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Example sentences for "impersonates"

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impersonal; impersonality; impersonally; impersonate; impersonated; impersonating; impersonation; impersonations; impersonator; impertinence
  1. Homer, however, represents the infancy of that system, and though he impersonates many other local agencies, he gives to none so active a personality as to Rivers.

  2. For in Vulcan the human faculty of skill already predominates over fire, and Ceres impersonates the vegetable product of Earth, and not the mere dead mass.

  3. Homer does not impute feelings to a River; but he impersonates it with a treatment different to that which he applies to groves, fountain, or meadow.

  4. The question resolves itself into two factors--either the medium gets loose the neck-tie and impersonates the spirits or the materializations are genuine.

  5. Lillian Gish takes the part of Annie, Alfred Paget impersonates Enoch Arden, and Wallace Reid takes the part of Philip Ray.

  6. There is another sort to be seen where George Beban impersonates The Italian in a film of that title, by Thomas H.

  7. The pig impersonates man's lower nature and demons represent the untamed passions of man.

  8. In one of the Acawoio dances, each dancer has a kind of trumpet to which a rudely carved figure of some animal or reptile is fixed, and he impersonates this animal for the time being.

  9. To dream that she impersonates a nymph, is a sign that she is using her attractions for selfish purposes, and thus the undoing of men.

  10. For a young woman to dream that she impersonates Eve, warns her to be careful.

  11. I can forgive Dick Turpin if he impersonates Dr.

  12. Busby; I can't forgive him when he impersonates Dr.

  13. For instance, the poem opens with a description of the court of Gloriana,--who impersonates Elizabeth and is the champion of Protestantism.

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