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  1. A few minutes later, however, a cyclist rode up with a copy of a message which had been sent from the Russian headquarters on the Pentlands to the Glasgow investing force.

  2. Cavalry and cyclist scouts who were left on the south of the Mersey had withdrawn across the bridges, after exchanging shots with the skirmishers of the advance guards of the enemy who quickly lined the banks.

  3. An immediate answer was required, which Colonel Appleton at once proceeded to write, while Captain Adams questioned the cyclist on what he had seen in the course of his ride.

  4. But presently that cyclist came up at forty miles an hour.

  5. A motor cyclist came in just now with a despatch for the colonel, and reported that on the way he had passed a man who'd had an accident of some sort with a motor lorry, and wanted help.

  6. He was transferred to France the following March, where he joined the cyclist section, in which he stayed up to about November, when he came home to take up a commission.

  7. Chelmsford is now occupied by German cavalry, cyclist and motor corps.

  8. A cyclist from near Harwich says the landing was effected last evening, the most elaborate preparations and arrangements having been made beforehand.

  9. When we reached Guildford Street we both looked down the long, lamp-lighted vista, but the cyclist had vanished.

  10. Then the nature of the poison and certain similarities of procedure seem to identify X with the cyclist who used that ingenious bullet.

  11. If you will note down those six points and add that X is probably an expert cyclist and a fairly good shot with a rifle, you may possibly be able, presently, to complete the equation, X = ?

  12. Until the cyclist can steer with one hand, his face is given over to Beelzebub.

  13. If now and then we didn't give them a lesson,--well, a lady cyclist in the roads would be an impossibility.

  14. It was at a charming little place between Esher and Cobham, where a bridge crosses a stream, that Mr. Hoopdriver came across the other cyclist in brown.

  15. A lady cyclist in grey," he asked for, and followed boldly on the waiter's heels.

  16. The other cyclist in brown had a machine of dazzling newness, and a punctured pneumatic lay across his knees.

  17. Evidently they thought he was one of their cyclists, for Rollo's uniform was smothered in grey dust, so that there was no perceptible difference between him and a motor-cyclist attached to the invading army.

  18. Before he could regain his mount a motor-cyclist dashed up.

  19. Thus, by a pure fluke, Rollo had ridden through with a German motor-cyclist ten minutes ahead of him and another five minutes behind.

  20. They are desirous of entering our army as motor-cyclist dispatch-riders.

  21. There were no signs of more Germans, while the motor-cyclist detachment was almost out of sight.

  22. Rollo had been a motor-cyclist ever since he was fourteen--as soon as he was qualified in point of age to obtain a driver's licence.

  23. Then, escorted by four men, and followed by the patrol of Uhlans and the motor-cyclist who had raised the alarm, Rollo was taken into the village and brought before a group of officers.

  24. We're corporals of the 9th Regiment of the Line--motor-cyclist section.

  25. While thus engaged the motor-cyclist perceived the approach of a body of men accompanied by dogs.

  26. Road Department, then at the Bakery, then cyclist to the Revictualing Department of the Eleventh Battery.

  27. Ask Euterpe the cyclist if it isn't true.

  28. In the regiment a Marist Brother is sergeant in the Service de Sante; a professional tenor is cyclist dispatch-rider to the Major; a "gentleman of independent means" is mess corporal to the C.

  29. One would think that the engine itself was hurling itself through the tunnel to meet us, like a frantic motor-cyclist drawing dizzily near with his headlight and destruction.

  30. The cyclist Billette slips through in front of us, carrying an officer's waterproof on his arm and obviously averting his face.

  31. The user of the roads that one pities most, though it must be admitted he appears to be perfectly happy and contented with his job, is the motor cyclist dispatch rider.

  32. Thence onward the unhappy cyclist had to choose between running beside his machine and riding on the rims, and between the two expedients arrived at last both very hot and rather late.

  33. Yet she did it again now, the very moment his quicker vision descried the cyclist in the drive.

  34. And the flight was a swift one, since it took five miles before an expert cyclist could overtake them.

  35. Another cyclist could have had nothing to do with the actual murder.

  36. A good cyclist does not need a high road.

  37. We had turned off the road, and were making our way up the hill, when, looking in the direction of Holdernesse Hall, I saw a cyclist coming swiftly along.

  38. Covered by cavalry, armoured motor cars, and cyclist corps, they moved out towards Ghent and Ostend, while a strong show of resistance was kept up by other Belgian troops and the British contingent in the trenches to the south of the city.

  39. The motor-cyclist enables communications to be kept up, and messages to be sent to and from headquarters all along the far-extended lines of the Allies.

  40. Belfast through the night, being kept fully and constantly informed of the progress of events by signal and motor-cyclist despatch-riders.

  41. The corps was organised in sections of four cars each, and in squadrons of seventeen cars each, with motor cyclist despatch-riders; a signalling corps of despatch-riders and signallers completed the organisation.

  42. A cyclist bought a bicycle for £15 and gave in payment a cheque for £25.

  43. To do this, he was compelled to borrow the £25 from a friend, as the cyclist forgot to leave his address, and could not be found.

  44. People give all sorts of absurd answers to this question, and yet it is perfectly simple if one just considers that the salesman cannot possibly have lost more than the cyclist actually stole.

  45. I was cycling along a road one very hot summer day, when I suddenly perceived, pedalling steadily away ahead of me, a cyclist in a grey suit.

  46. Without slacking speed the grey cyclist rode recklessly down, and, to my intense horror, dashed straight into the cart.

  47. Already the motor-cyclist dispatch-rider was speeding over the rough ground on his return journey.

  48. A Belgian soldier belonging to a battalion of cyclist carbineers who had been wounded and made prisoner was hanged, while another who was tending his comrade was bound to a telegraph pole and shot.

  49. An old man and his son had been killed by sabre cuts; a cyclist had been killed by bullets; a woman coming out of her house had been stricken down in the same manner.

  50. The cavalry also carry wireless outfits, and in the Allied armies the second regiment of every cavalry brigade has a wireless detachment of 4 troopers, 1 cyclist and 3 horses, besides a wagon.

  51. From the side of the road by Del Mar's car the bearded motor- cyclist had just emerged, buttoning the chauffeur's clothes and adjusting his goggles to his own face.

  52. Back on the road the bearded cyclist could see Del Mar move down the track though he could not hear the directions.

  53. Speeding up the road the former masquerader and motor-cyclist stopped at last.

  54. The cyclist of our company awakens me by shouting in my ear: "Do you not wish to breakfast, Lieutenant?

  55. At length I choose a pair with welted soles, newly clumped, of which the cyclist says: "I guarantee them for six months without repair, Lieutenant.

  56. A cyclist has just come to say that you are wanted at the paymaster's office.

  57. After dining, I inspect a collection of shoes which the cyclist has picked up, I know not where.

  58. And holding it thus in my hand, heavy and cold, I remember a poor little cyclist who was killed close to us in Septsarges Wood--one leg taken away at the hip and the lower part of his abdomen laid open.

  59. The cyclist is foraging for us as well as for the captain.

  60. We had scarcely marched for an hour when cavalry, dragoons and huzzars, overtook us and informed us that the Germans were marching forward in the whole neighborhood, and that cyclist companies were close on our heels.

  61. The bicycles at the side of the road revealed to us that the cyclist corps were engaged by the enemy.

  62. On behalf of the beast it is claimed that the cyclist was off-side.

  63. A cyclist who stopped to watch a stag-hunt near Tivington Cross, in Somerset, was tossed into the hedge by the stag.

  64. If you can turn a pedestrian into a cyclist, and a cyclist into a pianist or violinist, without the intervention of Circumstantial Selection, you can turn an amoeba into a man, or a man into a superman, without it.

  65. The man who is learning how to ride a bicycle has no advantage over the non-cyclist in the struggle for existence: quite the contrary.

  66. The Italian cyclist sharpshooters advanced swiftly up the steep mountain roads until greeted by musketry fire.

  67. The priests are swarming in the two hospitals; on the faces of orderlies, cyclist messengers, doorkeepers and porters you can read their origin.

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