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  1. In the case of the stock the following means have been adopted by cultivators in order to obtain plants bearing double instead of single flowers.

  2. The seeds from these plants are said to be mostly of an abnormal shape, which is so striking that experienced cultivators are able to separate those which would furnish double flowers from those which would produce single ones.

  3. It is obvious that very important results in a practical point of view may be and have been arrived at by cultivators availing themselves of this tendency of plants to increase in dimensions under certain circumstances.

  4. In 1867 the cultivators communicated to the mayor their results.

  5. It was not, however, easy to make the cultivators accept new guidance.

  6. In choosing the eggs intended for incubation, the cultivators selected those produced in the successful 'educations' of the year.

  7. To Irish cultivators a definite interest of possession had been indirectly confirmed in the land to which most of its value had been given by their own toil.

  8. The cultivators were terror-struck, and agitation waxed hot.

  9. Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens.

  10. The various numbers contained the collected experience of probably fifty different cultivators of the strawberry, with a mass of information on all matters pertaining to fruits and flowers.

  11. The progress of every science is affected more by the scheme according to which it is cultivated, than by the actual ability of the cultivators themselves.

  12. In these cultivators the teeth are mounted on an axle so as to revolve as the cultivator is pushed along the row.

  13. Machinery in the form of revolving hand cultivators is recently coming into use in Japan, and two men using these are seen in Fig.

  14. Some cottages, built near each other for common safety, are owned and possessed by the cultivators of the surrounding soil.

  15. A great rock is lying on the plain: the cultivators have ploughed and the cattle have grazed round it since the flood.

  16. Those only who have lived among them, and shared their lot, know how much the poor but intelligent and industrious cultivators of the soil will do and bear in order to preserve or obtain plenty of "good seed.

  17. That deep-seated stony hardness of heart which defies all the efforts of human cultivators is often broken small by the hand of God.

  18. It is probable that the annals of our own empire in India could supply some parallel conflicts between the privileged superiors and the actual cultivators of the soil.

  19. It is a case in which, after the vineyard has brought forth its fruit, the cultivators who have charge refuse to render to the owner the portion of the produce which is his due.

  20. The result of these appeals was felt by the vine-cultivators of the Champagne in more ways than one, and their case recalls that of the petard-hoisted engineer.

  21. The wants of the cultivators were provided for by a class of hereditary brokers, who were often also chandlers, and advanced stock, seed, and money upon the security of the unreaped crops.

  22. The cultivators were, in fact, rack-rented up to the minimum of subsistence.

  23. That this was the case immediately after the Plague is shown by the familiar entries[192] as to the transference of holdings which have lost their cultivators in the Court Rolls.

  24. But that the prosperity of the small cultivators was to some extent bound up with the Government's encouragement of corn-growing can hardly be doubted.

  25. When a village of small and fairly prosperous cultivators is wiped out to make room for a large and sparsely populated estate, will the Government get as large a revenue from direct taxation as before?

  26. It does not consist in many little cultivators rearranging their holdings by purchase, or sale, or agreement, but in one great proprietor or his agent consolidating small holdings into great estates.

  27. Instead of a cluster of small cultivators organised in three well-defined layers, we have a chain stretching from a mere cottager up to a petty capitalist.

  28. Is England to be a country of large cultivators working with many hired labourers, or of small cultivators working with few?

  29. The truth is that so much of the wealth of the country had been in the hands of the more prosperous among the small cultivators that any decline in their position was likely to place the Governments of our period in financial straits.

  30. Almost every field at the base of Vesuvius contains a neat little oratory, with a statue of the Virgin and Child, to which the cultivators repair in times of peril and calamity.

  31. Mr Alfred Russel Wallace has so well and clearly set forth the essential difference between the points of view of the cultivators of literature and science in this matter, that I cannot do better than to quote his words.

  32. Akbar went dangerously near to that point when he attempted to negotiate directly with the cultivators instead of through the headman of the village.

  33. Some cultivators believe that grafting causes the plants to flower more freely, but we have not observed any difference in this respect between grafted and ungrafted plants.

  34. Aside from the horse tools in general use on the farm, there are only one or two cultivators that will be required for the garden, and these are not expensive.

  35. There are a number of one-horse cultivators that are especially adapted for work in the garden.

  36. Since it takes from four to five years for the plant to mature the cultivators are allowed to receive one-half the bounty two years after the hennequen is planted and the balance at the end of the four years.

  37. President Estrada Cabrera, in order to encourage the cultivation of hennequen, has provided that a bounty shall be paid to the cultivators of the plant, the scale of payment being graduated according to the size of the plantation.

  38. Between the actual cultivators and the state, or the substitute to whom the state had transferred its rights, there were intermediate persons with rights of various extent.

  39. Respecting prudence in general affairs, and the advantages to be expected from the loan desired; the Americans are cultivators of land; those engaged in fishery and commerce are few, compared with the others.

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