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Example sentences for "catering"

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  1. They had a regular cafeteria there and a catering service, which the Women's Building didn't have.

  2. John Barnum and John Lipping were the old tavern keepers of Morristown, and took pride in scanning the old way bills, and catering to the wants of hungry stage passengers.

  3. Cessna was fond of entertaining guests, and particularly ardent in catering to distinguished travelers.

  4. Phelan) is the largest news and catering company in Canada.

  5. Subsequently he was entrusted with all the catering for the company.

  6. I put in the winter in New York working at Berry's, one of the swellest catering houses in the city.

  7. He was not yet popular with the musical dilettanti, but we find no more catering to an absurd taste, no more writing of silly operatic froth.

  8. There was great emulation and friendship between Meyerbeer and Weber, which afterwards cooled, however, owing to Weber's disgust at Meyerbeer's lavish catering to an extravagant taste.

  9. But the true explanation seems to be that her distance from the Occident handicaps her in catering for the changing fashions of the West.

  10. In truth it was the only possible way in which he could hope to defend his novelties, and besides, it had the additional advantage of catering for the rising spirit of individualism, which was so characteristic of the age.

  11. To go about in an indolent way, especially as catering for a dinner, S.

  12. To go about like a dog, especially as catering for food, S.

  13. But all of the clubs have not followed this example, the majority committing the blunder of considering only the tastes and requirements of the hoodlum class apparently in catering for patronage.

  14. Both of these savor of the old type of French restaurants, catering to a class of quiet spenders who carefully guard their indiscretions.

  15. White and gold pillars, with twining ivy reaching to the old gold and rose mural and ceiling embellishments seem out of place in a restaurant that is devoted entirely to catering to lovers of fish.

  16. Aside from its oddities it was one of the best places for a good meal for Bab had the art of catering down to a nicety.

  17. It could be a private business empire, catering to the financial future of the minister, his cronies and his relatives.

  18. The catering for the boys was under the direction of an experienced woman and two Japanese cooks.

  19. The progressive teacher of domestic arts no longer thinks of catering merely to the personal decorative sense of young girls.

  20. Barbering and catering were his successes, and in both of these he has lost, despite the fact that one of the city's wealthiest colored men is a caterer.

  21. In today's modestly equipped buildings the catering is often excellent, and good, well-cooked food is sold at reasonable prices.

  22. A block away, a part of the main street abutted this once silent area, fomenting it with traffic along a stretch of businesses catering to foreigners.

  23. He missed magazines catering to those needing a celebrity from whom they could learn intimacies, tiny facts or rumors of facts about the personal lives of the gods.

  24. It is no art, but an empirical knack of catering for the immediate pleasure of hearers, analogous to cookery.

  25. Rhetoric (he says) is no art at all, but an empirical knack of catering for the pleasure and favour of hearers; analogous to cookery.

  26. The Boite a Fursy, though catering palpably to the snobs, is shut up nearly every season by an irate censorship, and this more often for reasons of politics than from any consideration of public morality.

  27. But when, as too frequently happens, the names are printed in full, it is impossible not to suspect the editors of catering to precisely the same sort of vanity as that which lies back of bourgeois subscription lists.

  28. Grocers catering to a cheaper class of trade, largely upon a cash basis.

  29. Now, if the practice of catering to the gambling instinct is baneful, I'm a malefactor.

  30. Are you aware that in catering to your instinct to "invest," methods to get you to part with your money are so artfully and deftly applied by the highest that they deceive you completely?

  31. I said in my foreword: Are you aware that in catering to your instinct to gamble, methods to get you to part with your money are so artfully and deftly applied by the highest powers that they deceive you completely?

  32. As for myself, what excuse have I had for catering to the gambling instinct?

  33. They were worn out with centuries of catering to themselves.

  34. There was something exceedingly comfortable about that club, where the art of catering to those who had earned the right to be catered to came as near perfection as human things attain.

  35. And yet here he was catering to luxury, providing religion for it!

  36. Why were the people glad to find employment in catering to the luxurious pleasures and indulgences of the capitalists, selling themselves to the most frivolous and degrading uses?

  37. In the autumn of 1915 some ladies became available, and did splendid service in the superintendence of the catering for the men in the Club, and by their presence there did much to help.

  38. I have taught them the catering business.

  39. No miss, I didn't always have all the catering business; oh, no.

  40. Yes ma'am, as I was telling you, catering is slack because of clubs.

  41. If something happens to your catering business, or you get so you can't work, fill this in for whatever you need.

  42. My mother found her best hold on her husband's affections by catering to his appetite, which was one of the marvels of the neighborhood.

  43. She became very quiet, catering more carefully to his creature comforts and never offering any remonstrance.

  44. Another woman has inherited a large catering business from her father.

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