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Example sentences for "horsehair"

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  1. The walnut chairs were there, quite placid and content with themselves, and the hat-rack, and the old horsehair sofa.

  2. They would be sitting about on the horsehair chairs making lugubrious conversation.

  3. They sat down at opposite ends of the horsehair sofa, each reflectively watching the other.

  4. His solemnly attentive attitude won the admiration of all the court, and the absence of horsehair was not felt by anyone.

  5. Chapter XIX HELP The horsehair whip was heavy and long.

  6. Pedro looked across at his companion who was fingering a horsehair rope and smiled.

  7. Stretched on the hard horsehair couch she seemed, indeed, pitifully thin and younger than her years.

  8. He looked around at the tiny room with its struggling fire and horsehair sofa, linoleum for carpet, oleographs for pictures, and he shivered, not for his own sake but for hers.

  9. Mormon shifted the pan in which he had been soaking the horsehair for easier plaiting and the dog sniffed at it, watching Sandy closely with eyes that were dim from thirst and weariness.

  10. On the post a horsehair lariat hung from the snub of a lopped-off bough of the tree that made the heavy stake.

  11. Mormon, with stubby fingers wonderfully deft, was plaiting horsehair about a stick of hardwood to form the handle of a quirt, Sandy overhauling his two Colts and Sam furnishing orchestra on his harmonica.

  12. Evil mocker," said the cook, "if your hairs were horsehair I would not have them even to walk on them.

  13. On his head was perched a little hat of glazed horsehair ornamented with crimson tassels.

  14. It so happened that some boys had fastened a snare made of horsehair to the branch of a tree, and before she was aware, her leg became entangled in the horsehair so tightly as almost to cut it through.

  15. The man on the horsehair sofa lay breathing--that was all.

  16. Without much trouble I managed to get her up on the antediluvian horsehair sofa and then I ran out to the sidewalk and yelled to the coffee-colored Pirate to bring a doctor.

  17. They left an old, worn-off horsehair trunk in the attic.

  18. A tallow candle was burning dimly upon the table, and a girlish form lay upon the narrow horsehair sofa, shrouded by a woollen shawl.

  19. To think a twilight or noonday walk for pleasure a sin, involves the absurdest principle of ascetic folly, as truly as self-flagellation, or wearing horsehair shirts.

  20. Next, the flaps were fringed by slitting them every quarter of an inch along their length, and then ornamented with tufts of red-dyed horsehair and parts of scalps that the old man had himself taken in battle.

  21. She broke with him, not because of any difference in religion, but because the aunt spoke Yiddish and wore a horsehair wig!

  22. She had dropped onto one of the straight horsehair covered chairs and was regarding the man with a strange tense look.

  23. An old horsehair sofa and chairs, a low carved cabinet in front of a broad fireplace, and above the fireplace, a gilt and white mantle.

  24. But they had telegraphed ahead, and Horsehair was on hand, with a carriage, to meet them.

  25. It had been arranged with Mr. Dale that the boys should drive to the hotel in the school carryall, and Horsehair was to have his supper in town and, later on, bring them home.

  26. Horsehair was afraid to go on, because the wild man jumped around and shouted so furiously.

  27. One mud ball hit the teacher in the arm, and one struck Horsehair in the nose and made it bleed.

  28. There was a rush, and in a twinkling poor Horsehair was boosted to the top of a big packing-case, that had been hauled to the spot as fuel for one of the bonfires.

  29. Horsehair was given something to eat in another room, and then they set out on the return.

  30. While he was speaking Buster Beggs had come up behind Horsehair and placed something attached to a dark string on the box, between the driver's feet.

  31. He made her resume her seat by the table and pulled up one of the horsehair chairs for himself.

  32. The chairs were of mahogany, upholstered in worn black horsehair and there were two pairs of fly-blown steel engravings of the largest size on the wall.

  33. She was lying on a horsehair sofa, in his poorly furnished room; for he was poor, as a good man is nearly always somehow.

  34. It would take a great deal of horsehair to make a wig.

  35. He is fighting it out with cold cream in the bath-room, and some of the horsehair sticks like fun.

  36. This room, although clean and sufficiently equipped, was sordid and commonplace, and the bed was as hard as the horsehair furniture.

  37. He shook her half-extended hand as if he were paying her an afternoon call at the Occidental Hotel, and sat down on the horsehair sofa with a genial smile; placing his high silk hat and gold-headed cane beside him.

  38. When Overholt had been alone for some time, he got up from the horsehair sofa and crept up the stairs, leaning on the shaky bannister like an old man.

  39. He left the room a moment later without shutting the door, and threw himself down on the old black horsehair sofa in the parlour.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "horsehair" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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