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  1. The strictest professors of reason have added the sanction of their testimony.

  2. In the next decade interest in street-lighting by means of gas was awakened on the Continent, and it was not long before this new phase of civilization was well under way.

  3. In general, there is a large increase in the various items during the decade represented.

  4. The quartz mercury-arc has been extensively used in the past decade for the treatment of skin diseases and there appears to be less uncertainty about the efficacy of radiant energy for the treatment of surface diseases than of others.

  5. But in the last decade it greatly diminished.

  6. During the last decade of the century it ranged between 19.

  7. The first song to be given, though dating from no longer ago than about the sixth decade of the last century, has already scattered its wind-borne seed and reproduced its kind in many variants, after the manner of other folklore.

  8. In the third decade of the present century, however, several advanced military settlements of Cossacks were founded.

  9. The next decade was notable for a series of diplomatic manoeuvres between England and Russia for Afghan friendship.

  10. Miss Grimké, inferentially, dates her lynching somewhere in the decade of the nineties.

  11. During the decade the white population increased by 26.

  12. During the decade the white population increased by 2.

  13. During the decade the white population increased by 22.

  14. The white population during this decade increased by 17.

  15. Although the records disclose nothing to this effect, it is a fair premise that the Comstock family often must have considered closing the Morristown plant after World War II and, more particularly, in the decade of the 1950s.

  16. For a decade at least the Church in Spain enjoyed comparative peace.

  17. The spirit of Gallicanism, however, after being thus fostered for a decade in the schools and colleges of France was not to be eradicated by a mere permission of tolerance.

  18. It was a decade before many of these institutions opened, and for a time they amounted to but little.

  19. For a decade at least there was less political reaction in France than in other continental States.

  20. The growing troubles with the mother country had, for more than a decade previous to the opening of hostilities, tended to concentrate attention on other matters than schooling.

  21. Progress was made in a decade that could hardly have been made in a century by peaceful evolution.

  22. In this form elementary science study reached the United States, about 1860, though a decade later well- organized courses in elementary science instruction began to be introduced into the American elementary schools.

  23. The decade of the seventies witnessed a rising interest in instruction in science which carried such work into the secondary schools of all progressive nations.

  24. In the last decade of his life he achieved great popularity as a portrait painter.

  25. In the new calendar made at the time of the French Revolution in 1793, a decade of ten days took the place of the week.

  26. In the latter books of the decade his chief authority is possibly Valerius Antias.

  27. It is conceded on all hands that Livy in this decade makes considerable use of other authorities than Polybius (e.

  28. For the third decade our chief authority is the Codex Puteanus, an uncial MS.

  29. Consequently the theory that he used Polybius in the third decade requires us to assume that in this one instance he departed widely, and without sufficient reason, from his usual course of procedure.

  30. The sect had doubled its numbers in the decade just passed, and was estimated to include two hundred thousand communicants, all "baptized believers.

  31. The decade that opened with that defeat is distinguished as a period of sustained antislavery activity on the part of the united Christian citizenship of the nation in all quarters.

  32. The widespread revivals of the first decade of the nineteenth century saved the church of Christ in America from its low estate and girded it for stupendous tasks that were about to be devolved on it.

  33. Within a decade the society was extended through both the Carolinas and became the principal form of organized Christianity.

  34. During the whole of this dreary decade there were "fightings without" as well as within for the Catholic Church in the United States.

  35. But the great accessions which in the first four years of the fourth decade of this century had increased the roll of the communicants of the Presbyterian Church by more than fifty per cent.

  36. Verendrye, in pursuing the fur trade, had followed the somewhat deserted course which Radisson and Groseilliers had long before taken, and which a decade before this La Noue had, as we have seen, selected.

  37. In the first decade of this century it was impossible to draw the southern line of Rupert's Land.

  38. The flow of population to the Canadian West during the first decade of this century has been remarkable.

  39. At first this school was under the Church Missionary Society, but a decade after its founding it was conducted by McCallum himself, with an allowance from the Company.

  40. In the second decade of the century, Alexander Henry, the officer in charge, and all of his people were murdered by the Indians.

  41. A decade afterwards Mr. Roebuck, before the Committee of the House of Commons, "heckled" Sir George over this fulsome passage.

  42. The ground gone over by Isbister and others during the preceding decade supplied the members with material, and the proceedings of the Committee became notable for their interest.

  43. It was not common in any part of France; and perhaps this is not astonishing when we remember that the first field crop even in agricultural Scotland is supposed only to have been sown in the fourth decade of that century.

  44. The only other illustrious European of this decade was Adam Smith, who was born in 1723, and between whose labours and some of the most remarkable of Turgot's there was so much community.

  45. But the century was not out of its second decade when signs of an awakening from this lethargy began to show themselves.

  46. This may seem ludicrously pathetic; but then had not poor Schubert, a little more than a decade before this, sold much better songs for twenty cents each!

  47. And only in the last decade of the Nineteenth century the Frenchman De Morgan has made marvellous discoveries in the Elamite lands.

  48. Services in this direction are all that can be claimed for any of those concerned with the question during the third decade of the Nineteenth Century.

  49. The air teemed with new germs; they entered even into the mysterious composition of the brain of the generation born in the first decade of the nineteenth century.

  50. The completion of the national edifice within a decade of Cavour's death was still, in a sense, his work, as the consolidation of the United States after the death of Lincoln was still moulded by his vanished hand.

  51. Without further preliminary I shall at once plunge into an account of the case which riveted the attention of the whole world a little more than a decade ago.

  52. For a decade apparently no one had entered that library.

  53. Colorado even during its first decade of statehood had a third of its population in its capital city.

  54. Kentucky during its first decade did not have much more than one per cent of its population in its capital city.

  55. After a decade of war with all the rest of Europe, France in 1802 concluded the Peace of Amiens, which left her absolutely free to do as she liked in the New World.

  56. In the last decade of the eighteenth century the acute friction was not between North and South, but between East and West.

  57. The reason for this neglect is that the cherry, until the last decade or two, has scarcely been a fruit of commerce, having been grown almost entirely for home use or at most for the local market.

  58. At any rate after a decade or two of much advertising and what would seem to have been a very thorough trial, Mezel failed to receive very general approbation from cherry-growers and has now almost passed from cultivation.

  59. The demand for English Morello has recently decreased and it is doubtful if it ever regains its popularity of a decade ago.

  60. Tertullian’s work against Marcion belongs to the first decade of the third century; see above, § 23, b.

  61. During the last decade of the nineteenth century tendencies which years before had begun to appear became the dominant feature of the European situation.

  62. During the last decade not only Australia, but also New Zealand, made many interesting attempts to solve labor and social problems by legislation.

  63. The way had been preparing for it for a decade of years.

  64. The decade we are considering witnessed the publication of eight books of miscellaneous songs and three books of the Magelone Romances.

  65. Within the last decade of his life he again changed his custom, and passed the evening regularly in the happy home circle of some friends to whom the reader will be introduced in a later chapter.

  66. One thing was absolutely certain--and that was that the civic life of London had within the decade been lifted to altogether a higher plane.

  67. Before the end of this decade Parliament passed two other Acts of great advantage to the health of London.

  68. One other Act[171] deserves mention before the close of this decade as it contained an unique section which required the Medical Officer of Health, on notice from the owner of property in which there are separate dwellings let for 7s.

  69. The infantile death-rate did not diminish as the decade proceeded.

  70. There was widespread testimony through the latter half of the decade that the public health in London was improving.

  71. The real beginning of such investigations was not until near the close of the fourth decade of the nineteenth century.

  72. The reports of the Medical Officers of Health of the latter part of this decade were distinctly more hopeful in tone, and recorded more progress than ever before.

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