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  1. An ulcer situated at the duodenal end of the common duct and extending into the {1084} duodenum may also in the process of healing so contract as to render the orifice impermeable to bile.

  2. In cicatrizing, a tight stricture, impermeable to the passage of bile, may result, or the lumen of the canal be entirely obliterated.

  3. When deglutition becomes impracticable or the passage of the oesophagus absolutely impermeable to nutriment, food and alcoholic stimuli should be administered by enema.

  4. The mechanical impediment to nutrition offered by a large number of impermeable glands promotes rapid emaciation and exhaustion.

  5. Food in cans or in other sealed, impermeable containers is not in danger of chemical contamination.

  6. The first question that meets us in the use of the method in medicine is what normal constituents of the body are permeable or impermeable to the X rays.

  7. If plaster of Paris is used (and it is often the best "splint") this is impermeable to the rays.

  8. Our advances are met with an imperceptible but impermeable resistance by the very people who are bent on making the world pleasant to us.

  9. Seven parts of this, and 1 part of chloroformum belladonna, and sprinkled thinly on impermeable piline, is the best application for neuralgia or lumbago.

  10. The natural perspiration, confined by the impermeable tissue, excites galvanic action between the metals.

  11. This pad, conveniently quilted, is enclosed in a bag, one face of which is of quilted calico, the other of impermeable tissue.

  12. Let the porous stratum or set of strata, a a, rest on the impermeable rock d, and be covered by another mass of an impermeable nature.

  13. It was of silk, prepared with gutta percha, a substance impermeable by acids or gasses; and its volume, which was three thousand cubic yards, enabled it to ascend to the loftiest heights.

  14. Jean Cornbutte contrived to surround this part of the pipe with some metallic canvas, which is impermeable by heat.

  15. Impermeable strictures of the cervical esophagus are amenable to external esophagotomy, with plastic reformation of the esophagus.

  16. Consider an inextensible osmotic cell containing a solution of sugar, the walls of the cell being impermeable to sugar but permeable to salt.

  17. This definition is inexact, since no membrane permeable to water is absolutely impermeable to the solutes.

  18. Struck and rebounded, then struck and clung hungrily, licking out over that impermeable surface in darting tongues of red flame as the surprised Nerado doubled and then quadrupled his power.

  19. By the side of this trench dig another, and throw the earth from it into the first, and so on until you have rendered the subsoil of the whole parcel impermeable to rain water.

  20. His face quickly returned to its original countenance, an impermeable barrier to his insides, and no one except myself had any inclination about what had happened.

  21. As I looked about myself to reconnoiter the feelings of my comrades I was fruitless, for they all wore impermeable countenances, though that was itself an indicator of their resolve.

  22. Villard in some ingenious experiments, completely impermeable to air, and very permeable, on the contrary, to hydrogen.

  23. May it not therefore be supposed that there must exist dividing walls in which this difference of permeability becomes greater and greater, which would be permeable to the solvent and absolutely impermeable to the solute?

  24. In the presence of water and much rubbing the plates are separated and are made to lie flat on each other, thereby giving a plastic and impermeable mass.

  25. Collodion is sometimes used over small wounds, and is quite efficient in that it forms a coating over any surface upon which it is placed that is impermeable to both air and water.

  26. Where it is necessary to build in damp localities the site should be thoroughly drained, and the space upon which the house is constructed should be carefully covered with some impermeable cement.

  27. Struck again, again rebounded; then struck and clung hungrily, licking out over that impermeable surface in darting tongues of flame as the surprised Nerado doubled and then quadrupled his power.

  28. India rubber is impermeable to water and to air.

  29. Defn: The case, or impermeable apparel, in which a diver can work while under water.

  30. P, S are impermeable to both gases; Q is semi-permeable, allowing the gas A to pass through but not B, similarly R allows the gas B to pass through but not A.

  31. As officials they were impermeable to the feelings of humanity, as this paved ground is impermeable to the rain.

  32. The streams disappear in the detritus cone, and the water runs below over impermeable layers of glacial clay.

  33. The clay in which the lagoons are embedded is impermeable to water, but the lake has only to rise a couple of feet to find an outlet over the sandbank behind into the Rakas-tal, or Langak-tso, on the west.

  34. Permeable rock intersected by a dyke and overlying an impermeable stratum is seen in Fig.

  35. With regard to the first question, it is evident that a series of permeable strata encased between two impermeable formations can receive a supply of water at those points only where they crop out and are exposed on the surface of the land.

  36. A spring will in all probability make its appearance at the point S, and give large quantities of water, as the whole body of water flowing through the porous strata A is intercepted by being thrown against the impermeable stratum B.

  37. If the whole area of the district is not impermeable the percentage which is so must be carefully estimated, and will naturally vary in each case.

  38. After a very careful inspection of the whole town, the average area of the impermeable surfaces appertaining to each house was estimated at 675 sq.

  39. If, however, the impermeable area is 25 per cent.

  40. He showed that the quantity reaching the sewer at any point was proportional to the time of concentration at that point and the percentage of impermeable area in the district.

  41. He stated further that while the flow in the sewers was proportional to the aggregate rainfall during the time of concentration, it was also directly proportional to the impermeable area.

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