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Example sentences for "catfish"

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  1. Everything went well until we had cleared Catfish bar, at Afton.

  2. The lake is two and a half miles wide just above Catfish bar.

  3. Moncrevier caught a catfish that weighed sixteen pounds, a fine fish, though the smaller ones are better eating.

  4. A few more catfish have been caught, and they are truly excellent.

  5. This evening we went a-fishing across the river, and caught ten good catfish of the upper Missouri species, the sweetest and best fish of the sort that I have eaten in any part of the country.

  6. We left them eight or nine catfish and a quantity of meat, of which they took care to secure the best, namely the boss or hump.

  7. I may here add that I have introduced a figure of the catfish in Plate XXXI.

  8. We caught several catfish and a very curious sturgeon, of which Sprague took an outline with the camera, and I here give the measurements.

  9. Quantity as well as quality was an object with us, and although we well knew that three species of catfish existed in the Ohio, and that all were sufficiently good, we were not sure as to the best method of securing them.

  10. Several hooks I pass; but see, what a fine catfish is twisting round and round the little line to which he is fast!

  11. The catfish has also feelers of proportionate length, apparently intended to guide its motions over the bottom, whilst its eyes are watching the objects passing above.

  12. A dozen catfish were caught in the main channel, and we have had a good supper from part of them.

  13. The horse that died near the river was hauled across to the sand-bar, and will make good catfish bate for our fishers.

  14. The catfish is a voracious creature, not at all nice in feeding, but one who, like the Vulture, contents himself with carrion when nothing better can be had.

  15. Presently I felt a strong pull, the line slipped through my fingers, and next instant a large catfish leaped out of the water.

  16. I nebber seed a drounded nigger fore de bellion fell in all my born days, and now yer kaint fro yer hook in de crick fur a catfish yer aint skeered yu mout git tangled up wid a drounded nigger.

  17. Jake took a slouching stride toward the fire-place and making the letter V with his fingers spat in the fire and accidentally overturned a stew pan in which two or three small catfish were cooking.

  18. Mout as well be sarchin fur fleas on a catfish ez fer jestis in dis kote.

  19. Peers lak Hanner she gits sick de wery wustest time in de wurld, und when she aint ailin she's tarnally moufin erbout no meal in de gum und no catfish es in de stew-pan.

  20. The generic name Torpedo was applied to the electric catfish before its use for the electric ray.

  21. The commonest sea catfish of the Carolina coast is Galeichthys milberti.

  22. All must be handled with care, for the sharp pectoral spines make an ugly cut, a species of wound from which few boys' hands in the catfish region are often free.

  23. Torpedo electricus, the electric catfish of the Nile, is a species of much interest to anatomists.

  24. Green of Colusa, California, have been greatly reduced by the introduction of the catfish (Ameiurus nebulosus) into the Sacramento.

  25. Plotosus anguillaris, the sea catfish of Japan, is a small species striped with yellow and armed with sharp pectoral spines which render it a very disagreeable object to the fishermen.

  26. Of the very many American species the gaff-topsail catfish (Felichthys felis), noted for its very high spines, extends farthest north and is one of the very largest species.

  27. In most or all of the sea catfish the eggs, as large as small peas, are taken into the mouth of the male and there cared for until hatched.

  28. All the tribe watched to see what the Catfish chief would do.

  29. He looked down and saw the Catfish tribe.

  30. Catfish still carry spears, but their heads are flat, because Moose tramped them down in the mud.

  31. The catfish has ugly spines that hurt like fun when you run your hand against them.

  32. So Adam grinned, and allowed the "doctor" to paint his hand in the region where the spines of the catfish had penetrated with such painful results.

  33. Any one who has ever taken a catfish from the hook probably knows that care is needed in order not to receive a painful prick from the sharp spines in his pectoral and dorsal fins.

  34. The catfish will live longer out of water than most of our other food fishes.

  35. Perhaps he is called catfish because he has whiskers about his mouth like a cat.

  36. The customs of angling for catfish and tapping the birch trees for sap, had been suffered to fall into disuse.

  37. You can't tell what the catfish won't do down there!

  38. There were suckers and one catfish in the lot.

  39. That evening I "snagged" a catfish and used this for salmon bait, a fourteen-pound specimen rewarding the attempt.

  40. Catfish Joe later went to Montana where he murdered his partner for refusing to get up in the night and prepare breakfast.

  41. The rivers also yield pike, perch, and sunfish, as well as catfish and pickerel.

  42. Catfish Joe was tried for murder at Yankton, spent two years in prison, and returned to terrify Grand Forks by strutting about the streets decorated with a bowie knife and a Winchester.

  43. A boat was floating on the surface, and I saw great catfish swimming lazily out of the pool.

  44. A catfish is an exaggerated hornpout, or "bullhead.

  45. The idea of fishing for catfish is absurd!

  46. I was as much disgusted with the idea of catching catfish as the Colonel, for I had seen plenty of them caught by the negroes on the wharves at Jacksonville.

  47. While at Haxhall's I got out my fishing-lines with the intention of having a catfish supper, for catfish were plenty in the river.

  48. No one could have dropped anything quicker than I did that combination of catfish and torpedo, and pulled for shore.

  49. In summer, the woman and children would cultivate the small clearing with hoes, while Plez would catch catfish and sometimes work in the harvest field a few days for some neighbor.

  50. The bayou abounded in catfish and silvery perch.

  51. The catfish and a fish known as the river trout can be caught with a hook and line, but the carp never touches bait, but there is considerable sport in spearing them.

  52. Here and there in the deep places under the shadow of the bank we can see catfish and big carp moving lazily about.

  53. And the rat said, "Please let me have a little fire and a little salt as I wish to make a little bowl of hot catfish soup to keep me warm through the blizzard.

  54. And they watched the rat and kept him company while he fixed himself a catfish soup to keep him warm traveling through the blizzard with the sky full of snow.

  55. And the four uncles all said together, "This is no time for rats to be around--and we would like to ask you where you got the catfish in the basket.

  56. Finding that the catfish was still alive, Buck took the trouble of liberating it, then watched it revive in its native element and finally swim away in the lagoon.

  57. It was, in substance, that he had once seen a moccasin spring upon a catfish in a shallow lagoon of the swamp and promptly get "whipped.

  58. I reckon you boys wouldn't believe me if I was to tell you I saw a catfish whip a moccasin in h-yer one time.

  59. Grant found a snug place beside a deep pool that promised catfish at the very least, and might be expected to yield a few trout.

  60. Frank had three trout and five catfish on his string.

  61. In these fresh June mornings he would dive down in some deep shady pool under the dark ledges of rock where the catfish are wont to lurk, his right arm wrapped to the fingers with a scarlet cloth.

  62. There they anxiously waited for results, as the catfish is not game like the trout, but is slow and deliberate in all its movements.

  63. The trout rushes at anything that touches the surface of the water, but the catfish carefully investigates whatever comes within reach of its great jaws, before it opens its ugly mouth to take it in.

  64. The Catfish man had caught six large catfish, and the Copper-tailed Bear man had killed a black bear.

  65. It inhabits the Sacramento and Joaquin rivers in California, and is much esteemed as a food-fish, but unfortunately it is being rapidly exterminated by the carp and catfish that are said to infest its spawning grounds.

  66. Duff Salter had been eating his chicken and catfish very gravely, and as he stopped to sneeze and apologize he noticed that Calvin Van de Lear's face was insolent in its look toward his brother's wife.

  67. There's nothing like catfish out of the Delaware, Mr. Salter.

  68. It was that kind of a letter, was it--a catfish letter?

  69. And the pity and the tragedy of it was that he loved his wife--the catfish wife.

  70. The idea of Brother running after that Catfish girl.

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