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  1. Biggs remembered that it was only metaphorically speaking, after all, and that nothing would be said about worms or caterpillars in the poem, and he got down to work on No.

  2. And worms don't turn into butterflies--caterpillars do.

  3. The larvæ of butterflies do not spin cocoons: this is done only by the caterpillars of moths.

  4. The eggs of this butterfly are laid on twigs of willows and elms, upon which the caterpillars feed.

  5. Out of the silk thus secreted the caterpillars of butterflies spin threads, which they lay along the leaves and branches to guide themselves from place to place.

  6. The caterpillars change their skins four times and are full grown in about a month.

  7. The larvæ either resemble caterpillars or are pale, helpless maggots, devoid of limbs, for the welfare of which more or less elaborate provisions are made by the mother insect.

  8. The larvæ or caterpillars feed mostly on living plants, and in this connection are very familiar; others of these ravaging forms ruin clothes, furs, and the like.

  9. Those which creep about in search of living prey are often furnished with curved or hooked forelegs, suitable for seizing and holding creatures when in motion, such as caterpillars and other larvae.

  10. All caterpillars feed voraciously--in fact, this is the only time in the life of many species when food is taken, the adult moths and butterflies as a rule being neither willing nor able to eat.

  11. Some caterpillars give off, when alarmed, disgusting and acrid fluids, and the hairs of others irritate venomously the skin of anyone handling them, and probably account for the fact that few birds will touch certain species.

  12. When the caterpillars leave the silk pouch, to go and browse at night, and also when they enter it again, they never fail to spin a little on the surface of their nest.

  13. The Processionaries are Moth-caterpillars that feed on various leaves and march in file, laying a silken trail as they go.

  14. We are the larvae with the changing skins, the ugly caterpillars of a society that is slowly, very slowly, wending its way to the triumph of right over might.

  15. Father Oriole, you see, was more interested in getting fat beetles and caterpillars for food.

  16. He was very fond of those caterpillars in the tree, you see.

  17. With other caterpillars the association continues during the whole of the larva state.

  18. Many caterpillars that feed upon trees, particularly the geometers, have often occasion to descend from branch to branch, and sometimes, especially previously to assuming the pupa, to the ground.

  19. Thus one of them, the beautiful but ferocious Calosoma Sycophanta, mounts the trunk and branches of the oak to commit fearful ravages amongst the hordes of caterpillars that inhabit it[495].

  20. Two different species of caterpillars apparently related to this of Madame Merian were in the late Mr. Francillon's cabinet, and are now in my possession.

  21. A still more singular and pleasing spectacle, when their regiments march out to forage, is exhibited by the caterpillars of the Processionary moth Lasiocampa processionea.

  22. Under this head I may mention the long hairs, stiff bristles, sharp spines, and hard tubercular prominences with which many caterpillars are clothed, bristled, and studded.

  23. These joints are very visible in the legs of caterpillars of Lepidoptera, and their tarsus is armed with a single claw[441].

  24. The next order of walkers amongst apodous larvae are those that move by means of fleshy tuberculiform or pediform prominences,--which last resemble the spurious legs of the caterpillars of most Lepidoptera.

  25. In walking, this larva uses these two legs much as the caterpillars of the moths, called Geometrae, do theirs.

  26. We have numbers of such caterpillars in this country, and they are characterised not only by their gay colours but by not concealing themselves.

  27. Some very beautiful protective resemblances are shown among the caterpillars figured in Smith and Abbott's Lepidopterous Insects of Georgia, a work published in the early part of the century, before any theories of protection were started.

  28. The simplest form of this protection is the aggressive attitude of the caterpillars of the Sphingidae, the forepart of the body being erected so as to produce a rude resemblance to the figure of a sphinx, hence the name of the family.

  29. Some of the most curious examples of minute imitation are afforded by the caterpillars of the geometer moths, which are always brown or reddish, and resemble in form little twigs of the plant on which they feed.

  30. On the other hand, all green or brown caterpillars as well as those that resemble twigs were greedily devoured.

  31. Aesiope), with several intermediates, from one batch of caterpillars found feeding together on the same plant.

  32. Caterpillars also exhibit a considerable amount of detailed resemblance to the plants on which they live.

  33. These caterpillars are all alive, and are rolled into a ring-like form, but are so chained down that they cannot move in the least degree.

  34. On examining them carefully at another opportunity, this entomologist found that these caterpillars were provided with a squirting apparatus, situated in a cleft in the neck.

  35. Then above each is a heap of caterpillars, arranged with beautiful neatness, and larvae and caterpillars are both fast locked in their prison house by the firm stopping with which the parent wasp has closed the mouth of the cells.

  36. But suppose that other caterpillars were procured and put into another phial, with a sufficiency of green food, the mouth being covered over with a piece of muslin, or fine lace, what would then be the result?

  37. It has been calculated that a pair of sparrows, for their own consumption, and for that of their tender brood, destroy at least three thousand caterpillars in a week!

  38. In the middle of the following spring, however, caterpillars came from all the eggs, and at the same time as from those which had suffered no cold.

  39. His skill and discrimination in pecking holes in the sunniest side of ripe apples and pears are well known; but to this reward for his services in destroying caterpillars he is justly entitled.

  40. On its first arrival it lives principally on beetles, but when caterpillars become abundant it prefers them, especially the hairy sorts.

  41. Its food consists mainly of caterpillars and other insects.

  42. Such situations it resorts to in quest of its favourite food, caterpillars and pupA| of all kinds, and it is most amusing to watch it while thus engaged.

  43. Slowly, in single file, the caterpillars climb the great vase, mount the ledge and advance in regular procession, while others are constantly arriving and continuing the series.

  44. My notes speak of fourteen green caterpillars in one cell and sixteen in a second cell.

  45. What can the caterpillars in the conservatory be doing?

  46. The caterpillars climb the trelliswork in every direction, walk about anyhow, with their forepart raised and searching space.

  47. The caterpillars often scale the sides and climb up to the moulding which forms a cornice around the opening.

  48. The caterpillars become more or less scattered, settling singly on the branches around; each browses his pine-needle separately.

  49. In the cells of Eumenes Amedei, I find sometimes five caterpillars and sometimes ten, which means a difference of a hundred per cent in the quantity of the food, for the morsels are of exactly the same size in both cases.

  50. Will my caterpillars show a little of his mother wit?

  51. Three-fourths of the caterpillars have supplied me with them, so ruthless has been the toll of the spring births.

  52. The caterpillars march at an even pace, each touching the stern of the one in front of him.

  53. For observe that the caterpillars when on the march never turn completely; to wheel round on their tight-rope is a method utterly unknown to them.

  54. We have, when all is said, but one means of protection, which is to watch and inspect the cabbage-leaves assiduously and crush the slabs of eggs between our finger and thumb and the caterpillars with our feet.

  55. What will the caterpillars do on this deceptive, closed path?

  56. But to tell me that butterflies' eggs are caterpillars, and that caterpillars leave off crawling and get wings and become butterflies!

  57. She looked round,--eight or ten little green caterpillars were moving about, and had already made a hole in the cabbage-leaf.

  58. I am investigating several thousand small caterpillars which are feeding on the scrub-palmetto.

  59. Isn't it a very arduous and difficult task to watch these thousands of little caterpillars all day long?

  60. But the caterpillars appeared to be immune.

  61. And we can continue business, too, and watch our caterpillars all day long!

  62. If you will remain very still for a moment and listen very intently you can hear the noise which these caterpillars make while they are eating.

  63. Thus do the Ammophilae go to work when dealing with their caterpillars and the Sphex-wasps when dealing with their Locusts, Ephippigers and Crickets.

  64. Looper caterpillars (Known also as Measuring-worms, Inchworms, Spanworms and Surveyors: the caterpillars of the Geometrid Moths.

  65. The man who was the first to see his cabbage-plot devastated by caterpillars made the acquaintance of the Pieris.

  66. A number of caterpillars operated on before my eyes attained, some sooner, some later, the chrysalis stage.

  67. She requires for each banqueter three or four items, which include the Measuring-worms, or Loopers, and the caterpillars of ordinary Moths, all of which are equally appreciated.

  68. I expected to see the sting refrain more or less in the long interval which separates the true legs in front from the pro-legs at the back (Fleshy legs found on the abdominal segments of caterpillars and certain other larvae.

  69. What are we to say of the Grey Worm and other caterpillars beloved of the Ammophilae?

  70. I offered her indiscriminately any bare-skinned caterpillars that I chanced to find.

  71. The caterpillars and pupae of Lepidoptera, &c.

  72. In caterpillars and many other insects, the substance of the crust where it surrounds the spiracle, is elevated so as to form a ring round it.

  73. If you aim at the pseudo-caterpillars of the Cimbicidae, you must turn your attention principally to the different species of sallows and willows (Salix).

  74. The species that has been particularly noticed as such is the Tachina Larvarum; its larva is polyphagous, laying its eggs upon the bodies of caterpillars of different kinds.

  75. Martine says that caterpillars have but two degrees of heat above that of the air they live in[338].

  76. The caterpillars attacked by it die suddenly, and preserve after their death the semblance of life and health.

  77. These caterpillars have also the semblance of spiracles, but apparently found in the usual situation[239].

  78. He however observes, that they often attack other insects: but the form of their mandibulae, like that of the caterpillars of Lepidoptera, which also on some occasions become carnivorous (VOL.

  79. In caterpillars and other larvae, in which state the action of the mandibles is most in requisition, the muscles are what Cuvier calls penniform[846], and are attached on each side to a tendinous lamina or cartilage.

  80. Sparrows, number of caterpillars they devour, i.

  81. Cedar-birds eat caterpillars and grubs, and are very fond of the elm-leaf beetle.

  82. Three or four hungry nestlings can keep both father and mother busy from morning till night, hunting for caterpillars and beetles and grubs and other things to feed them.

  83. He eats many caterpillars and grubs that are harmful to us.

  84. Orioles go over the fruit-trees, and pick out tiny insects under the leaves, and when they find great nests on the branches, they tear them open and kill the caterpillars that made them.

  85. The girl opened hers, and found in it two white caterpillars which speedily became butterflies, then grew to be angels with golden wings, and bore her away to Paradise.

  86. They increase and multiply on the land,' said he, 'even as do the caterpillars in our gardens.

  87. As many caterpillars and larvae work underground, we brought it some earth.

  88. She preserves with watchful anxiety the caterpillars which we destroy.

  89. No special pest was discovered, but all caterpillars may be considered as harmful.

  90. The distribution of the animal food is as follows: Caterpillars were found in every stomach but seven and aggregated nearly 27 per cent; beetles, including the useful Carabidæ (7.

  91. But say there had been no chickens to "wear the heart and waste the body," how about potato bugs, and caterpillars and huge and gruesome slugs?

  92. Large 7 by 9 caterpillars and zebra-striped ladybugs disport themselves on neck and ankle until I flee the scene.

  93. In a second nest to which food was being carried, we found four caterpillars and a larva about three days old, all the conditions being like those in the other example.

  94. The storing was not begun until the next morning, when she took in six caterpillars of very different sizes, at intervals of from ten to twenty minutes, and then filled the hole.

  95. A tunnel of about an inch in length leads to the pocket in which the caterpillars are stored.

  96. She has to do more work than urnaria, taking five or six caterpillars instead of two, and this method of progression has the advantage of rapidity.

  97. None of the caterpillars died until they were attacked.

  98. In all three the egg had been hung from the side of the cell about one third of the way down, and in the nest of conformis, from which all but one of the caterpillars had fallen, it hung loose against the wall.

  99. The caterpillars all wriggled about on the slightest stimulation, and remained in this lively state until they were eaten.

  100. We had, in all, fifteen caterpillars upon which urnaria had worked her will; and while a few of them fulfilled to a nicety the conditions which Fabre believes to be imperative, most of them were far from doing so.

  101. One day when she wished to use it, no amount of blowing would bring forth a sound; and when she unscrewed the mouthpiece to investigate the matter, out tumbled several small green caterpillars and a quantity of dry mud.

  102. In the three captures, then, that came under our observation, all the caterpillars being of the same species and almost exactly of the same size, three different methods were employed.

  103. At the end of the eighth day, the baby wasp finished its meal, having eaten all that had been provided for it, as well as two dead caterpillars from another nest.

  104. Before gathering the ten or twelve small caterpillars that are to provision the cell, she lays her egg; and although we could not be sure, we thought that in this case as in the others it was suspended.

  105. It was then he noticed that the caterpillars were fast disappearing, as if into the earth: he was too far off to make out how.

  106. He ran on, and now at his very feet, right in front of him, the green caterpillars were moving.

  107. One after another of the caterpillars is devoured, until his larder, nicely calculated to carry him to his full growth, is exhausted.

  108. Illustration] The caterpillars were all of the same kind, though varying in size, their length being from one-half to three-quarters of an inch.

  109. Illustration] One after another of the little green caterpillars is packed into the bamboo cell, which is about an inch deep, and plugged with mud at the base.

  110. The caterpillars betook themselves once more to feeding.

  111. It is all bluff," said he, "caterpillars are past-masters of bluff.

  112. The caterpillars were studying moral invisibility in a hundred different ways, for insect life is the most highly specialized of all.

  113. That my infant food consisted entirely of insects and caterpillars you already know.

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