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Example sentences for "caterer"

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  1. Thy caterer Price was at Hamburgh when last Pople heard of him, laying up for thee, like some miserly old father for his generous-hearted son to squander.

  2. Wishing you all amusement, which your true emblem-fancier can scarce fail to find in even bad emblems, I remain your caterer to command, C.

  3. A waitress who has become competent may arrange and serve special meals, delegating the work done formerly with a caterer to assistants under her.

  4. If a caterer agrees to furnish refreshments for an evening entertainment, and fails to send them, the person who had given the order would certainly not feel obliged to pay the bill, if presented.

  5. The office of caterer was one of neither honour nor emolument, and it was voluntarily taken up, and peevishly laid down, on the first trifling provocation.

  6. The government was a democracy; but the caterer had at times been invested with dictatorial powers, which he either abused or was thought to abuse, and he was accordingly turned out, or resigned in disgust, at the end of two or three days.

  7. As the repast draws to a close and dessert is in order, the caterer appears at the end of one of the tables in shirt-sleeves that are more than wet with perspiration.

  8. Each man, as Christmas approaches, contributes to the caterer of his mess, so that no luxury may be lacking on Christmas day.

  9. Cooks of messes repair to the galley, fetch the dinner and lay it out under the supervision of the caterer of the mess, who is generally a senior boy.

  10. He doubtless is in sport, and does but droll; Assuming thus a rank unknown before-- Grand caterer and dry-nurse of the church!

  11. He doubtless is in sport, and does but droll, Assuming thus a rank unknown before-- Grand caterer and drynurse of the church!

  12. On account of the caterer being otherwise engaged in the early morning the café-au-lait in bed was dispensed with and déjeuner served promptly at nine.

  13. Hung Wo was the name of this caterer to the incarcerated, and he looked it; but though his face was not designed for a laughing picture his shoulders were freighted with two enormous cans which more than made up for that.

  14. Barnum, who was not always the wealthy caterer he now is.

  15. Their caterer turned a deaf ear to the revelation of their poverty, and in the most virago-like manner fiercely informed them "that they could not budge an inch.

  16. Formerly professional Caterer of the Continental Hotel, Philadelphia, and Astor House, New York.

  17. A Shrewd Caterer and his Humiliating Demands.

  18. The caterer Fraschini told of his orders for the party supper, and of the sending of his best and most faithful waiters to attend to the feast.

  19. When company is present the caterer always is employed.

  20. An' I asked the caterer people an' they said so.

  21. This produced many a bickering, even after it was known that such was the case in warm climates; for they kept up the fun as long as possible, always trying to keep the unfortunate caterer in hot water about it.

  22. The caterer should take particular note of the illustration facing page 138.

  23. The caterer will readily see that vegetable candy offers itself in countless ways in connection with place cards.

  24. The caterer should remember that these cups should be dipped one or more times in a crystal syrup.

  25. In this case, however, the caterer must make sure that he is not violating any of the rules of the societies to which his guests belong.

  26. The caterer from Louisville came in a truck, bringing with him stylish negro waiters and many freezers and hampers.

  27. A caterer in Louisville was next called up by telephone and supper ordered, "with all the fixin's" that the latest thing in debut parties demanded.

  28. We'll have the band up from Louisville and a caterer from there and do the thing up brown," chuckled Pete.

  29. But after all it is the English caterer who is chiefly to blame for his own undoing.

  30. The recipe given above would hardly suit the views of any caterer who wishes to make a living for himself; but it can be done on the cheap.

  31. A caterer who forgets to provide eggs for the mess ought to be keel-hauled!

  32. The caterer of the mess, sir, forgot to horder 'em, sir.

  33. The debate was instantly hushed, for not one member of the mess, besides the caterer just resigned, could have been hired to take the responsibility of managing affairs.

  34. He went to the caterer who had resigned, and, after considerable urging, and a solemn promise that politics should not again be discussed in the mess, the latter was persuaded to resume the management of affairs.

  35. The caterer is a volunteer from the mess, and generally serves for a week, when another volunteer takes his place.

  36. This is something the caterer and the housewife must remember.

  37. Most of the viands came ready cooked, and the caterer had done full justice to them; the coffee was made on the kitchen stove, which, with the little one in the shed, was brought into requisition for heating purposes.

  38. Mrs. Davis was usefulness itself in getting things in readiness, advising with the caterer and helping him out of quandaries.

  39. I could see that real food was being used, in order to achieve a greater degree of realism, for a caterer had set up a buffet some distance out of the scene from which to serve the courses called for in the script.

  40. Besides, it was dished out by the caterer before the eyes of forty or fifty people or more and there was no telling which plate would go to Werner's place.

  41. In the midst of his lecture he caught sight of the caterer himself, where he stood in the pantry doorway, smiling with an artist's anxiety for the effect of his masterpiece.

  42. Among these the caterer designed one for a surprise to his patron and a delicate recognition of the source of his wealth, which he found Dryfoos very willing to talk about, when he intimated that he knew what it was.

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