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dependeth; depending; depends; depenses; dephlogisticated; depicted; depicting; depiction; depicts; depilation
  1. He could, however, depict tranquillity when he liked, and his portraits are as calm and collected as any of Van Eyck's.

  2. It is instinct with serene splendour, they are quick with gruesome motion; it is the portrayal of God's mercy, they depict man's vengeance.

  3. If we become interested, for example, in society as portrayed in the earliest English novels, how much more shall we then appreciate the canvases of Hogarth, which depict the same social conditions.

  4. Pictures in tombs depict many scenes connected with grain production--from the plowing of the soil to the storing of the grain into granaries.

  5. Pictures once supposed to represent glass blowers at work are now understood to depict one stage of metal working.

  6. On every side the figured bas-reliefs Depict the deeds and virtues of the chiefs, Who by illustrious titles dignified, And ruled the tract through which his waters glide.

  7. Nevertheless the avowed purpose of the treatise is, not to depict the ideal of a commonwealth, but to solve the questions, What is Justice?

  8. From the moment of this first attempt of his, the young author had to face the fact that he had a great disqualification for the writing of dramas; he could neither depict love nor reproduce its language.

  9. A new generation of writers has come forth, whose work it will be to depict this mind as it really is, and to make its confession with the fierce sincerity of Judah.

  10. Madame Baret was seventeen, of a moderate height, and an exquisite figure; without being classically beautiful, a Raphael could not wish to depict a more enticing face.

  11. There was something so comic in his surprise that it would have taxed all the talents of the poet and the caricaturist to depict his expression of amazement.

  12. For several months she was in a state similar to that which the old divines depict so vividly as being "under conviction.

  13. How gladly would I depict her just as she came to New Bedford, a youthful bride and our pastor's wife, more than a third of a century ago!

  14. And now, having thus spoken of her preparation for God's work, the work itself, and its fruits, how can we gather up and depict the many personal traits and associations which crowd upon the memory?

  15. The object of the book is to depict a home whose happiness flows from the living Rock, Christ Jesus.

  16. Sorrow may not depict itself freely on his face.

  17. We study and depict them for our amusement and diversion.

  18. We have totally forgotten that what we need to do is not to study and depict them, but to serve them.

  19. We might avail ourselves of this period of quiet to depict Lucretia's private life, her court, and the people about her; but it is impossible to do this, none of her contemporaries having left any description of it.

  20. The princes were present, and the duke's ambassador described Alexander's magnificent and also "saintly" bearing in terms more fitting to depict the appearance of an accomplished actor.

  21. The attempt would be vain to depict the gloom that will cover her people, when they know that the pillar of fire is removed, which has guided their footsteps for the life of a generation.

  22. But the majesty of the sight, and the interest of the moment, how depict them?

  23. If one suffers from timidity, from meanness, from selfishness, what a delight to depict the man who is brave, generous, unselfish!

  24. If I could but sing it, or say it, depict or record it, I thought to myself!

  25. To depict a goddess in an action suggestive of modesty or other antidote to the coarser effects of natural instincts, is therefore an anomaly.

  26. How is he to depict her flying in the celestial chariot between heaven and earth, each leap of the fiery coursers measuring the range of the eye from a lofty peak across the sea to the endless haze?

  27. GRIEF Intense grief is the most difficult expression to depict in the whole art of painting, because in nature it usually results in distortion of the features, which the artist must avoid at all cost.

  28. Apparently in Grecian times, only men who had become celebrated in some way were represented in stone, and hence the artist had features to depict which could be semi-idealized without impropriety.

  29. In a representation of action, the painter or sculptor can only depict a particular moment of it, neither the beginning nor the end being visible.

  30. I am able to depict the western country and life, because I have been there.

  31. Yet I like to depict white men best; they are more interesting.

  32. The following seems to us to depict that personage the best: NABOT PARÉ.

  33. We also prepared photographs of the brain from several aspects to depict the extent of these injuries.

  34. That is not taken to depict the blood, sir.

  35. No, sir; that is to depict the musculature at the base of the neck.

  36. But in both cases the motive is the same: to depict and to record a personal impression of what seems wonderful and strange.

  37. They are introduced to the reader at one of their weekly gatherings and then the author proceeds to depict the home and business life of each one individually.

  38. It remains for Mrs. Diver to depict tender-hearted men and brave, true women.

  39. With what pencil and on what kind of plate could one depict it?

  40. The scene I depict is American, but it will soon extend its horrors to all Protestant countries.

  41. The tale itself is intended to depict what the writer believes to be the true relative positions of Edwy and the great ecclesiastic; therefore he will not attempt to deal with the subject here.

  42. Another object of the tale has been to depict the trials and temptations, the fall and the recovery, of a lad fresh from a home full of religious influences, when thrown amidst the snares which abounded then as now.

  43. Just as Sarah Bernhardt employs the decorative skill of Grasset to depict her as Joan of Arc, so did the old Roman actor employ Callades, an artist mentioned very favourably by Pliny, to portray him in his favourite parts.

  44. Illustration: 8258] It will be remembered that when Mr. Sickert took it into his head to depict the Sisters Lloyd in their music-hall habit, the critics fell out greatly.

  45. He has some points of similarity with Hogarth, with Rowlandson; and the like, but his art is quite non-moral; he has no mission to depict vice as either hideous or ridiculous.

  46. In his desire to depict the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, he (no doubt unconsciously) becomes a moralist.

  47. They depict the glories of coming fairs and bull-fights, and are couched in terms calculated to draw money from a stone.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "depict" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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