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Example sentences for "cultivates"

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culte; cultes; cultivable; cultivate; cultivated; cultivating; cultivation; cultivations; cultivator; cultivators
  1. But: He cultivates only through removing deterrents to growth.

  2. He imitates and cultivates English usages with a passion which takes no account of the restrictions of time or place.

  3. I do not mean to say that the small proprietor cultivates his land better, but he cultivates it with more ardor and care; so that he makes up by his labor for his want of skill.

  4. Letter writing cultivates the habit of study; it cultivates the mind, the heart, and stimulates self-improvement in general.

  5. While this conduct may safely terminate with the wedding day, yet it cultivates the tendency which often results in excessive indulgencies after the honey-moon is over.

  6. If she cultivates a desire for intellectual improvement, the same desire will be more or less manifested in the growth and development of the child.

  7. Politeness to ladies cultivates the intellect and refines the soul, and he who can be easy and entertaining in the society of ladies has mastered one of the greatest accomplishments.

  8. And thus, though man may direct the intellect, woman cultivates the feelings, which mainly determine the character.

  9. Sleeping together, however, is natural and cultivates true affection, and it is physiologically true that in very cold weather life is prolonged by husband and wife sleeping together.

  10. He has a sufficiency to procure the necessaries of life; and he and his old woman reside in a small convenient farm-house, having a little garden which he cultivates with his own hands.

  11. He cultivates a superstitious reverence for some of them.

  12. He regards it as cultivating universal love: as a practical fact it cultivates much rather universal fear.

  13. Each cultivates his field, and builds his house.

  14. Each wife keeps the produce of the ground she cultivates in her own house.

  15. Each of these is given to a Pano for rent, and here he cultivates the silkworms, and collects the silk, which is sent to Berhampur and Sambalpur for manufacture.

  16. One cultivates a taste for luxury under such conditions, and when six o'clock comes the role of grub must seem hard to the girl who has been the most gorgeous of butterflies all through the day.

  17. Pliny's relations with his slaves and freedmen were very like those which the kindly English squire cultivates towards his household and dependents.

  18. And although the immediate pleasure in the Beautiful of nature likewise presupposes and cultivates a certain liberality in our mental attitude, i.

  19. One who cultivates forest trees, especially as a business.

  20. Lives in a house, cultivates the ground, and has a good lot of stock.

  21. Hunts for a living, while his family cultivates corn and potatoes.

  22. Man cultivates his understanding and develops his physical force, either to convert the forces of nature, according to their proper laws, into the instruments of his will, or to secure himself against their effects when he cannot direct them.

  23. It cultivates the ground where religion and law do not think it dignified to stop.

  24. One man often manages a great many; he cultivates their understanding and their memory, settles and determines their religious feelings, and undertakes even to regulate their very affections.

  25. When one cultivates to the utmost the moral principles of his nature, and exercises them on the principle of reciprocity, he is not far from the path.

  26. He cultivates his courage and his strength.

  27. The consummate leader cultivates the moral law, and strictly adheres to method and discipline; thus it is in his power to control success.

  28. Hence the saying: The enlightened ruler lays his plans well ahead; the good general cultivates his resources.

  29. Sidenote: Their nomadic character] Not one among them cultivates the ground, or ever touches a plow-handle.

  30. This develops and cultivates a studious disposition and accuracy of statement.

  31. The wise dry-fanner cultivates his land, whether fallow or cropped, as early as possible in the spring.

  32. They should be so arranged that the horse walking between two rows carries a cultivator that straddles several rows of plants and cultivates the soil between.

  33. Cultivates well, keeping the ground clean in the tree row all summer.

  34. Cultivates with stubble plow in April, then keeps harrow going until August 1.

  35. Cultivates with double-shovel plow and hoe up to seven years, planting with corn or potatoes.

  36. Cultivates both ways as close to the trees as possible, usually planting to corn until the orchard is about twelve years old; then pastures to calves in fore part of season, mowing off the grass and weeds later.

  37. Cultivates with a disc harrow until four or five years old.

  38. Cultivates with disc and harrow, from one to twelve years, growing corn for first five to eight years, afterward nothing.

  39. Cultivates with two-horse cultivator, often enough to keep the weeds down; then harrows, aiming to keep the ground mellow.

  40. Cultivates until the middle of July with a disc harrow, plow, and weeder.

  41. He cultivates with ordinary tools from six to eight years, until trees begin to bear, growing corn, potatoes or beans in the orchard; then seeds to clover.

  42. Plants to corn, and cultivates well up to twelve years.

  43. Grows corn and potatoes in orchard, and cultivates up to eight or ten years with double-shovel plow.

  44. Grows no crop in orchard, and cultivates with stirring plow and cultivator until the trees completely shade the ground.

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