at daybreak advanced upon Mantinea.

  36. This event roused the barbarians to a furious desire to engage, that they might not appear to be entirely reduced to despair by their previous defeat; and accordingly by daybreak next day they drew out their whole army for battle.

  37. That is, the morning from daybreak till about ten or eleven.

  38. At daybreak he sent his aides and gave orders to all the tribunes and to the soldiers that they were first to get their breakfast, and then to arm and to parade in front of the ramparts.

  39. After these speeches Hannibal and Scipio parted without coming to any terms; and next morning by daybreak both generals drew out their forces and engaged.

  40. On the day then on which the main body of the Achaeans were to arrive at Tegea, he despatched a band of picked men, so timing their start, that they might pass the night near Sellasia and at daybreak begin a raid on Laconia.

  41. The tribunes having done as they were ordered, at daybreak next morning, seeing that the new arrivals were collected in the market-place, the general gave the signal for the assembly of the army.

  42. Upon the approach of the mutineers, Scipio gave orders to his army to march out the next morning at daybreak with their baggage.

  43. Daybreak appeared; the fog began to separate, and discovered a picture at once magnificent and terrible.

  44. At last he tore himself away, with a promise that he would be with her at daybreak next morning.

  45. It was daybreak when Ammalát came to himself.

  46. Some of the inhabitants, who were sleeping before their huts, made us a fire and some coffee, and we then laid down till daybreak upon some rugs we had brought with us.

  47. At daybreak we took horses (of which there are plenty in every village), and rode to the excavations, about a mile from Nimroud.

  48. We embarked on the evening of the 28th of June, and weighed anchor before daybreak of the 29th.

  49. Yet she had heard him tell how he used to dance till daybreak when he was a young man.

  50. Since daybreak he had been in the saddle, and he knew that for at least twenty-four hours longer he would not leave it except to change from a worn-out horse to a fresh one.

  51. By daybreak next morning the sheriff's posse was in the saddle.

  52. Shortly after daybreak they were jogging on at a walk-trot, the road gait of the Southwest, into the treeless country of the prairie.

  53. The next morning Ronald started at daybreak with several other mounted gentlemen and an escort of a hundred of Clanranald's men, under the command of the eldest son of that chief, for Glasgow, and late the same evening entered that city.

  54. Before daybreak the camp was astir, and the troops took the positions assigned to them.

  55. Just before daybreak they made an attempt to break through the ring, but we drove them back; not more than five or six managed to escape.

  56. Just before daybreak two lions sprang on the unhappy donkey.

  57. Next morning at daybreak the two mounted their horses and rode forth, and no sooner were they out of sight than I sent Danster to drive up my oxen.

  58. On the 6th of May towards daybreak I was being driven with two horses by a very nice old man.

  59. Towards daybreak one is fearfully exhausted by the cold, by the jolting and the jingle of the bells: one has a passionate longing for warmth and a bed.

  60. We all got up before daybreak on Tuesday, and breakfasted at seven.

  61. The daybreak of to-day (Sunday) found us shivering at Fort Laramie, a frontier post dismally situated at a height of 7,000 feet.

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