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Example sentences for "debutantes"

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  1. At any rate, he shortly found himself part of that meandering show of debutantes and others, which rivaled, if it did not eclipse, the exhibit on the tanbark.

  2. Many debutantes and a few society men meant he must redouble his activities.

  3. Long list of debutantes this season, I hear," he started out with, handing an excellent cigar to his guest.

  4. He even made a stagger at the list of debutantes for the ensuing winter.

  5. Since you are to come out next winter, I think a fortnight at the White in late August would be charming--give you that poise that debutantes so often lack.

  6. He says there are so many debutantes already and that he is engaged up to every dance and that all of the dancing men are in the same fix.

  7. You girls know how much they dance with the married women when there are any debutantes about.

  8. If you would stop sending orchids to silly debutantes when they come out," I snapped, "there would be no such florist's bills.

  9. It's ruined more debutantes than anything else.

  10. The debutantes were playing tennis, but no woman over twenty-two should ever play tennis, so most of us were out of that.

  11. It was rather the thing for the debutantes to go crazy about Roger.

  12. After a man is thirty or thereabouts he finds debutantes still thrilling, of course, but not restful.

  13. I have seen enough debutantes looking ready for the hospital the first week they came out.

  14. But it is a strong residential | |year, with a number of debutantes in the smartest | |and most exclusive of the substantial old families.

  15. Middleaged sighs fed his vanity equally with the giggling of debutantes in their first snare.

  16. The reader knows that it was the custom for the audience to look forward to the way in which debutantes delivered this line.

  17. If men wondered how debutantes in the part of Clytemnestra would deliver the famous line so unworthy of Racine-- "Vous savez, et Calchas mille fois vous l'a dit.

  18. Yes, after all, three young debutantes will in one sense be an advantage.

  19. They must appear as debutantes at the very first drawing-room.

  20. She had been smiling and twittering and looking sweet and demure or provocative and gay since eight o'clock, when the dinner for the debutantes had begun.

  21. It was half past four o'clock when the tireless debutantes were willing to call it a night.

  22. When the jazz orchestra was hilariously summoning the debutantes to the dance floor again Arthur Van Horne claimed Sally over the protests of the half dozen younger men who were good-naturedly wrangling for the honor.

  23. What becomes of lapsed-over debutantes of the third or even as bad as the fourth rank, apparently I'm being taken back home to find out.

  24. Debutantes of the first and second rank when they lapse over to a second winter, I've noticed, form into euchre clubs that play in the daytime with each other, and take classes in the Saturday morning sewing-schools.

  25. Mothers of debutantes were by no means unamiably disposed toward him, but the debutantes themselves slithered away like slim-flanked minnows.

  26. After her second season the debutantes would seem fresher still by contrast.

  27. Debutantes with shy eyes and slim figures had their little plans to engineer delicately.

  28. She had no money, she was extremely good looking, she had a certain number of years in which to fight for her own hand among the new debutantes who were presented every season.

  29. Debutantes meeting traffic policemen always bow first in America; in the Continental countries, with their age-old flavor of aristocratic court life, this custom is reversed.

  30. Be that as it may and undoubtedly will be, in a month or so the plasterers arrive, wearing in streaks the same effects in laid-on complexion that so many of our leading debutantes are wearing all over their faces.

  31. No social gathering was complete without him; all the debutantes cut out his poems, pasted them in albums, and entreated his signature on the opening page; all the older women of fashion petted, indulged and ran after him.

  32. After these giggling, insipid debutantes you are like a--a cocktail!

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