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Example sentences for "forges"

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forged; forger; forgeries; forgers; forgery; forget; forgete; forgetful; forgetfull; forgetfulness
  1. Añasco, sent out from this point to explore, discovered the port where Narvaez had embarked,—the remains of his forges and the bones of his horses attesting the fact.

  2. The woods gave ash to make saddles and lances; forges were set up to temper the swords and make such arms as they could; while the tall grass was woven into mats to serve as blankets or cloaks.

  3. We have not been able to ascertain if these forges are to be seen in England; but we believe that information may be had, and the apparatus seen, by applying to M.

  4. No less than fifty-nine mines were let at this time to Henry de Chaworth, who had besides forges at work in the Forest.

  5. Henry Earl of Warwick had likewise forges in his woods at Lydney, as well as others in the Forest, and these formed no doubt but a small part of the whole number.

  6. We also know that the two forges at Flaxley consumed two oaks every week, and that in that age 46 pounds was paid to the King by such persons as farmed any of them, or 7s.

  7. John de Monmouth, at the cost of the Crown, paid out of the increasing receipts which now accrued to it from the charges levied upon the iron mines and forges at work in the district.

  8. Oblige all the cultivators of the neighborhood to sell their wheat at Forges only, etc.

  9. The phase, however, is a very short one, for with Coalport the smoke and turmoil are left behind, and through peaceful and delightful scenes the river forges on to Bridgenorth.

  10. Two formidable natural barriers had been secured by the Germans: Forges Wood on the left, a long crest east and west confronting the French lines and bisected its full length by a ravine.

  11. To attack Forges Wood it would be necessary to advance over an open space entirely bare of any natural protection.

  12. The Air resounded with great Strokes of Hammers, and one would actually have sworn that we were but three Paces from the Forges of Mount Gibel, or the Anvils of Brontes, Pyracmon, and Steropes.

  13. S: Who is then more unjust than who forges a lie against Allah or (who) gives the lie to His communications?

  14. S: And who is more unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah or (he who) gives the lie to His communications; surely the unjust will not be successful.

  15. S: And who is more unjust than one who forges a lie against Allah, or gives the lie to the truth when it has come to him?

  16. Now the curse of Allah is upon wrong-doers, S: And who is more unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah?

  17. Who, then, is more unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah that he should lead astray men without knowledge?

  18. S: And who is more unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah and he is invited to Islam, and Allah does not guide the unjust people.

  19. S: Who is then more unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah or rejects His communications?

  20. Who is then more unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah?

  21. The blacksmith shop contained: Four forges with hand blowers, four anvils, and hand-tools.

  22. At one o'clock the Abbe des Forges arrived, and she made me sit down to dinner with them.

  23. As soon as the gloomy Abbe des Forges was gone and Madame was alone, we rejoined her.

  24. The Abbe des Forges arrived just as we were sitting down to dinner, and though he had been very friendly to me at Paris he did not so much as look at me all through the meal, and treated Tiretta in the same way.

  25. I have read your report with high interest, on various questions referred to, and particularly the Comite des Forges de France, and the works of Messrs.

  26. These national unions are members of the Comite des Forges de France, which is the cap stone of the trade organizations of the steel and iron industries.

  27. He pits himself against Nature, he forges for himself Achillean armour, he grasps the shield, he shakes the spear, and rushes joyfully to the encounter.

  28. He is murderous, he excels in arson, he forges with a will.

  29. A man who forges on his neighbour pays the penalty of his crime at the gallows.

  30. Mark here, that all forges and smith-shops belong to Mars, even as corn and meat and wine-shops acknowledge Venus for their mistress.

  31. He was studying at Baliol College, Oxford, in the year 1619, when the Earl sent for him to take charge of an iron furnace and two forges in the chase of Pensnet in Worcestershire.

  32. Romans had forges in the West of England, both in the Forest of Dean and in South Wales; and that they sent the metal from thence to Bristol, where it was forged and made into weapons for the use of the troops.

  33. The number of English forges rapidly dwindled, and the amount of the home production became insignificant in comparison with what was imported from abroad.

  34. Iron ore is found abundantly in the counties along the Alleghany, and many furnaces and forges are employed in its manufactory.

  35. Large quantities of iron ore is found in the mountainous parts of Tennessee and Kentucky, where furnaces and forges have been erected.

  36. If your forges burn out and your factories are emptied, it will mean an era of prosperity for my country, indescribable.

  37. You meant to close the mills, to stop the wheels, to blank the forges and rake out the furnaces of the country.

  38. But don't you see that if Guespin was at the Vulcan's Forges at ten he could not have got back to Valfeuillu before midnight?

  39. I went to the Vulcan's Forges to see what news I could get of that poor devil of a Guespin.

  40. I gave this portrait to the agent with instructions to go to the Vulcan's Forges and ascertain if Guespin had been seen there, and whether he bought anything there night before last.

  41. Guespin was undoubtedly at the Vulcan's Forges on Wednesday night.

  42. The Republican party forges no chains for the mind, no fetters for the souls of men.

  43. From Labor's holy altars rose and leaped the smoke and flame, and from the countless forges ran the chant of rhythmic stroke.

  44. Those who walk with feet of air Leave no long-enduring marks; At God's forges incandescent Mighty hammers beat incessant, These are but the flying sparks.

  45. Come with me to my tower on Caucasus: See there my forges in the roaring caverns, Beneficent to man, and taste the joy That springs from labor.

  46. Workmen sweating at the forges Fashioned iron bolt and bar, Like a warlock's midnight orgies Smoked and bubbled the black caldron With the boiling tar.

  47. And indeed the hope was one of those that childhood forges for a pastime, and with no design upon reality.

  48. Then, when the clock struck nine, she got up to wash the dishes, and Billy took his lantern to go down among his forges again.

  49. So long as Billy Warlock can keep himself above ground, so long will that old house keep him company, and so long will his forges blow fiery sparks in the cellar, while he hammers and hums and hums and hammers on the anvil by his side.

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