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  1. In an instant after, she is gay and gladsome as ever; once more bending the bow, and making the catgut twang.

  2. A purl on the water, with a pluck quick succeeding, tells of one on the hook, while the whizz of the wheel and rapid rolling out of catgut proclaims it a fine one.

  3. Distend the part gradually by catgut bougies, which by their compression will at the same time diminish the thickness of the membrane, or by bougies of elastic gum, or of horn boiled soft.

  4. The perpetual use of bougies, either of catgut or of caoutchouc": 'coartchouc' in original.

  5. The perpetual use of bougies, either of catgut or of caoutchouc.

  6. A case is related in some medical publication, in which a catgut bougie was carried into the bladder, and after remaining many weeks, was voided piece-meal in a semi-dissolved state.

  7. The fisherman requires as good a catgut as the violinist.

  8. This wound may be brought together by catgut sutures, or may be allowed to heal by granulation.

  9. Catgut is used for superficial wounds and for those where tension is slight.

  10. To arrest hemorrhage the bleeding point must be controlled by digital pressure until ready to be grasped with forceps; it is then caught up and tied with catgut or aseptic silk.

  11. In obstinate cases, entirely extirpate the fibrous walls; sew the deeper parts of the wound with buried catgut sutures, and approximate the skin surfaces with interrupted sutures of silkworm gut.

  12. If one or more of the tendons have been severed, the ends should be approximated by catgut sutures.

  13. A large or deep wound requires free drainage for at least twenty-four hours by means of a tube, strands of horse hair, silk, catgut or gauze.

  14. This success appeared to justify the use of the catgut ligature in the human subject, and for a while the results were entirely satisfactory.

  15. Think of being laid face downward firmly across a sinewy knee and beaten forty-love with one of those hard catgut rackets!

  16. It has been my practice to use fine silver-wire and catgut sutures in all operations on the prepuce; they excite less suppuration as well as less irritation.

  17. After a moment or two of troubled thought he blacked the white catgut with a dot of ink and went on his way rejoicing.

  18. Any change in atmospheric humidity causes a contraction or elongation of the catgut which moves the pillar and with it the images.

  19. The movement of the images is caused by the change in length of a piece of catgut which is secured to the pillar and also to the frame of the house.

  20. Instruments of this kind depend for their action on the absorptive property of catgut or other materials that are sensitive to the moisture changes of the air.

  21. On examining it I found a longish end of one of the catgut strings loose, and I found that by sweeping this end over the strings I could make quite as good twangs as we heard.

  22. I could have done this just as well with my mouth as with my hand--and I could have pulled the guitar about by the end of the catgut in my mouth and so have disturbed the other things--as they were disturbed.

  23. When the epiglottis is cut across in wounds opening into the pharynx, it should be united, preferably with fine silk sutures, as catgut is absorbed before healing has time to take place.

  24. If the mucous membrane of the mouth or of the eyelid is implicated, its edges should be approximated by a separate row of catgut stitches.

  25. We have achieved the same result by dividing the lax capsule and synovial membrane on the medial side of the patella, and overlapping the edges with a double line of catgut sutures.

  26. I never had sic a combination o' timmer and catgut atween my cleuks (claws) afore.

  27. Next a hurried inspection showed him that there was enough of the catgut twisted round the peg to make up for the part that was broken off.

  28. What is called catgut is made from the inner or lining membrane of the intestines of sheep.

  29. I do not find them by scraping catgut in the Café Brasserie Dubois.

  30. Do you think I can't scrape catgut as well as Père Paragot?

  31. Defn: One of the catgut strings of a fiddle.

  32. A thin strip of wood, having the ends brought together, forming a somewhat elliptical hoop, across which a network of catgut or cord is stretched.

  33. This antiquated farmer, who was about four inches in height, unhooked himself from his catgut suspender, slid down to the ground, and stood upon the floor of the kitchen, with Murder in his Liliputian carcase.

  34. He spoke thus to the judge: "I am called Jean François Leturc, and for six months I was with the man who sings and plays upon a cord of catgut between the lanterns at the Place de la Bastille.

  35. Since that I have lived with the seller of brushes and the catgut scraper.

  36. To avoid contamination from the hands, catgut should be removed from the bottle with aseptic forceps and passed direct to the surgeon.

  37. The divided vessel having been caught with forceps as near to its cut end as possible, a ligature of catgut or silk is tied round it.

  38. A substance that is absorbable, such as catgut or fine silk, is surrounded and permeated by the phagocytes, which soften and disintegrate it, the debris being gradually absorbed in much the same manner as a fibrinous exudate.

  39. The infection may arise from the material used, especially catgut or silk, or, more frequently perhaps, from the growth of staphylococcus albus from the skin of the patient when this has been imperfectly disinfected.

  40. Moschcowitz has found that the tensile strength of catgut so prepared is increased if it is kept dry in a sterile vessel, instead of being left indefinitely in the iodine solution.

  41. The circulation being controlled by a tourniquet, or the artery itself occluded by a clamp, fine silk or catgut stitches are passed through the outer and middle coats after the method of Lembert, a fine, round needle being employed.

  42. When it is impossible thus to approximate the ends satisfactorily, the muscle or tendon is exposed by incision, and the ends brought into accurate contact by catgut sutures.

  43. The suppuration is strictly localised to the part of the wound where catgut was employed for stitches or ligatures, and shows little tendency to spread.

  44. The irritation in these cases is probably due to toxins in the catgut and not to bacteria.

  45. The infrahyoid muscles are approximated with one or two catgut sutures in the upper part of the wound; the skin is united with a continuous silk suture, as far downwards as the lower part of the thyreoid cartilage.

  46. The most dangerous and unreliable suture material for the abdominal incision is catgut (see p.

  47. The cavity is closed by five or six interrupted catgut sutures, passing deeply through its sides and floor, so as to ensure complete closure.

  48. Three sutures of catgut are passed through the uterine wall, including the vaginal and peritoneal flaps.

  49. The sutures should be of thin catgut and must not perforate the bladder or the ureteral walls.

  50. This is accomplished by numerous catgut sutures some of which include the entire thickness of the tube.

  51. Many surgeons employ catgut and hold it in high esteem.

  52. Tetanus has also been traced to infected catgut employed in cholecystotomy (1905).

  53. The wound in the cheek can be closed with a couple of catgut sutures; but if there has been no destruction of the bony alveolus, this is unnecessary: the soft parts will fall into natural and complete apposition.

  54. The outer flap is fixed to the skin behind the auricle by means of a catgut suture (Fig.

  55. The peritoneal and vaginal incisions are then closed by separate layers of catgut sutures.

  56. The two vesical flaps are now carefully and separately sutured by catgut and the edges of the vaginal wound are brought together as much as possible: if necessary, the fundus of the uterus may be used to assist in closing the opening.

  57. By means of the scissors the gland is separated from its attachments along its whole length, starting on the inner side, the wound being subsequently closed with a few points of catgut suture.

  58. The edges of the wound are brought together by fine silk or catgut sutures, which must be passed completely through the raw surfaces to prevent recurrent hæmorrhage.

  59. A simple hygrometer can be made by a piece of catgut and a straw.

  60. Another simple weather-gauge may be made by stretching whip-cord or catgut over five pulleys.

  61. In dry weather the catgut curls up; in damp, it relaxes; and so the straw is turned either to the one side or the other.

  62. The strings are of a peculiar metal, covered with an insulating material, which has for its object the production of sounds similar to that obtained from catgut strings, and to prevent the strings from falling out of tune.

  63. It is furnished with catgut strings, which are affected by all the influences of temperature, and require to be frequently tuned.

  64. Under his touch the catgut gave off such strains as could come only from the sheer genius of a gifted musician who had suffered miserably.

  65. As their high priests in deadly earnest marched on all fours with faces as rapt and fanatically sober as those of Mecca pilgrims, I drew the bow across the catgut and, lifting my voice, proclaimed myself in ragtime.

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