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Example sentences for "forgery"

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forge; forged; forger; forgeries; forgers; forges; forget; forgete; forgetful; forgetfull
  1. In not more than a few days after Lloyd had set out sniffing suspiciously along the trail he struck the scent of Mr. Mapleson's early downfall, that first forgery that had sent him off to jail.

  2. After all, too, if it were indeed forgery that Mr. Mapleson had set his hand to, there was no meanness in that fraud.

  3. His crime, the fraud and forgery he had committed, all had been in vain.

  4. Once when he came to Don Pedro's house in San Francisco to arrange for the forgery of a grant that should invalidate one already held by the prisoner's wife.

  5. Suppose that some one, knowing of this, endeavoured by this clever forgery to put difficulties in her way without exposing her.

  6. It is the slavish attention and too faithfully carrying out the detail that reveals the forgery to the expert.

  7. Although various marks were copied in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries from porcelain belonging to earlier periods, it was not done with the idea of forgery or deception, but as a mark of reverence and appreciation of former masters.

  8. A Book of Enoch once attracted considerable attention; this curious forgery has been recently translated.

  9. Convict me of forgery upon the evidence of one man?

  10. It is a very good forgery; but it is a forgery none the less.

  11. If you had, you would not have committed a forgery to prove it.

  12. That part of the brief never got before Congress, nor has Congress ever yet had a hint of forgery existing among the Fisher papers.

  13. Hence Bracciolini was forced to go on with a forgery that went against his grain; but, uncongenial as it was, he executed it with the skill and power that showed the master mind.

  14. Improvement in Bracciolini's means after the completion of the forgery of the last part of the Annals.

  15. Failure of his attempt, and he proceeds with the forgery of the Annals.

  16. From the same place there is a curious gold coin, of Saxon origin, and a forgery of the sixth or seventh century.

  17. Evans reports as follows:-- "The two plates of gold seem originally to have formed the shell of an early forgery of a coin, the oxidised core of which forms the contents of the small tube.

  18. As the opportunities of forgery were greater, so also was the inducement.

  19. It is therefore a forgery to say it is printed from the author's manuscript; and I suppose is done to give the Publisher a pretence of Copy Right, which he has no title to.

  20. The chance, therefore, of forgery in the Testament is millions to one greater than in the case of Homer or Euclid.

  21. Dodd, the "macaroni parson", whose unfortunate vanity led him to forgery and Tyburn.

  22. His old ill luck pursuing him, the forgery was detected and he was thereupon ordered to remain two years at hard labour in Bridewell; but when he was brought thither, the keeper absolutely refused to have anything to do with him.

  23. If a forgery would help the church or religion, any one who opposed it would seem to be an enemy of religion and the church and willing to violate the pathos which surrounded them.

  24. The toleration for forgery and fraud in the Christian church until modern times, which to modern people seems so shocking and inexplicable, was chiefly due to pathos about religion and the church.

  25. He committed a forgery some months ago,' she replied, 'and was hanged for it.

  26. Forgery was by no means a novel expedient to the church.

  27. The evils of ecclesiastical law were soon increased through the unsparing use of forgery and falsehood.

  28. A forgery with what object, Doctor Dollar?

  29. It isn't as though the forgery had been committed with a view to murdering your young Laverick.

  30. No doubt, in Amelia's case, it was merely a question of rouge and hair-dye; but what woman would not sooner confess to a forgery or a murder than to those toilet secrets?

  31. We stood now within measurable distance of catching Colonel Clay, and bringing forgery and fraud home to him without hope of evasion.

  32. And if Luke Tweezy's paper can't be proved a forgery certain and soon, they's only one thing for me to do and one thing for the Dales to do.

  33. I figure," said Racey, "that they'd hatched that forgery some while before Dale was killed.

  34. The Cabinet considers that the newspapers should be seized, the editors arrested and a charge of forgery brought against them before the courts.

  35. The forgery of that letter is an impossibility!

  36. Experts nowadays can tell positively a forgery from a real signature.

  37. But I've read up this case, more or less, and I can't see how a forgery could pass the experts as this has done.

  38. An alarming forgery of Mendicity Society's tickets has been discovered in Red Lion Square, and has caused much conversation at the doors of most of the gin palaces.

  39. As this establishment is to be cunningly united to the Art-Union in Somerset-House, the whole art of forgery may be there learned in six lessons.

  40. Dear Sir, The forgery lately attempted to be played off by Mr. H.

  41. But the fugitive for forgery is punished by exile and confiscation of the property he leaves: to which add by convention, a civil action against the property he carries or acquires, to the amount of the special damage done by his forgery.

  42. With the common trash of slander I should not think of troubling you; but the forgery of one's hand-writing is too imposing to be neglected.

  43. A convention then may include forgery and the carrying away the property of others, under the head of, 3.

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