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  1. The real ruler of Sweden, during the first two decades of Frederic's reign, was Arvid Horn, one of the greatest of Swedish statesmen.

  2. Some decades later the Herulians in South Europe were in want of a king.

  3. New Sweden after a few decades became the prey of the Dutch, but many American families point with justifiable pride to their descent from these honest and industrious Swedish settlers.

  4. With due reason, the peaceful and honorable decades of Frederic's reign have been named the "Period of Arvid Horn.

  5. The decades which followed upon the fall of Arvid Horn were stormy ones and full of miseries.

  6. It is principally his pupils who in the last few decades have almost revolutionized the building methods and architectural aspect of the capital, and endowed Gothenburg and other towns with works of architectural distinction.

  7. After decades of official persecution and denial of the efficacy of protomorphogens by the power structure, it looks like they are about to finally have their day.

  8. Not too many decades ago, scientists thought that reality was a singular, real, perpetual--that Natural Law existed much as a tree or a rock existed.

  9. First-hand familiarity with the actors and the scenes of at least three decades is essential to give the picture the completeness, the brilliancy of colouring, and withal the suggestiveness inseparable from all true works of art.

  10. Read their history in recent decades and see how many years of peace they have had.

  11. There has been much debate in subsequent decades whether Darwin himself maintained that man was descended from the ape, and many writers have sought to deny it.

  12. Two decades had passed since last he remembered.

  13. The uniform he wore showed signs of some attempt to keep it in repair, and to its threadbare collar still clung a tarnished insignia: the seven-pointed star, emblem of the enemy Allan had fought on a yesterday that was two decades gone.

  14. For many decades it has been represented in many flower gardens in all parts of the country.

  15. It is not indigenous to America, but was probably introduced from Europe two or three decades ago.

  16. Within the past two decades the seed crop has been seriously injured by an insect commonly spoken of as the clover midge (Cecidomyia leguminicola) which preys upon the heads so that they fail to produce.

  17. It has probably been many years since its introduction into America, but it is only within the more recent of the decades that it has attracted general notice.

  18. Indeed, so carefully did the Indians engaged in its manufacture guard the secret of its preparation that it was not until a few decades ago that the true character of this deadly compound was first understood.

  19. And only a few decades ago, we were assured, the number of cattle was so great that they were slaughtered for their hides alone.

  20. These trees were introduced from Australia only a few decades ago, and now one finds them in all parts of the republic.

  21. Nothing better illustrates what may be expected in this direction than the experiment made a few decades ago in India with the cinchona tree.

  22. De Novo Orbe, the Historie of the West Indies, comprised in eight Decades whereof three haue beene formerly translated into English by R.

  23. We now know far more about the migrations of birds than was known only a few decades ago.

  24. He would go to Florida to take up again a line of travel that had been interrupted some decades before.

  25. I have said nothing of La Brea, the wonderful pitch lake for which Trinidad has been celebrated since the time of Raleigh, [56] and which for some decades past has supplied us with much of the asphalt used in the United States.

  26. Confusion enough prevailed in the house of the Ordelaffi, who had taken a firm footing in Forli in the last decades of the thirteenth century, and at times ruled over Cesena.

  27. It had discarded the ungainly form of preceding centuries; but although it claimed to emulate Cicero and Virgil and renew the Augustan age, many decades were to pass before learning clothed itself in the originality of a living idiom.

  28. In the last decades of the fourteenth century several writers had followed in the steps of the Villani with far more talent than they had.

  29. The newspapers of America have steadily changed during the last three decades in the same direction.

  30. The “fossil fuels”—coal, oil and natural gas—were being used at such a rate that many speculated that the gas and oil would be gone in decades and the coal in centuries.

  31. They are very difficult to dispose of safely, and they must not be allowed to get into the environment, especially since some of them remain dangerous for decades or even centuries.

  32. During these two decades Western Europe was entirely free from the dread disease.

  33. During the first two decades of the eighteenth century the plague was widely distributed in Eastern Europe.

  34. That the motives of display and pride have been peculiarly active in Germany in the last few decades has been maintained by many writers.

  35. And in one of those decades the world at large had advanced as much as in the previous century.

  36. Since the great war they had never seriously been put to the proof, and during the last three decades they had only been altered in the most trifling details.

  37. Regular trans-Atlantic steam service was not inaugurated until 1838, but for many decades steamers were equipped with sails to assist them when the wind was favorable.

  38. However, the work of the ancient engineer was accomplished only at the expense of decades and generations of hard manual labor.

  39. Bahá’u’lláh has come to free humanity from this long bondage, and the closing decades of the twentieth century were devoted by the community of His followers to creative experimentation with the means by which His objective can be realized.

  40. The deaths of millions of young men who would have been urgently needed to meet the challenges of the coming decades was a loss that could never be recovered.

  41. The first two decades of the process were one of the most enriching periods that the Bahá’í community has experienced.

  42. Its significance lies, rather, in the host of imitators it spawned and which were to proliferate throughout the world like some malignant series of mutations, in the decades since then.

  43. The significance of these three decades of struggle, learning and sacrifice became apparent when the moment arrived to devise a global Plan that would capitalize on the insights gained and the resources that had been developed.

  44. Dismayed by the deepening moral and social chaos that marked its course, the generality of the world’s peoples are eager to leave behind them the memories of the suffering that these decades brought with them.

  45. Decades of experimentation had placed in their hands material means that were still beyond the appreciation of the rest of humanity.

  46. The trials encountered by the Bahá’í community in the decades since 1963 are those necessary ones that refine endeavour and purify motivation so as to render those who would take part worthy of so great a trust.

  47. It is remarkable that Carlyle and Schopenhauer should have lived through four decades together yet neither know in any complete way of the other's work.

  48. We are told that for decades after the last Comanche left Big Bend, the great War Trail burned like a white scar across the landscape, scuffed bare by countless hooves.

  49. Several attempts to seed Tornillo Flat have been made, but it may take decades for these once bountiful bottomlands to green again.

  50. Through their help the industrial revolution might have reorganized the coal industry decades ago under the pressure of an increasing demand for power, if it had not been held off by new discoveries of petroleum and natural gas.

  51. How he would care for her in old age, and he quite forgot that he would be there decades and decades first.

  52. Two decades in Kansas saw hundreds of such cabins on the plains.

  53. The decades of consecrated service to his profession had told only in this one feature.

  54. Through the four decades following the Revolutionary War, the American whale fishery lived a precarious existence of constant ups and downs.

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