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Example sentences for "daylight"

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  1. With the first streak of daylight he looked around him and at a distance discovered two rangers on horseback.

  2. All was in a hopeless confusion, and it was not until daylight came that Captain Tanner and the others succeeded in straightening matters out.

  3. Again the hour rang out, and I remembered that the gates of the garden were now closed for the night, and that I should remain where I was till daylight liberated me.

  4. From daylight till dark no moment of our time was unoccupied; reports innumerable were to be furnished on every possible subject; and frequently it was far in the night ere I returned to rest.

  5. I know the way too well for that,--travelling it daylight and dark since I was a boy.

  6. And now," said Darby, "the less time lost now the better; it will soon be daylight on us.

  7. Both Jerry and Bluff took their turns, and in this way daylight found them undisturbed.

  8. Bluff, for the daylight was now growing strong enough for them to see to some extent.

  9. Yes; only wait till daylight comes, and my stick shall avenge me; I am not going to flounder about after you in the dark.

  10. She then stood off shore, and by daylight we were out of sight of land, so that the Reefians could not have guessed who their visitors could have been.

  11. She sailed well; but we kept her in sight, for daylight had just broke, and the mist had partially cleared away.

  12. I then told him that I belonged to a cutter, which could not be far off, and that I hoped by daylight we should see her, and that she would come to our assistance.

  13. Daylight had been stealing on even before the final catastrophe had occurred.

  14. How am I to tell when daylight comes, you lubbers, if you leave me with my eyes blinded,' said I.

  15. In this squall the wind seemed to have worn itself out; for before we had made the land it suddenly fell, and by daylight a dead calm came on, followed by a dense fog.

  16. I was very glad when daylight came and I still had five unused rounds in my rifle.

  17. I was the leading escort and I could see before me the open door of the little room, in fact all the doors were open and daylight streamed in from the far end of the hut.

  18. A sentry was stationed at the drawbridge; during daylight hours he was armed with a stick but at night he had a rifle and fixed bayonet, the rifle though had no ammunition.

  19. In fact all through this land of staring daylight there never seemed to be any hour when some at least of the population were not awake and doing.

  20. But then it had been staring daylight with us continuously since we crossed the Arctic circle a fortnight before, and as it is hard to put in regular sleep with the sun burning high in the heavens, we had missed many a regular watch below.

  21. We were in a land where the daylight endured for each hour of the twenty-four on end, and we were setting off to visit those to whom the very name of hours was an unknown thing.

  22. In the first place it was still morning, and eight hours of broad daylight would keep the fugitive in view every inch of the way.

  23. Even as she stood there barehanded she looked about her desperately for a weapon, seeing the daylight and the promise of escape beyond and only this dumb beast between her and freedom.

  24. All would have been easy enough had they been given ordinary daylight so as to look around them.

  25. There was seldom a time during daylight when some fish-hawk could not be seen sailing serenely over the water, looking for a fish for his young fledglings.

  26. As soon as it's broad daylight we'll get a move on us," promised the other.

  27. As he had a daylight developing tank with him he wasted little time in ascertaining this fact.

  28. In this way it was not necessary for the operator to get out to his camera before daylight came in order to save his night's work.

  29. It was still daylight when he went up Grange Lane to the Blue Boar.

  30. The daylight shone, not into his shop alone, but into his heart as well.

  31. As it is broad daylight now I fear lest Biyapri should discover our departure.

  32. The merchant and his wife Were much disturbed to see at night she came To life, but when the daylight shone again They lost her, and her spirit fled away.

  33. There is daylight at last, and fresh air.

  34. I see daylight ahead at last, bright between the dark stems.

  35. THE CAT Ah, night brings out what daylight will not own to!

  36. Daylight is all very well, but one must live!

  37. And without noticing the vague, earliest tremour of daylight spreading through the air, he cries in a sob.

  38. At daylight we shipped a special crew of ten men, including a pilot, to help us down the rapids.

  39. Daylight of the 19th of February found us marching northwards to regain the high-road to the provincial capital.

  40. It was so hot on shore that I spent the night of the 15th on board, for the double purpose of catching any stray breeze on the river, and of being able to start at daylight on the morrow.

  41. Before the daylight came, as I stood with my cheek to my musket, I had come to a resolution.

  42. There are three Hours of daylight in front of us.

  43. The daylight had not yet wholly gone, and it guided me to two gate-posts, from which an avenue of chestnut trees led up to a great house.

  44. I knew the brig was a slow sailer, but how in the name of honesty could she be suffered in broad daylight to fall into such a fate?

  45. As daylight fades, Tristan scales the wall, and hastens to throw into the water the little signals for his lady.

  46. Here meals were taken, and merry pastimes enjoyed, as long as daylight lasted.

  47. The pale purple even Melts around thy flight; Like a star of heaven, In the broad daylight Thou art unseen, but yet I hear thy shrill delight.

  48. And not by eastern windows only, When daylight comes, comes in the light; In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly!

  49. And yet every moment you feel more and more wakeful, as though you were slowly, almost with every breath, waking up into a new, wonderful, far more thrilling and exciting world than the daylight one.

  50. The sheep strayed over a yellow swamp and Wag, the sheep-dog, padded after, rounded them up and headed them for the steeper, narrower rocky pass that led out of Crescent Bay and towards Daylight Cove.

  51. But hope soon succeeds fear, as daylight follows darkness, and before many days the gentleman in search of his money again called at the post-office in Hartford, that being the important port in his voyage of discovery.

  52. Her astonishment on finding that he had been treated as kindly after dark as during daylight was great.

  53. When daylight came a mighty river was flowing where yesterday there was only dry land.

  54. When daylight came the Russians were so near that it was clear to Madame Ladoinski that unless she crossed the bridge immediately she would soon be a prisoner.

  55. Another night was spent in the open, and when daylight came there were many frozen corpses lying on the ground.

  56. Wet and shivering, the fugitives found, when daylight came, that they had scarcely any food.

  57. At daylight it began to snow, and continued till the afternoon, when it remained cloudy and the ground was covered with snow.

  58. Set out at daylight with a breeze from the southeast, and passed several sandbars.

  59. We formed a second camp for the rest of the night; and at daylight proceeded on to the gorge or throat of the Great Bend, where we breakfasted.

  60. Beyond the wood the daylight lies; Cruel and hard, it lies in wait To steal the magic from your eyes And from your lips the thrill of fate.

  61. Thank God that here we two have stood, Thank God this shade was ours to win; Time with his axe has marked our wood And he will let the daylight in.

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