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cycle; cycled; cyclers; cycles; cyclic; cyclically; cycling; cyclist; cyclists; cycloid
  1. Edward Smith, Cyclical Changes in Health and Disease,--a profound work.

  2. Edward Smith, in his valuable work on Cyclical Changes in Health and Disease, has collected extensive statistics showing the effect of the time of conception on the viability of the fœtus.

  3. As far as I can judge, the great antiquity attributed, by Chinese historians, to the establishment of the governmental and cyclical schemes, still in use, appears extremely doubtful.

  4. On the other hand, there undoubtedly exist remarkable analogies between the Chinese and Hindu and Mexican sociological, chronological, cyclical systems, their principles being precisely the same.

  5. Nevertheless, I urge Congress to enact a permanent stand-by counter-cyclical program, so that States and cities can be protected during the next economic downturn.

  6. I, therefore, have not included funding for counter-cyclical aid in my Fiscal Year 1982 budget.

  7. Nay, we have but to cast our eyes over the rest of the world and cyclical change presents itself on all sides.

  8. Thus it has been supposed that the period of Mira is subject to a cyclical fluctuation, embracing 88 of its periods; that is, about 80 years.

  9. It still operates as a short-term BOP assistance financing facility designed to offset temporary or cyclical BOP deficits.

  10. That - and the belief that history is cyclical and that there is always hope.

  11. The Eight Cyclical Characters appertaining to the hour of a person's birth.

  12. The Cyclical Characters were closely examined, and put in front of the ancestral tablet, incense being lighted before them morning and evening.

  13. The group thus generated by the repetition of an infinitesimal operation is called a cyclical group; so that a continuous group contains a cyclical subgroup corresponding to each of its infinitesimal operations.

  14. The determination of the finite equations of a cyclical group, when the infinitesimal operation which generates it is given, will always depend on the integration of a set of simultaneous ordinary differential equations.

  15. A cyclical subgroup leaves either two distinct points or two coincident points unchanged.

  16. Every point is changed by it into a sphere of radius t, and when t is regarded as a parameter the equations define a cyclical group of contact-transformations.

  17. Thus, in particular, if S is an operation of G, the cyclical group constituted by .

  18. By taking for H the cyclical subgroup generated by any operation S of G, it follows that the order of S must be a factor of the order of G.

  19. It is also to be noticed that a cyclical group is a simple group, since it has no continuous self-conjugate subgroup distinct from itself.

  20. If the law of cyclical heredity be a general one, it must hold good for all cases, and characters acquired by the summer generation could never have been also transmitted to the winter generation from the very first.

  21. But even if seasonal dimorphism is to be ascribed to heterogenesis, it must by no means be asserted that those cases of cyclical propagation hitherto designated as heterogenesis are completely identical with seasonal dimorphism.

  22. In the latter, however, is comprised the question--is not the cycle of generations produced by cyclical heredity ultimately equivalent to Darwin and Haeckel’s homochronic heredity which forms the ontogenetic stages into a cycle?

  23. To indicate the manner in which the cyclical mode of propagation has arisen in any single case, would only be possible by a searching proof and complete knowledge of existing facts in addition to experiments.

  24. It is just these intermediate steps between the two kinds of reproduction that make quite untenable the idea that the heterogeneous forms in cyclical propagation arise through so-called “heterogeneous generation,” i.

  25. I at first thought of designating the two forms of cyclical or homochronic heredity as ontogenetic- and phyletic-cyclical heredity.

  26. All those cases which come under the designation of ‘alternation of generation,’ can obviously be referred to cyclical heredity, as will be explained further on.

  27. E-he, and not the twelfth, the cyclical designation of which was Ping-shin.

  28. He adopted Hwang-che for the style of his reign in 399, and the cyclical name of that year was Kang-tsze.

  29. The study of Volta's electrophorus at once suggested the performance of these cyclical operations by some form of rotation instead of elevation, and led to the invention of various forms of doubler or multiplier.

  30. In the cyclical reversal of magnetization of iron we have two modes to consider.

  31. In both, the cosmos pursues an eternal succession of cyclical changes.

  32. It was designated the Kogoanen-seki, from the cyclical name of the year.

  33. It is known in history as the "Jinshin disturbance," so called after the cyclical designation of the year (672) when it occurred.

  34. Lastly, the law of cyclical movement is also a law of ontogeny and therefore of evolution.

  35. So, again, the law of cyclical movement is equally conspicuous here.

  36. These, as already stated and illustrated, are the law of differentiation, the law of progress of the whole, and the law of cyclical movement, although he did not formulate them in these words.

  37. If the straight line be assumed as the positive, the cyclical is then the negation of the straight.

  38. But if the primary line be conceived as undetermined, and the straight line as determined throughout, then the cyclical is the third compounded of both.

  39. And quite apart from the question of possibility, we have to ask for proofs of the actual occurrence of cyclical development.

  40. Such a view may be called ‘the hypothesis of the cyclical development of the germ-plasm.

  41. If it could be proved that development is not merely in appearance but in reality a cyclical process, then nothing could be urged against the occurrence of re-transformation.

  42. It will readily be understood that the other cyclical compositions which I have associated with a classic concert, that is, compositions belonging to the category of chamber music (see Chapter III.

  43. Thus by a cyclical process, which leaves the working substance as it was, work is done at the expense of heat taken from the refrigerator, which Thomson's postulate affirms to be impossible.

  44. The turning of the rod will also produce slipping of the wheel, but it will be seen without difficulty that this will cancel during a cyclical motion of the rod, provided the rod does not perform a whole rotation.

  45. Here the theorem holds:--If a rod QT performs a cyclical motion, then the area generated equals the difference of the areas enclosed by the paths of T and Q respectively.

  46. A "cyclical mode of discoursing" the pious Henry Nelson Coleridge called it, and he deals faithfully with certain persons who complained "that they could get no answer to a question from Coleridge.

  47. The maximum cyclical decline in the wages of such workers for that period of time was 8.

  48. This is not the way that Romeo speaks to Juliet, nor even that the princesses in the cyclical romances and in the Amadises are wooed by their bridegrooms.

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