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Example sentences for "candle"

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candidly; candidum; candidus; candied; candies; candlelight; candlepower; candles; candlestick; candlesticks
  1. An OLD MAN with a red dressing-gown, red slippers and red nightcap, holding a brass candlestick with a guttering candle in it, comes on from side of stage and goes in front of the dull green curtain.

  2. Sleep is impossible after all that I have heard, so, after vainly endeavoring to follow the example of the rest, and sleep like a Stoic, I have lighted my candle and take to this to induce drowsiness.

  3. She replied that she would do so with pleasure, if I would blow out my candle and promise not to put my hand on her.

  4. Ever since there has been no candle when she has been present.

  5. The candle lurched up against the wall when they got into the room, and went out, and they had to undress and grope into bed in the dark.

  6. But there was a lighted candle in a tall brass candlestick upon the table.

  7. He could not break or tear it, but he soon knocked it over, and the candle rolled to the floor, where it lay burning in a pool of grease.

  8. The game isn't worth the candle and I wasn't intending to talk to you about anything special.

  9. Svidrigaïlov knew that girl; there was no holy image, no burning candle beside the coffin; no sound of prayers: the girl had drowned herself.

  10. He bent down with the candle and saw a little girl, not more than five years old, shivering and crying, with her clothes as wet as a soaking house-flannel.

  11. On a broken chair stood a candle in a battered copper candlestick.

  12. He lighted the candle and looked at the room more carefully.

  13. A candle was burning down on the table; there were wine-glasses, a nearly empty bottle of vodka, bread and cucumber, and glasses with the dregs of stale tea.

  14. At the edge of the table stood a smoldering tallow-candle in an iron candlestick.

  15. Nastasya came in with a candle and a plate of soup.

  16. In vexation he took up the candle to go and look for the ragged attendant again and make haste to go away.

  17. The room was close, the candle burnt dimly, the wind was roaring outside, he heard a mouse scratching in the corner and the room smelt of mice and of leather.

  18. He carried the book to the candle and began to turn over the pages.

  19. Meanwhile it got dark; he had no candle and, indeed, it did not occur to him to light up.

  20. The candle had not been lighted, and daylight was streaming in at the windows.

  21. Nothing was more probable than that it might have been his candle which had excited my attention on a preceding evening.

  22. Rashleigh, holding a candle towards me, and surveying me from head to foot; "right welcome to Osbaldistone Hall!

  23. The candle on the parquet lit up his legs only.

  24. He is no longer writing now, and the candle is on the parquet, over which he is bending--a position which serves my purpose.

  25. A candle was lit before him, and he bent over the flame, the light from it projecting shapeless shadows.

  26. Holding my candle close to the hole, I found that I was out of the current of air, and I saw that this was the entrance to another cave.

  27. For a long time I sat brooding, while the candle which Eli had brought burnt lower and lower, and finally went out.

  28. The wind which had risen howled across Goonhilly Downs, on which the hut was built, but the place was sufficiently sheltered to allow the candle to burn steadily.

  29. The candle which Eli held partially lit up the cave, sufficient, indeed, to enable me to see nearly every part of it.

  30. Trembling, I found my way back to the cave again, where the candle still burnt, and cast its flickering light around.

  31. I looked around me, and shuddered at the black, forbidding sides of the cavern, then leaving the candle to cast its ghostly light around I crept toward the entrance.

  32. The gentle night breeze sufficed now and then to put out an unsheltered candle here and there, but as often as this occurred the bystanders gave of their fire, and the illumination was renewed as often as interrupted.

  33. The few wayfarers that we met as we groped our way along by the ineffectual fire of a square lantern, wherein a diminutive candle furnished the illuminant, likewise carried similar lights, and looked terrible enough hooded in their capotes.

  34. But my candle is so nearly burned out I will put the leaves aside.

  35. Tonty set his lighted candle on a table and considered how he should approach her door.

  36. They stood still, saying nothing, while a candle waved its feeble plume with uncertainty over its marsh of tallow, making their huge shadows stagger over log-wall or floor or across piled merchandise.

  37. The over-taxed candle flame stooped and expired, the scent of its funeral pile rising from a small red point in darkness.

  38. Further conversation was interrupted by the rattling of bolts within, the door was opened, and the gleam of candle light shot over all concerned.

  39. The skirt was to indicate her earlier career, the cap and candle gave an inkling of her later life, while the bottle told the probable cause of her decease.

  40. He brought a lighted candle to bear on the magical closet.

  41. This skeleton was so controlled by wires and cords that it could be made to move out in front of the open door and raise the candle above the head, as if to see who asked for admission.

  42. The hideous skeleton with the candle confronted them.

  43. With the candle to assist him, he then carefully examined the rear wall.

  44. And with her last exclamation Jean appeared, candle in hand, peering into the room and at Mlle.

  45. The skeleton had been arrayed in a short conventional ballet skirt and scanty lace cap, and held a candle in one hand and a bottle marked "Absinthe" in the other.

  46. She held the candle high above her head, looked at her own reflection, and smiled.

  47. Young Dick Cameron walked out of Ronnie's room, blew out the candle he carried, and replaced the candlestick on a little ornamental bracket.

  48. As midnight drew very near, the door of the studio was pushed softly open, and Helen came in, wearing a soft white wrapper; a lighted candle in her hand.

  49. A candle had burned down into the socket, and spluttered itself out.

  50. Go not with fine tobymen, who burn out like a candle wot has a thief in it,--all flare, and gone in a whiffy!

  51. Listen, then," rejoined MacGrawler; and as he spoke, the candle cast an awful glimmering on his countenance.

  52. One of us suggested— “Put the flame of the candle under her chin.

  53. I rose, took a candle in my hand; my friends followed me one by one.

  54. This man’s chief characteristic was obstinacy; and so proud was he of this very stubbornness that he compared himself to Napoleon—an optical delusion, like taking the mere flicker of a candle for a star.

  55. Give her the candle again—she shall answer us.

  56. Claude continued calmly to converse during this last hour, and even gave way to a trick he had as a boy, of extinguishing the candle with a breath from his nose.

  57. At this appalling moment, a candle would have sent its flame perpendicularly towards the heavens.

  58. Milli-cent had lighted her candle as she searched for the fugitive's quarters; she was passing down the length of the old house on the second story, and suddenly she emerged upon the gallery.

  59. The next moment she leaned forward to clutch the baluster, and the light of the candle fell full on Emory Keenan, lurking in the open passage.

  60. In the meantime the Count of Carignano and his valet have borne the writhing--yelling sufferer into the hall; and Laura descends the stairs with a candle in her hand.

  61. When I recovered my senses I was lying on a bed at a small road-side tavern; and a candle was burning in the room.

  62. I was only afraid that the candle would not last.

  63. But the moment the light of the candle fell on Perdita’s countenance, Mr. Percival literally started as the glorious beauty of that face was revealed to him.

  64. Mrs. Mortimer placed the promised gratuity in her hand, and the girl held the candle high up to light her as she descended.

  65. A powder magazine, communicating with a great one of your own somewhere else; so, if you are a good subject, Sir, you will not carry a lighted candle into it.

  66. One faint twinkling candle shone in a little pepper-castor turret, his sister's room.

  67. Old Sapt pulled out his pipe and carefully lit it from the candle which guttered on the table.

  68. I walked two yards into the cellar, and held the candle high above my head.

  69. Hev that thar candle got enny call ter bide in that thar winder?

  70. An' 'ain't ye got the gumption ter sense what Eveliny sot the candle in the winder fur?

  71. I noticed her sot the candle in the winder jes' las' night arter supper.

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