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Example sentences for "daylong"

Lexicographically close words:
dayis; dayleet; daylie; daylight; daylights; dayly; daylye; days; daysman; dayspring
  1. Him, richest of the rich, an endless task Before the earliest birds or servants stir Calls and detains him daylong prisoner?

  2. But still she sighed, still daylong made her moan.

  3. To her, Industry is a daylong and lifelong duty, as well as a natural impulse; and economics means going without things.

  4. Daylong they rode, at the noontide having bite and sup with a woodcutter and his wife, newly blessed with a fine man child.

  5. Sidenote: Roseheart and Wur] Daylong and nightlong the maid clung to Wur and to none other, and the Old Gray Woman of Shadows, whose voice was like unto the winds of Autumn, made sad music of the days and ways of men.

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