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Example sentences for "impersonation"

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impersonally; impersonate; impersonated; impersonates; impersonating; impersonations; impersonator; impertinence; impertinences; impertinencies
  1. He met Miss Arnott and her pupils in his splendid impersonation of the studious naturalist and reverent authority on the wonders of creation.

  2. A feature of Nickie's very humorous and original impersonation of the Yarra-banker was his waggish begging.

  3. Talma, the great French actor, recommends long spells of rest, and says that "perpetual indulgence in the excitement of impersonation dulls the sympathy and impairs the imaginative faculty of the comedian.

  4. It was so different from the intelligent elocution, the good recitation, but bad impersonation of the others!

  5. We remember, likewise, that the original Cato was admitted to a share in the management of Drury Lane, as a result of the increased fame accruing from his impersonation of the grand old Roman.

  6. Wyclif was beyond his age; Luther was the impersonation of its passions.

  7. No one was more bitter and vehement in his denunciations of this almost universal corruption of monastic life than Saint Bernard himself,--the impersonation of an ideal monk.

  8. Bernard, the loveliest impersonation of virtue which those ages saw, was not beyond their ideas.

  9. They will learn to look on me as the very impersonation of evil tidings," he said, nervously, as he awaited admittance.

  10. All traces of last night's dissipation had been carefully petted and smoothed away from the young man's face and dress, and he looked the very impersonation of refined manhood.

  11. She was the impersonation of a pure and intelligent womanhood.

  12. She was the impersonation of a loving and love-awakening womanhood.

  13. Her figure and expression of repose had its opposite in the impersonation of splendid inquietude, which trod the rooms impatiently, rustling and gleaming in the blaze of the chandeliers.

  14. Colendorp was a silent, reserved man, disliked by persons who met him casually in society, but to those who inhabited with him the quarters at the Palace he stood as the impersonation of the grim spirit of the Guard.

  15. The Manibozho or Michabo of the Algonkins shown to be an impersonation of LIGHT, a hero of the Dawn, and their highest deity.

  16. Therefore, that Ioskeha is an impersonation of the light of the dawn admits of no dispute.

  17. Youngest of the gods though he might be, he was yet a form of the sun-god,(253) and as such a representative and impersonation of the supreme Baal.

  18. Set or Sut became for the later Egyptians the impersonation of evil.

  19. The official theology could not banish them altogether; they became accordingly the servants and followers of the gods, or else the rabble-host of Tiamat, the impersonation of chaos and sin.

  20. Here the prophet turns to the prince of Tyre, who is addressed throughout as the impersonation of the consciousness of a great commercial community.

  21. He is but the impersonation of the dreaded power of the northern barbarians, already recognised as a serious danger to the peace of the world.

  22. Even in Italy, and in spring-tide, the olive is the impersonation of calm melancholy.

  23. I paid twenty-four francs for my place, just to see Malibran as the Moor, and not a very extraordinary impersonation either.

  24. It was comparatively easy to produce a more noble and vital impersonation than the Medea of Apollonius.

  25. A life-like impersonation of such an ideal would have commanded the reverence of all future times.

  26. Christ, then, I repeat, thus standing before us in the Evangelical records of his ministry, is the impersonation of his religion.

  27. But Judas is none the less, in popular tradition, the typical traitor, the impersonation of devilish malice; and Henry VIII.

  28. Such cases of impersonation are much more common than people imagine, but they have such ludicrous, as well as tragic, results that they seldom, if ever, get into the police courts.

  29. Well, as you know yourself, he was a friend of Colonel Napier's, and so he hit on that foul scheme of mystery and suicide and impersonation you have read about.

  30. You have only to be seen to be recognized as an impersonation of daring and courage," Henriette said, with a sneer.

  31. Only the matter of impersonation failed to embarrass in prospect.

  32. During the last week of the fair, Hippisley gave, as an interlude, his diverting medley in the character of a drunken man, for which impersonation he was long as celebrated as Harper was for a similar representation.

  33. I, too, was thrilled by the fresh young voice in the girlish and charming impersonation of Juliette.

  34. She did not stand before him an impersonation of anger, dislike or rebellion.

  35. He was, in my eyes, the impersonation of all that was lovely and excellent; his presence made my sense of happiness complete; his voice touched my ears as the blending of all rich harmonies.

  36. An imperfect Impersonation is often proof positive of the highest state of poetical enthusiasm.

  37. Here the Impersonation is stronger--and perhaps the superior strength lies in the words "child of the Sun.

  38. The Impersonation here is complete, and though the sex of Autumn is not mentioned, it is manifestly meant to be male.

  39. And here in the words describing Spring, she too is more of an Impersonation than in the other passage--averting her blushful face from the Summer's ardent look.

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