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Example sentences for "impersonate"

Lexicographically close words:
impermanent; impermeable; impersonal; impersonality; impersonally; impersonated; impersonates; impersonating; impersonation; impersonations
  1. He had uniforms concealed here, and I felt driven to impersonate him.

  2. Yes, sir; you propose forwarding the despatch by an officer who shall impersonate this captured Lieutenant.

  3. You may call it hysteria, somnambulism, hypnotism, anything you like, but that certain people are moved subconsciously to impersonate the dead I am quite ready to believe.

  4. The 'Narrenschiff' was like a glass in which every man saw the reflection of his neighbor; for the old weather-beaten vessel was filled with a crew of fools, who impersonate the universal weaknesses of human nature.

  5. She proceeded to impersonate both that heroine and Madame La Farge.

  6. I impersonate Mercury, bearing an invitation," he said.

  7. The instructor may even impersonate different persons connected with the story and have the class interview him for the facts.

  8. The instructor may have the students determine what persons they wish to interview for the facts and the instructor may impersonate these persons in turn.

  9. There was a guy on Proxima about to impersonate me--or maybe impersonate the impersonation you provided.

  10. In the velvet gown lay Lillian's opportunity to impersonate the lovely Mary, but she blushed as she smoothed it softly.

  11. The boy did not think he could decline to impersonate Hiawatha when Mr. Preston considered that he had paid him a compliment in asking him.

  12. There was much discussion as to which of the girls should impersonate the State of Maine, for that was felt to be the highest honor in the gift of the committee.

  13. Mr. Jeremiah Cobb had consented to impersonate Uncle Sam, and was to drive Columbia and the States to the "raising" on the top of his own stage.

  14. The power to other one's self in dramatic action, to assume and impersonate a variety of characters, is a real expression and enlargement of the personality.

  15. They look to the board to find out what to say that they may impersonate the character in the story.

  16. Has an audience ever viewed tolerantly a bald Romeo, or a Juliet grown gray in learning how to impersonate that heroine to perfection?

  17. At the latter he was required to impersonate Sir Philip Modelove, in the comedy of "A Bold Stroke for a Wife.

  18. We're going to have a man impersonate Councilman Salgath on a telecast.

  19. On Police Terminal, he found Kostran Galth, the agent who had been selected to impersonate Salgath Trod.

  20. What reason did he give for wanting you to impersonate his wife?

  21. Why did he want you to impersonate his wife?

  22. Mr. Forbes suggested that you impersonate Mrs. Forbes," he asserted boldly.

  23. Chief, I intend to impersonate the President.

  24. You will impersonate him--yes--but what then?

  25. But we need Katherine to impersonate the Lone Wolf.

  26. Nobody quite dared impersonate Miss Peckham--and nobody wanted to, for that matter.

  27. We've got to have her other pair, too, for the person who is going to impersonate Tiny," Agony reminded Migwan.

  28. He who could not relate and impersonate an anecdote to illustrate and clinch his argument, nor "make the welkin ring" with the clarion tones of his voice, was politically good for nothing.

  29. That is not the man I am trying to impersonate at all.

  30. But Coniston could impersonate Wilks, whereas Miko's giant stature at once would reveal his identity.

  31. And when George died, Captain Carter wanted me to impersonate him.

  32. These are details which are not of interest to the general public, and it is not necessary now to dwell upon them, though exception might be taken to the movement of the costumed figures who are supposed to impersonate the "groundlings.

  33. He might appear before twelve of the members, and during the space of half an hour, without leaving the platform, impersonate three different characters all of the same type.

  34. During the composition Tichatschek, who was to impersonate the hero, practised such portions as were already written.

  35. I mean, let Miss Fairfield impersonate M’lle Farini, or shall we have an announcement made at the opening of the concert, that Miss Fairfield is acting as substitute?

  36. That gentleman is on the point of breaking a blood-vessel in his effort to impersonate the convulsive thief; but he is saved by the doctor in the private box, who is suddenly summoned to the actor's dressing-room.

  37. I know he was employed by Beryl to impersonate Bernard so that Sir Simon's anger should be aroused.

  38. You have not been near the place; so someone made up to impersonate you is sneaking round.

  39. I was honoured, then, by instructions to impersonate my Leader.

  40. You will excuse me if, even here, I continue to impersonate an eccentric French character.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "impersonate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    act; ape; copy; demonstrate; depict; discourse; embody; enact; exemplify; figure; foreshadow; illustrate; image; imitate; impersonate; incarnate; masquerade; mimic; mirror; mock; monkey; pantomime; parrot; pass; perform; personate; personify; play; portray; pose; prefigure; project; realize; reflect; represent; shadow; support