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Example sentences for "harlequin"

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  1. The pantomime runs on merrily enough; but when once Harlequin lifts his vizor, Columbine disappears, the jest is frozen on the Clown's lips, and the hand of the filching Pantaloon is arrested in the act.

  2. The lovely Columbine remained and the sprightly Harlequin and the grotesque Pantaloon.

  3. He took off the spangles and fancy colored diamonds that were always a part of the Harlequin costume, and dressed in white with pantaloon trousers.

  4. He devised a pantomime play in which Harlequin appeared as the lover of Colombine.

  5. The father played Harlequin for a long time in the London pantomimes.

  6. As the pantomime developed, Harlequin surrounded himself with characters.

  7. Her father (Pantaloon) opposed the match; thereupon Harlequin abducted her, with the aid of the clown.

  8. The Harlequin wore a black mask, had a cocked hat, and wielded a bat.

  9. When Joe grew up he abandoned the Harlequin part, and became the clown.

  10. He held out for Jack's acceptance the Harlequin Opal.

  11. In her hand she carried the Harlequin Opal, which glittered faintly in the dim light.

  12. In a moment or two harlequin and columbine appeared on the screen and began to caper nimbly, naturally, with the wildest grace.

  13. Her harlequin and columbine shall dance better this time.

  14. A moment after, they were flower and butterfly, then a jigging donkey; then harlequin and columbine again.

  15. The harlequin and columbine seemed a little stiff; but that's the hardest of all, I know.

  16. I have no hope that, if such a dreadful thing happens, she will have a clown at her elbow, as the harlequin had, who in the most marvellous manner put the pieces together and brought them to life again.

  17. The old creature, whose name I do not know, takes snuff, and inspires me with a fear that she will one day suddenly fall all to pieces--in the way that I once saw harlequin in a pantomime do.

  18. THE DREAM Harlequin comes to me, smiling, Through the white-shining birch trees Of the twilight wood.

  19. This must be real For Harlequin is still clowning, He waves his arms grotesquely To make me smile.

  20. He was the nicest little harlequin that Italy has produced," says Marmontel, "but upon the shoulders of this harlequin was the head of a Machiavelli.

  21. In the accompanying print, published in 1826, the little window of the Harlequin Chamber may be seen, above the low roofs of the abbots' chapel.

  22. Cartoon celebrating the success of "Pasquin" From a contemporary cartoon showing Fielding, supported by Shakespeare, receiving an ample reward, while to Harlequin and his other opponents is accorded a halter.

  23. His birth-room, a room known as the Harlequin Chamber, looked out over the roof of a building which once was the private chapel of the abbots of Glastonbury; for Sharpham Park possessed no mean history.

  24. The mistress or sweetheart of Harlequin in pantomimes.

  25. In one of the old French farces there is an absurd scene between Harlequin and his physician.

  26. It is only harmless Harlequin who has been her companion.

  27. Harlequin decamps, but leaves a philtre in the hands of Columbine to be poured into her husband's wine.

  28. The lover, however, is not the Harlequin of the comedy, but one of the spectators whom Canio had vainly sought to identify, but who is unconsciously betrayed by his mistress in her death agony.

  29. The Harlequin lost two men killed and five wounded; among the latter was Lieutenant Chads, whose arm was nearly severed by a Malay kris.

  30. Mr. Fannin looked through the glasses and then replied: "Yes, those are harlequin ducks.

  31. A number of broods of harlequin ducks were startled, some of them quite large and able to fly, while others seemed to be newly hatched.

  32. Two nights ago, Jack Wilson acquired great applause in Harlequin Skeleton, and Lismahago surprised us all in the character of Pierot.

  33. Wilson undertakes to entertain the country people with Harlequin Skeleton, for which he has got a jacket ready painted with his own hand.

  34. The harlequin had reassumed her peasant's costume, and as she passed she raised her mask.

  35. This belief was changed into certainty when Franz saw the bouquet (conspicuous by a circle of white camellias) in the hand of a charming harlequin dressed in rose-colored satin.

  36. Albert was triumphant in his harlequin costume.

  37. When you arrive at the first step of the church of San Giacomo, be sure to fasten a knot of rose-colored ribbons to the shoulder of your harlequin costume, in order that you may be recognized.

  38. The Harlequin Pompilus does not disregard this counsel of prudence.

  39. I found it impossible to provoke a second attack from my Harlequin Calicurgus: the tedium of captivity did not favour the exercise of her talents.

  40. All the Pompili, except the Harlequin Calicurgus, refuse my Spiders.

  41. But as Macallister also claimed to have invented the peacock and the harlequin automata, both of which are recognized as the inventions of his predecessors, his claim cannot be given serious consideration.

  42. Occasionally an Indian will shoot away through the interior of the circle and caper like a harlequin for a considerable space of time, but he always returns to his place in front of his partner.

  43. When the dance is held, twenty or thirty men array themselves in harlequin rig and barbaric paint and put vessels of pitch on their heads; then they secretly go out into the surrounding mountains.

  44. A Tennysonian Fragment from the Popular Pantomime of "Harlequin Harcourt, the Sleeping Beauty, and the Financial Fairy Prince.

  45. The glittering ubiquitous Harlequin of our pantomimes transforms him into a mute ballet-dancer; but when the type was created, Arlecchino spoke and amused the audience as much by his absurdities and uncouth jokes as by his perpetual mobility.

  46. You knew what Harlequin or Pantaloon was going to say before he opened his lips.

  47. Like Harlequin in his coat of many colours, the Commedia dell' Arte wore motley.

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