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  1. This admirably sets forth the virtues of the sour but ruddy products of Bordeaux which were “thrown in” by the enterprising exiles who catered in Soho.

  2. But while this most barbarous standard of dining obtained, it was faithfully catered for by the fine old English gentleman’s staunch admirer—the fine old English landlord.

  3. The innocent gaiety of Society is catered for at a hundred West End restaurants and hotels.

  4. He loved that town; liked its people, and the Bank fisheries gave him a vocation and a livelihood which he enjoyed and which catered to his fascination for the sea and the myriad life which dwelt within it.

  5. However, the Toy Bulldog Club then started, took the dogs vigorously in hand, and thanks to unceasing efforts, Toy Bulldogs have always since been catered for at an ever increasing number of shows.

  6. The rising Start Bay Club, to its credit be it said, catered for the big ships, and in return secured the entry of the familiar quartet.

  7. The first man who catered to the wants of the traveling public at this old tavern was Vincent Owens, who had been a faithful soldier in Washington's army in the war of the Revolution.

  8. He had a good wagon yard, and catered to the tastes of old wagoners in an agreeable manner.

  9. Clark house, on the south side, in Hillsboro, at an early day, and as at other points on the road where he catered to the wants of the traveling public, drew a good trade.

  10. The chief writer of the Restoration period was John Dryden, a professional author, who often catered to the coarser tastes of the age.

  11. Even before his retirement to Stratford other popular dramatists appeared who catered to a vulgar taste by introducing more sensational elements into the stage spectacle.

  12. Because plays were in demand, he produced many that catered to the evil tastes of the Restoration stage,--plays that he afterwards condemned unsparingly.

  13. Chabas and his rather grimy little hotel, which he calls the Grand Hotel something or other, has catered for countless hundreds of artist folk who have made the name and fame of Martigues as an artist's sketching-ground.

  14. The bicyclist is better catered for, he has cinder side-paths almost all over Belgium and accordingly he should enjoy his touring in occidental and oriental Flanders even more than the automobilist.

  15. Every taste had to be catered for, every degree of education given its appropriate food.

  16. It is the minority that is not catered for in drama as it is catered for in literature.

  17. The Virgin Queen, at a later epoch, was catered for more delicately; and we read that she detested all coarse meats, evil smells, and strong wines.

  18. With regard to Hunting Luncheons it cannot be said that your Nimrod is nearly as well catered for as is the "Gun.

  19. He catered to Scottish feeling, and began his fame by the stirring lines beginning; My name is Donald McDonald, I live in the Highlands so grand.

  20. Even thus, however, he catered to an age at once artificial and superficial.

  21. Wace has preserved the fiction of Geoffrey, and has catered to that characteristic of the English people which, not content with homespun myths, sought for genealogies from the remote classic times.

  22. They were heroic and harmonious, and were very well received: he had catered to the very spirit of the age.

  23. In this, like Watts, he catered to a decided religious craving of that day.

  24. Thus Garrick catered largely to the history of his period, as an actor and dramatic author, illustrating the stage; as a reviver of Shakspeare, and as a correspondent of history.

  25. Geneva, for its size and importance, is the worst catered for capital in Europe.

  26. The Tivoli Gardens are the summer resort of Copenhagen, and all classes patronise them, rich and poor both being catered for.

  27. Baden-Baden The first-class hotels in Baden-Baden are so well catered for that few people wander abroad to take their food, but the restaurant of the Conversation Haus is a good one.

  28. If the restaurant remains as excellently catered for as it was when I last visited Homburg, it is well worth including in the round of dinners.

  29. As a museum proprietor for nearly thirty years I catered successfully to the pleasures of many millions of persons.

  30. Some reference to the various enterprises and “side shows” connected with and disconnected from my Museum, is necessary to show how industriously I have catered for the public’s amusement, not only in America but abroad.

  31. You said what you chose, and spoke from your own convictions, and catered to no one.

  32. There was something exceedingly comfortable about that club, where the art of catering to those who had earned the right to be catered to came as near perfection as human things attain.

  33. These, of course, are the benefactors the skunk cabbage catered to ages before the honeybee reached our shores.

  34. Years before showy flowers were brought from all corners of the earth to adorn our gardens, about half a dozen natives in that parterre of Nature's east of the Mississippi catered to him in orderly succeswsion.

  35. With what infinite pains the wants of each guest are catered to!

  36. These are bird flowers dependent in the main on the ruby-throat, which is not to say that insects never enter them, for they do; only they are not the visitors catered to.

  37. At the present time they usually consist of from forty to fifty persons, though on one day of August, 1912, a party of over ninety was received and catered for at the home, while waiting for trains for different points in the country.

  38. Also catered for by the Curly Poodle Club, Hon.

  39. Also catered for by the North of England Pomeranian Club.

  40. All the senses are being delicately catered to by spring delights.

  41. Every sense is catered to by things that are as free to him as the air.

  42. Since the establishment catered to outworlders and was full of them, the silence, Ramsey thought, should have been both ominous and in his favor.

  43. But then, the uni-sexual Sirians, of course, often catered to their own feminine taste.

  44. Hence, the newspapers have catered to this popular inquisitiveness, and there is scarcely an actress or sweet singer of note who has not passed the ordeal of the interviewing fiend.

  45. The Japanese, says this writer, are a theatre-going people, and their taste is catered unto continually.

  46. His answer to my first question was disappointing, for it seemed that the number of lodging houses which Bedford could boast were all public houses, and there was not one private house that catered for beggars.

  47. We were catered for as customers that would, if treated with courtesy and good living, return winter after winter, and patronise this place in preference to visiting the more congenial climate of the south.

  48. What a glorious time we had; the people catered for us as though we were the only tramps in the whole world, and as if they considered it providential that we should call at their houses for assistance.

  49. Even to-day it is quite possible that dream-books and prophetical pamphlets enjoy a large sale; but a few years ago many were to be found in the catalogues of publishers who catered for the million.

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