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  1. Acrostic verse has always been held in slight estimation from a literary standpoint.

  2. The term acrostic is also applied to the formation of words from the initial letters of other words.

  3. The name acrostic is also applied to alphabetical or ``abecedarian'' verses.

  4. And Dryden, in Mac Flecknoe, scornfully assigned Shadwell the rule Some peaceful province in acrostic land.

  5. The following acrostic is from a brass in Ash Church, Kent.

  6. La Sale is generally accepted as the author of one of the most famous satires in the French language, Les Quinze Joyes de mariage, because his name has been disengaged from an acrostic at the end of the Rouen MS.

  7. Both kinds of acrostic occur side by side in the Psalms.

  8. If the prayer for vengeance begins here, Budde's "deep division in the middle of an acrostic letter-group" vanishes.

  9. The Double Acrostic may be written either in prose or verse, the condition being, that the initials and finals of the words to be guessed make two names or two words of definite and different meanings.

  10. The Prose Double Acrostic is the more simple form, and our first example will be that known as The "Windsor" Double Acrostic, written by Queen Victoria for the amusement of her children.

  11. The acrostic in her honor is anonymous, and occasion is taken in the course of it to almost mention some other young ladies by the way of making a climax of her charms.

  12. Just imagine this silly acrostic furnishing gossip for Quebec and matter for the Gazette for two months!

  13. I'll take the acrostic out of the next edition and let him rot in oblivion.

  14. But I have written an acrostic against Guedalyah the greengrocer, virulent as serpent's gall.

  15. I made one of the poems an acrostic on his name, so that he might be handed down to posterity.

  16. I haf written an acrostic on him; it is terrible.

  17. I want to show you my acrostic on Simon Wolf; ah!

  18. To my Niece, Angeline An Acrostic An Acrostic She slumbers still To a Friend in the City Reply Rejoinder to the foregoing Reply To my Friend, Mr.J.

  19. Kings and Queens of England To my Daughter Elizabeth Acrostic The Evening of Life An Acrostic An Acrostic Written upon receiving a New Year's Gift Lines to the Memory of Patrick Kelley My S.

  20. They were in the form of acrostic verses; the letters of the first verse of each oracle containing in regular sequence the initial letters of all the subsequent verses.

  21. The ordinance had been cleverly prepared, with an acrostic in the title, spelling the word "Fake.

  22. I have gone lately into the acrostic line.

  23. I have been told (but have had no opportunity of verifying the statement) that the Buttons, for one of whom the appended acrostic was written, were cousins of the Lambs.

  24. Lamb respectfully informs his friends and the public in general, that he is leaving off business in the acrostic line, as he is going into an entirely new line.

  25. How I employed myself between Epping and Enfield the poor verses in the front of my paper may inform you which you may please to Christen an Acrostic in a Cross Road, and which I wish were worthier of the Lady they refer to.

  26. George); an acrostic on her name, 300; admired by K.

  27. It contained, among other nonsense, an acrostic of my sister's name--and a pretty long name it is.

  28. The acrostic was probably invented about the same time with the anagram, though it is impossible to decide whether the inventor of the one or the other were the greater blockhead.

  29. The simple acrostic is nothing but the name or title of a person, or thing, made out of the initial letters of several verses, and by that means written, after the manner of the Chinese, in a perpendicular line.

  30. Acrostic on the Death of Blind Willie, R.

  31. Don Quixote gave it as his experience that no woman would believe that a poem was written expressly for her unless it made an acrostic on her name spelt out in full.

  32. Now one starts an acrostic on the prince's name, in which each side takes alternate letters; then the other versifies some sacred passage, which his opponent must catch up when he breaks off.

  33. Why not find his acrostic in the Bible, and write it out?

  34. I want every boy in school who can write, to bring an acrostic on his own name for his next composition.

  35. Sense or nonsense, just as you please, so as it shows us what an acrostic is.

  36. Must an acrostic always be written in poetry?

  37. In an acrostic the beginnings of the lines are arranged in order.

  38. Howard," said Mr. Burrows, "come to the board and give us an acrostic on the word boy.

  39. His acrostic was finished, and into his heart had crept some of the beauty of those precious words, which he had found for the first time.

  40. Now the letters are a verbal acrostic of Père Mansuete a Cordelier Friar, and a syllabic acrostic of PortsMouth and ChifFinch.

  41. But an acrostic distinction may be drawn.

  42. Psalm 112 is an acrostic poem, with each verse after the initial "Praise Yah!

  43. Psalm 111 is an acrostic poem, with each verse after the initial "Praise Yah!

  44. The answer to the acrostic was "Clementina.

  45. Here, Mr. Warner, is an acrostic which I ask you to solve for me.

  46. These letters are, as it were, the rudiments out of which man is enabled to exercise his characteristic gift of articulate speech; and in the acrostic Psalms they are visibly consecrated to His service Who made the mouth of man.

  47. Nor is it without a subtle propriety that this Psalm is arranged as an acrostic under the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

  48. Give an exercise or two in acrostic writing with the aim of setting forth in a succinct way his admirable character and laudable accomplishments.

  49. I enclose an acrostic that I made up while in the trenches during our last spell.

  50. Your solution of the Thompson acrostic [St. Omer] was perfectly right, we are far back.

  51. I wonder if you got my Acrostic [see previous letter] and whether anybody guessed it; it was meant to be very easy, but perhaps acrostics are no longer the fashion and are somewhat boring.

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