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Example sentences for "furnishing"

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  1. According to the size of the building the problem of furnishing the plumbing fixtures with hot water increases.

  2. Vents relieve all pressure in the system by furnishing an outlet for the air that is displaced by the waste discharged from the fixtures.

  3. There are a number of ways of furnishing hot water.

  4. They will render the gracious service of furnishing a background for the cleverness of others, rather than display unsparingly their own brilliancy.

  5. To make matters worse, there spread a rumour over all the city, that he was furnishing his house in the most splendid fashion for his marriage with a rich Antwerp lady, who was already on her way to Bremen.

  6. Jonathan had got the furnishing of the lace for the bride's dress; but the Kaiser has left poor Frischkier in the lurch, as the bride has left himself.

  7. At Grasmere he planned The Friend, Wordsworth and some other of his friends furnishing a few contributions.

  8. He now devoted himself to writing and compiling for the booksellers, and furnishing occasional articles to the daily press and other periodical publications.

  9. He only knew there was something wrong with the furnishing of the living rooms in his private sanatorium.

  10. She took the little dagger to her breast with a quivering smile, and it hurt her deeply because she knew that her ideas on furnishing were indeed fantastic, though beautiful.

  11. She had already spent some hundreds of it on furnishing and the heavy expenses entailed by Valdana's needs.

  12. Keep a small stiff brush; such as are sold for the purpose at house-furnishing stores, called a glazing brush, are best; but you may manage with any other or even a stiff feather.

  13. The arraignment of Dodge on the charge of attempted fraud against the London property of Alice would lead to most serious exposures, furnishing dangerous clews to past villainies in this immediate venue.

  14. Could this dying man know other facts furnishing a clew to establish their deaths?

  15. A sort of rivalry grew up in the furnishing of each quoit with inscriptions bearing on the foibles and peculiarities of the different players, and the tendency to joking and sarcasm of the good Salzburgers was thereby encouraged and indulged.

  16. It is to the furnishing of these means that the English Government are at the present moment confining their enterprise.

  17. Nevertheless, in order to contribute as far as possible to your enlightenment on the subject, I take the liberty of furnishing you with some particulars of the new establishment.

  18. It was sunset when I reached the beach; too late, of course, to land my merchandise, so that I postponed furnishing both places until the morning.

  19. The furnishing of the domicil was completed with all the luxury of native taste.

  20. The proprietors of slaves taken for the army, the farmers of the revenue charged with the furnishing of provisions, consented to be repaid only at the end of the war.

  21. The three tribes, furnishing three thousand foot soldiers and three hundred horsemen, formed at first the legion.

  22. The community itself will undertake the furnishing of credits, loans and necessary capital for the establishing of a new business, charging a small rate of interest and maintaining a reserve fund to meet these operations.

  23. A series of stereopticon views of great beauty are interspersed between the mounted scenes, thus furnishing a continuous performance.

  24. The cables for furnishing the electricity for the border lights are attached at the level of the first fly gallery on the right side, or the side opposite to the working fly gallery.

  25. The battery as a whole weighs four hundred and twenty grams (fifteen ounces), and is capable of furnishing electricity to supply the torch for two presentations.

  26. Others, recluse in their chambers, maintained the dignity of legal professors, by furnishing a rich client with subtleties to confound the plainest truths, and with arguments to color the most unjustifiable pretensions.

  27. Slowly the glacial soils are decaying, and, as they do so, are furnishing plant-food to the water which the roots greedily draw in.

  28. With spiders, the mother's care is devoted chiefly to furnishing protection to her helpless eggs.

  29. You can make a desert in the schoolroom and contrast it with moist soil by planting seeds in two dishes of soil, watering one, but furnishing no water to the other.

  30. Civilization, then, consisted in obeying the proconsuls, paying the taxes, furnishing recruits, and working on the roads and public monuments.

  31. I wasn't present but I would assume it has come up, particularly as we were constantly furnishing information.

  32. As to the original criteria, which we felt were sound and sufficient and which we felt no one, not even the most extreme civil rights proponent could take exception to, we limited the furnishing of names to S.

  33. Its chief value, apart from its furnishing a proof for the existence of the Epic as early as 2000 B.

  34. Finally the college hit upon a partially protective measure--that of furnishing its own news; and a regularly organized newspaper corps was formed among the students, with a member of the faculty at the head.

  35. I suppose," she continued, furnishing her own explanation, "it gets him such a lot nearer to the stars.

  36. Had I some favorite author in my hand, some volume of pithy sentences furnishing themes for my morning meditation, or somebody’s “confessions”?

  37. Now, in the lower division of the glass, a few drops of aqua fortis may be lodged without furnishing any suspicion, as the color will prevent its being distinguished.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "furnishing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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